People are told that if you really want something you have to work hard for it. Well the nice thing about being an American is we achieved freedom so you can do just that. And while it’s strange to continue to push for internal combustion vehicles as they have been with us for over 100 years we still need them.

YuGlobalists want to destroy our dreams by killing off internal combustion for battery electric vehicles despite the constant problems these battery cars have, mainly people don’t want them. Globally 59% doesn’t want electric vehicles. I think that number is higher or will be higher as more people find out the problems they have. Most common reason people switch from electric vehicles to gas powered is because they are frustrated with the charging. Whether its charging time or the fact they are dealing with power outages which has been extremely high this year so that 70% may be closing in to 80% and higher. We won’t fix our electric grid within a year so people will continue to experience rolling blackouts and it will get worse even if Bidens infrastructure passes, electricity is going to be as scarce as water in a bad drought.

Not only that, with increasing battery usage the materials needed is in short supply and getting worse. So this seems like the 70% of Americans won right? Automakers will continue to produce gasoline vehicles that people want to buy.


Our current government is trying very hard to get people to want electric vehicles so they may push gas prices up, they may slap a carbon tax and whatever un American policy they can come up with to make internal combustion vehicles undesirable. Other governments like China are already doing this but the Chinese do nothing to fight back. Especially when their EVs are regularly catching fire, they don’t really question the government on this.

While Americans are thankfully widely against electric vehicles our government may do drastic measures. Americans just need to fight back harder then. Government seems to think electric vehicles play a role in reversing climate change despite the fact experts cant all agree humans are responsible for climate change in the first place. So how do they know they can reverse climate change?

Electric vehicles won’t save people from climate change but the government thinks this will work. Either that its not about the climate but how much money they can get from scamming people into buying an electric vehicle.

Bottom line the government does not care about people, only their selfish interests of money, power and greed. So that 41% that want or have have an electric vehicle, are not convinced that the government swindled them. Right now electric vehicles are in a position to fail miserably. Its already failing to some effect. Americans are seeing that the government is not in their best interest and voting Democrat, well they are learning their lesson about who was the better president.

Or the fact we need better politicians. Rolling blackouts, EV battery fires, battery material shortages and more than 70% doesn’t want an EV should have convinced automakers to stick with internal combustion which some will end up doing. But they seem so confident that GM, Ford and VW are pushing for all electrics rather than just working with the existing market.

The left wants to force everyone onto electric vehicles. The left needs to face reality, because its clear America isn’t going to electric. But we still need to pray to God that the left does not get their way.

One thing to note, if people think Biden is bad news, wait until Biden is forced to step down and Kamala Harris is put into office. Its really going to be bad news. Democrats love to create problems for distractions. Its way past time the Republicans do the same, create problems for Democrats. Among those things, we need to stop this electric vehicle push any way we can. We already are making progress, this past quarter electric vehicle sales was disappointing, they did make record sales but they expected more, internal combustion vehicles are hot sale items so we need to keep this up and pray that God continues to prevent the left from getting what they want. This infrastructure deal needs to fail especially the electric vehicle part. Electric vehicles are a distraction in itself but if the electric vehicles are in deep trouble it’s also a big distraction for the left as we take back control of this country. Electric vehicles are already falling apart, especially in America and in Australia where a news station is pushing EV negativity.

This is not to save the oil industry or makes automakers innocent and good or to save the auto industry, rather saving jobs and to keep America running free. When it’s time for the gas engine to die off it will be when people are ready, not because the evil left wants it to happen. Prayers for this country and pray the left does not get what they want and pray the electric vehicles are not forced upon. Electric vehicles are not practical and trying to make them happen will not work especially when we need to focus on what does currently work, which is internal combustion. It will be decades before internal combustion will be replaced by something else. But forcing people to buy vehicles they dont want is tyranny and evil. Especially when they don’t work as good. Can’t charge electric vehicles during a blackout and the batteries are toxic and a dangerous fire hazard.

Yep you read that right. We warned people that we do not have enough electricity to power electric vehicles and while the exact reason behind it wasn’t clear. With the heatwave going on though, people are being told not to plug in their vehicles. This should be the end of them pushing these vehicles, right? You would think so considering we need electricity to run our needed appliances and electric vehicles just will add additional strain to our grid.

Nope, like the fools people are they’re still pushing the electric vehicle pipedream. They instead use the infrastructure plan excuse, a reason to get it out there. While there are people like me who already know electric vehicles are not practical mainly because of the batteries some of these do not understand that they too will find themselves in a situation where they will need their vehicle but they can’t use it because the batteries need charging or they wont hold a charge any longer.

While a handful of states, politicans and the automakers pushing for all electric future by removing the competition by banning internal combustion vehicles it’s a foolish move. The signs are there and it’s becoming more apparent but at some point people have to really see what is going on. I see people still arguing that you can still use them or keep a gas vehicle around but many people can only have 1 vehicle.

While this is mostly isolated to the west in a few towns there are people who are trying to trade in their electric vehicles for gas vehicles. The problem is, everyone else is buying a gas vehicle! Dealers are asking people who don’t use their cars to sell them because they are very short in stock right now. This does leave EV owners in a problem because no one wants to buy an electric vehicle especially when the power grid is on the verge of failure.

We did warn them about this. But people pay more attention to nice shiny things and they think they are doing the environment a service and it’s an easy way to give up on gasoline power, and eventually we may have to. But battery electric vehicles isnt the way and we shouldn’t be forced into it.

