This is about the most desperate attempts to force electric vehicles onto the public. It seems from this article that this is happening in France but bet it’s not stopping there.

Kids have no clue what vehicles are out there let alone know what’s better. So where are these kids getting this crazy idea from? More than likely schools. This is the latest attempt at forcing electric vehicles on everyone to try and boost their sales but these people are really clueless about how much of a strain they are putting on the grid and if they’re getting more sales that means demand will outstrip supply a whole lot faster and artificially drive battery supply costs sky high.

This unethical push has already cursed electric vehicles yet most of these guinea pigs buying these vehicles are tolerating every deficiency from having to replace costly batteries to poor quality of the vehicles (Tesla is one of them) like mismatched panels and glass roofs not properly secured. But it’s like the Mercedes, rich people will throw a ton of money just to get luxury even though quality is or can be poor.

Honda, Stellantis and Toyota all think Americans are not interested in electric vehicles and they would be right which is the main reason these people are uunethically forcing electric vehicles. Europe is taxing people out of gas vehicles and the same with China. But with the major energy crisis happening in Europe, electric vehicles seem so bland when it doesn’t matter what you buy.

This unethical push towards electric vehicles is just ending electric vehicles. This is why they’re resorting to do more unethical methods to force electric vehicles people do not want. If you have kids, be aware of where they’re getting their information from and what they are being taught in class because this shouldn’t be happening. But these people pushing electric vehicles are desperate so this is where more people need to resist and just say no to electric vehicles.


Here is yet another reason why electric vehicles are not practical, you don’t need to wire in anything for a gasoline vehicle but you do with an electric vehicle and it can burn down your home or garage. Already electric vehicle batteries are a high fire risk and even if they are not the cause its going to not be pretty when a fire reaches the vehicle. Its also the fact that when you have an electrical fire due to poor electric wiring for an electric vehicle the fire is already near the batteries in the electric vehicle.

So this right here is another reason not to buy an electric vehicle. There’s a whole list of reasons not to, more recently the cost of batteries will go up due to material shortages for the batteries. Its going to get a lot worse.

Last year Americans had the best Christmas present of all time, the Build Back Better Bankruptcy bill was shot down. Even better America started out well by Sinema and Manchin blocking the Democrats ability to circumvent the filibuster.


But this doesn’t stop the Democrats from trying everything they can in order to force their BBB bill onto the American people. Manchin is our great American hero even as he is a Democrat. Sinema deserves the same. Yet instead as Democrats stew in hatred over the fact they lost this administration and the American people. Just 33% approve of the Biden administration. While we Conservatives carry the majority we still have a lot of people living in America that wants to live in a Democratic dictatorship.

Electric vehicles, one of the unpopular Democratic push towards battery cars also backfired with a measly 5% want a full electric vehicle while 17% say they want a hybrid and 69% wanting to stick with internal combustion vehicles shows the Biden administration policies is really unpopular, at least with the electric vehicles. Despite all that these Democrats, the people pushing EVs are pushing them unethically.

CNBC pushed a story in the wake of high energy prices (including higher gas prices) about how people should switch to electric vehicles. Yeah, high gas prices happen and then these fools peddle their electric vehicles once again. And heres an iinteresting fact, Google blocked this story


This article showed up in duckduckgo but not in Google. So there are people and businesses trying to block the truth about electric vehicles. One of them being that Americans are not interested in electric vehicles or wary about them. Among them is the fire risk, so the government is pushing stories about how gas vehicle fires is 100 times worse than electric which is blately false. But like it’s been said already electric vehicles have been cursed by this unethical push towards electric.

In Illinois they want new apartment buildings and renovations to include electric vehicle charging capabilities. Again, that’s another form of unethical behavior here. And it’s the minority dictating what vehicles people should be driving. Biden wants 50% of sales to be electric by 2030 but what he wants and what Americans want are two different things. More than likely electric vehicle sales won’t change much. It may be even less. It doesn’t stop these people from unethically pushing electric vehicles. Even though the Biden administration may fail their agendas, many of the blue states are still trying to unethically force their electric vehicle agendas onto Americans. I pray that those pushing these electric vehicles are stopped.

This past decade or two has shown us one thing, our voting habits are extremely poor. So poor we ended up with the Trump administration and Biden administration as a result. While Trump did not stop bullying the left, he had sound policies. Biden was just a polar opposite. Terrible policies but he tried to respect Americans.

But this goes back further with Obama’s poor decision making and well Bush was also a RINO, which did Democrats dirty work by sending America into a war that didn’t end. But what’s with the terrible pick from Democrats? Biden doesn’t seem to have a clue what he’s doing and Kamala Harris is a child that shouldn’t be in the White House. This is just the constant nightmare that we’re living in and it will only stop when we vote in the right people.

We need to clean house and get rid of every RINO (Republican In Name Only). Conservatives need a list of Republicans to not vote for and then a list of Republicans to vote for. We need to make it plain and simple, get the RINO names off the ballot and get the ones conservatives need to ensure Democrats do not have any more power over the American people.

The problem is these politicians are in it for money and power which is why they are unethically pushing electric vehicles and they don’t care if we have major inflation they’d rather focus on their spending bills rather than fixing inflation. Unfortunately the states that wanted money for electric vehicles may got the money for electric charging stations. But with so little need for them because only 5% want a full electric vehicle and 17% or less wants a plug in hybrid (not sure if this includes light hybrids) electric vehicles are just going to dry up. Our voting habits has led us to this wasteful spending. And Republicans has a chance at doing the right thing. A couple of Democrats, Sinema and Manchin has given Republicans another chance at getting their act together. Will they do it, wipe up the mess they made and remove every RINO from their ranks? I pray they do and focus on what America needs. Every American needs a home and the ability to get a good paying job. Every American needs to have education and the ability to get the right information. We need to remove our poor news sources and get news sources that will give us the facts. We also need to stop these poorly thought out studies like there is no way gas vehicles are 100 times more likely to catch fire. What a flat out lie from a government who bought stocks for electric vehicles and stand to make millions. That study is clearly false and im hoping people see right through these lies. They are desperately trying to fool stupid people into buying electric vehicles. This is just the biggest and most profound reason we need to get rid of these greedy politicians. Every last one of them! We need politicans that will help every American, not just a select few. The left doesn’t even deserve electric vehicles. Their attitude towards Americans show they are evil that wants to force everyone else to think just like them. They want to force the majority of Americans onto electric vehicles and that is just not going to happen. They pushed electric vehicles through unethical means so expect many problems with electric vehicles to get worse, a lot worse.

We warned you of the fire risks, the costs to replace batteries within 10 years, heat kills the batteries and the fact they work poorly in the winter. Your best solution is to stay far from these electric vehicles and stick with gasoline vehicles. You wont have a vehicle you bought stuck for months on end waiting for a fix.

And we need to rremove bad corrupt politicians on both sides. Democrats widely did nothing. Manchin and Sinema were the only two that did their job as politicans and kept America from falling apart. We cannot allow these people from regaining control of the White House. Democrats has failed their own party. Republicans has a chance to make things right again let’s not screw it up again.

Right now only 5% want a fully electric vehicle. Right now we have an opportunity to keep it that way by gaining support for synthetic fuels and hydrogen for internal combustion vehicles.

We don’t have much time but we also need to not advertise this to everyone either. We just need to get people on board with this because while electric vehicles are not popular with Americans right now, it doesn’t mean the rest of us are not doing something to clean up the air while sticking with internal combustion vehicles, because electric vehicles wont work for many. Toyota is already in the works for hydrogen technology, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and a hydrogen V8 engine.

We shouldn’t push the technology onto people either. It has to be part of the free market. Surveys are a good place to start and this could be part of the Republican agenda if they want it to be. This also would clean up emissions faster than they ever would with electric vehicles. Since only 5% want an electric vehicle how many wants a hydrogen internal combustion vehicle or a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle instead? Hydrogen vehicles in general are the likely future, but only if they are ethically successful in winning the American people. This would also make America great and people just need to stop listening to these EV nazis.


Most of the articles I read didn’t specify the percentage or i overlooked that information. The fact is that only 5% wants a fully electric vehicle. 17% are open to hybrids, not sure if those are plug in hybrids or the hybrids similar to the Toyota Prius which actively charges the battery as you drive.

This right here should end the electric vehicles. Ford and GM are betting on the wrong horse as hybrid vehicles quietly take over. This will also be a problem for Bidens average mpgs and the next administration will seek to lower this, they should just do it quietly and allow consumers to buy what they want, even if it’s under the table. This will also hopefully keep the V8 engine alive for those who want to have a weekend vehicle they can play around with.

But as this shows people in general are not interested in full electric vehicles. The fact that the government falsely says gasoline vehicles are 100 times more likely to catch fire shows how desperate they are to get people onto electric vehicles. Its not going to happen now, they’ll continue to push electric vehicles unethically but it’s a waste of money. As said in my previous post, they pushed electric vehicles unethically so they placed a curse and they continue to unethically push electric vehicles now people don’t even want them. I still pray people understand these electric vehicles are not practical, dangerous and a scam because surveys are largely incomplete and inconclusive. Which then these people will continue to try to push them, but if people really do stop buying them then they start to lose the ability to give anyone reason to go electric if sales drop off. Really that’s the only way that these people are going to get it. If people are not buying electric vehicles they will not get anywhere. They’re continuing to try to drive higher sales but the electric vehicle sales need to stagnate big time. If 5% are the only market for battery electrics then by 2023 we should be seeing less sales for at least Teslas. Even 2022 their sales should be dropping.

This unethical push towards electric vehicles should not be giving these people more power to control more people into trying to force or coerce them into electric vehicles. This evil has to be stopped before it gets any worse!

It really shows with these lunacy electric vehicle fanatics or investors can’t understand that 70% of Americans don’t want electric vehicles. Yet they still act like everyone will buy them. Its already to the point where these news outlets falsely reported that people were panic buying which incurred an actual panic buy in some areas. Their goal was to get gas shortages everywhere to get people hooked on electric vehicles. When that doesn’t work they try coercion with “automakers will only offer electric vehicles by 2030” and “people transitioned from horses to gas vehicles just fine, the same will happen with gas vehicles to electric” this type of coercion is again unethical. Then we have the constant deflection that electric vehicles don’t pose a fire risk and recently the government stated gas vehicles are 100 times more likely to catch fire. When the government uses death as an excuse to buy electric vehicles “due to climate change” all bets are off on electric vehicles.

And still they lie and manipulate people into buying electric vehicles through unethical ways. One of the ways they have been trying to boast electric vehicles is they say the sales continue to increase. You don’t even know how many are sold every year but despite this, electric vehicles are really sold in the minority. While these fools are celebrating Teslas sales records they used peoples misfortune and deaths to get there. Wbile Tesla themselves may not have played a part but regardless its the people responsible for this unethical behavior that is evil and misleading the public to buy electric vehicles.

This is why people should be buying Toyota for their next vehicle. Ford and GM continue screwing around with electric vehicles when they can’t even address the chip shortage which is why people need to start buying from Toyota. They may not carry an American name but the company is in a better position to make additional vehicles. While last year there was some article stating that Toyota had to scale back production it’s really doubtful that was true. Either way my next prayer that Toyota can get the cars people need to get by and that people will go towards Toyota as they’re going to get more vehicles made in a timely fashion and the reason their lots are always empty or stretched thin, because people are already going there in bigger numbers.

We will not allow these unethical people to get what they want, they don’t deserve electric vehicles but thats up to God. But in reality the electric vehicles have been cursed by this unethical push and electric vehicles will continue to decline despite the desperation of the government and electric vehicle enthusiasts.

So how they came back to this false information? Recalls. They find ways to make gas vehicles sound more fire dangerous and this is what they come up with. Is this supposed to silence people trying to warn others of a fire risk. It certainly doesn’t help considering electric vehicle battery fires are a lot more problematic when sitting or charging and they do tend to catch fire when being driven.

But this is how the government is pushing electric vehicles, very unethically. And this should make consumers pissed off!

Of course when you try to count the number of vehicles being recalled its going to make it look like gas vehicle fires are more common. Never mind the fact it takes over 24 hours to put out an electric vehicle fire and often times the batteries will yet again reignite itself. The chemicals and electric charge of the batteries can flame up for days on end.

This warning of fires has already turned into a curse. The fact they still are unethically pushing electric vehicles from this ridiculous claim is going to end up in smokes literally. American automakers are in it big time. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to the problems of electric vehicles and right now they are ignoring the fact electric vehicles are far more fire hazardous than gasoline vehicles. Why these people pushing electric vehicles are not having their electric vehicles burn down their homes for this poor reasoning.. well they may experience it eventually. Tried to warn people, even the Chevy Bolt recalls tried to warn people but some of these people are completely oblivious to the facts. But hey since they want to ignore the problems they can happily burn down their homes by continuing to drive and support electric vehicles. Anyone with common sense and has good reasoning will steer clear of these things but people will not listen so they will when their homes burn down and then maybe they’ll stop trusting in the government. Unfortunately it takes experience for these people to understand that this fire risk with electric vehicles is a lot worse than gasoline these people are just going to learn the hard way that electric vehicles are very dangerous. Already there are a few reports that electric vehicles are getting stranded in the cold. But don’t expect any truth about that widely coming out.

With 69% that doesn’t want an electric vehicle they had to push this narrative of electric vehicles being safer. Not true at all.

That’s complete bullshit! Prayers for today that people see right through the lies from these people forcing electric vehicles and those that are pushing these vehicles see the errors of their ways. Even if it takes them a harsh lesson to learn, ignorance is not an excuse.

We already do know gas vehicles can start fires but is limited to making sure the vehicles is properly maintained and that mechanic shops have someone look over their work especially when working with fuel systems and fuel lines. Have contingency plans for cleaning up fuel messes and ensure any areas of the vehicle is clean. Even if it’s to hose it down with anything that will remove gasoline.

You can’t prevent electric vehicle fires, they just will happen no matter what you do.

Here’s another turn of bizarre events an electric vehicle set an apartment on fire. Unless these apartments have an underground parking garage which some apartments do it’s kind of difficult for any vehicle to set a building on fire unless parked right next to it. It’s a bit difficult to do, but since electric vehicles burn much hotter the flames are also more intense.

This electric vehicle fire happened in a foreign country, China maybe?


Consumers are now having anxiety problems over electric vehicles. I believe this was a Hyundai. If gasoline vehicle fires was really a problem people would have anxieties over vehicles in general but it’s just with electric vehicles. Last year the Chevy Bolt battery fire recalls had Bolt owners living in a nightmare. Yet I see claims that electric vehicle fires are not common and rare. If they were rare there shouldn’t be much of any fires period! Last survey showed over 2/3rds of car buyers won’t buy an electric vehicle.

And all I hear out of these EV enthusiasts is excuses. Nothing but excuses. Virginia had a snowstorm that had some electric vehicles stuck without power. The electric vehicles needed flatbeds to charge while the gas vehicles only needed gasoline. But these people continue to deny and give out nothing but excuses. Gas vehicles catch fire too. Its not news. However they don’t burn apartments and garages down regularly like electric vehicles are doing. The Chevy Bolt was recalled twice. Then recently there was an investigation into the Bolt which then led to another warning/recall on the Bolts. Before the recalls I would see a few Bolts here and there, since the recalls, zero. I may have seen 1 possibly 2 but recently zero. Many people i know who had a Tesla, sold them. Electric vehicles have been cursed by the unethical push of them using misfortune and deaths to try convincing people they need to buy them.

Tesla may have it’s high point now but it’s not going to last. Governments keep pushing them but less people trust the government and who’s going to trust a government who is pushing impractical vehicles onto the public. Let alone ones that have a major fire risk. Downplaying these fires is basically the same as ignoring problems acting as if it will just go away. You hear a noise from your vehicle the solution these people give is turn up the radio in your car and you won’t hear it anymore. These people continue to deny and give excuses when an electric vehicle catches fire. The problem is getting worse.

Tell someone electric vehicle fires are rare, they go buy one and it burns down their home, who do you think they’ll go after? Yeah well eventually it’s going to happen and its going to shut down electric vehicles period. I don’t care much if it does because this extreme push towards electric vehicles is foolish. Nearly 70% doesn’t want an electric vehicle and in America barely 3% of Americans have one. The absurdity of electric vehicles is just foolishness. People don’t want them and that supposed 25% that doesn’t have one and supposedly wants one. You wont even get all 25% onto one. Even with this extreme push. The reality is that these people pushing electric vehicles do not live in reality.


Image seeing coal emissions go up after it going down for the past 8 years. Also imagine requiring more power needed at night to charge an electric vehicle. China has a bunch more electric vehicles and a lot more coal emissions as a result. Manufacturing may also be part of the problem but when you start creating a demand of electricity that wasn’t there, expect more coal emissions. This may cause the left to try to shut these coal plants down but without anything else in place it’s going to get real difficult to¬† charge an electric vehicle at night without the power grid collapsing. Almost as if electric vehicles are not the answer.

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