Is God giving these people enough warnings? I think God needs to make it pretty clear for those who don’t see the warnings and signs. But if you get a thunderstorm warning on your phone are you going to ignore that warning and go to the beach or get on a boat in the lake? No you’ll stay at home or if you are driving home you’ll pull over if it gets real bad out.

its the same reasoning with these electric vehicles. Power failures, battery fire hazards, along with the inconvenience of charging time and expensive battery replacements when the batteries no longer hold a charge. All warning signs not to buy one because sooner or later power will be out and its difficult to find energy in a can when you can get gas at gas stations that run generators to keep the pumps running.

This is more of a reason why we need to focus on synthetic fuels and hydrogen, forget about battery vehicles the enthusiasts will keep buying them but battery electric vehicles are not a practical replacement for internal combustion engine vehicles.

If you are finding out that your electric vehicle isn’t what you hoped it to be good luck trying to get rid of it. You wont get any money out of it due to horrible resale value and the gas vehicles are more expensive. If its the only vehicle you have its going to be rough because the power failures will only escalate. If you have an electric vehicle but have no problems, I suggest in investing in another vehicle that is gas powered because you will need it. Even if it’s a smart car or a junk vehicle get it and fix the major problems on that vehicle but obviously find out what problems it does have before buying it. Additionally you can get a new engine from Blue Print Engines (Google search them), but you’ll have to see what they can or cannot do. Its an option if you got a vehicle with a blown engine.

if you have an electric vehicle and it’s your only vehicle, good luck in getting a gas vehicle because you will need a gas vehicle to get around.


A friend in Arizona was telling me that city officials is saying not to plug in electric vehicles due to the extreme weather conditions causing the power grid to overload with AC units.

Laughing horse

Sorry, I just had to get that out because thats a knee slapper. Politicans have been driving people into buying electric vehicles and now are being told not to plug them in due to a power shortage in the western states. Why do people continue to trust in politican decision making?

I’m from the government, trust me electric vehicles are the next big thing. But you can’t plug them in because we’re having power grid failures.

Seriously, this is the same government that mandated plastic bags and CFL bulbs (those spiral shaped light bulbs). Then came the reusable bags but they fall apart like plastic bags when you add any weight to them. CFL bulbs were not environmentally friendly and we gotta wonder if there are any problems associated with LED bulbs.

Same with unleaded gasoline, the ethanol mix makes the gas useless over time, not like the unleaded gas back in the day. Catalytic converters are great but they get sought after by thieves. Basically the government has a long history of bad policies due to misguided thinking.

And now the government wants us to be on electric vehicles by 2030. Except the problems of the power grid will never go away with the push towards these electric vehicles. Plug in vehicles all at once and the grid overloads. Basically we are already being shown how electric vehicles won’t work and this plan to install 500,000 charging stations won’t work.

Yet they want to try anyway. It’s like being told you are running towards a brick wall but you do it anyways and end up running full speed into the brick wall. While I agree the grid does need improvements, electric vehicles won’t make that process easy and if you are being told not to plug in your vehicles well the electric vehicles just won’t work.

I’ve had people try to tell me that the electric vehicles will happen regardless because automakers are going full electric. Automakers, at least the smart ones will continue to offer internal combustion engine vehicles long as there is sufficient demand. Which is why people need to continue buying new ones. You can keep your older ones if you want, we need to find cheaper storage for them so that way even when something like hydrogen comes around there will be plenty of used vehicles for people if we ever move away from internal combustion vehicles in the future. We are not ready though.

As it stands it would be foolish to buy an electric vehicle because people will not want to buy used electric vehicles. China is having a major problem selling used electric vehicles because nobody wants them! America will be way worse as people will rebuild their vehicles before junking it to be forced to buy electric. That’s why people are panic buying internal combustion vehicles. They don’t want an electric vehicle so expect a lot of car sales over the next 10 years as our foolish government tries to push electric vehicles. It’s a waste of time and money. I still pray that this electric vehicle infrastructure plan wont go through because there may be a lot of gullible people out there who may buy one.

And with every electric vehicle sold, it brings the politicans a little bit closer to forcing the rest of us to buy them. These politicians are sneaky so the fewer people buying electric vehicles the better. Plus you have a better chance at the power grid working. Yes gas refineries do use electricity but the demand is expected. You don’t expect a whole lot of people plugging in all at once but it’s a great possibility it could happen.

This is a big reason why we need to pray that God has this under control, that we won’t be forced to go the battery electric route because our electric infrastructure would take decades to make it work. It’s just not possible or practical for people to drive on battery electric vehicles.

If you are experiencing random power outages, you’re not alone. Ever since the dawn of EVs around 2012 slowly but surely more power drops are occurring where heavy electric vehicle use is occurring. It’s a bit random but I’ve been talking to people that have experienced weird power outages usually lasting from seconds to minutes. And it reoccurs several times depending on location. Early on it didn’t make much sense, usually 1 or 2 drops would occur rarely but it slowly would get worse. Then comes the announcement saying people need to reduce their electric usage with no explanation why. Come to find out, there is a common theme. More electric vehicles, particularly Teslas are on the road. And in talking to these people they too are seeing more Teslas on the road and more frequent power drops. While its not in all cases as some areas are more prone than others depending on conditions. California is now well known for rolling blackouts and I’ve been told they’ve had blackout occuring for over 2 hours. And this isnt the planned shutdown from high winds. It’s just a straight unplanned power outage. What’s interesting though it’s sometimes a neighborhood or a city block that loses power. Of course this is what’s known as a brownout. And before i continue, its more likely we’ve been experiencing a brownout. It’s a partial loss or temporary loss of power but blackouts occur when the grid is overloaded and the electric company has to fix the problems either on their end or they need to send a utility vehicle out to figure out the power outage reason. Typically during thunderstorms lighting will strike the lines causing some damage to certain equipment along the lines like say a transformer. They may also blow if the grid is overloaded with too much power being drawn from homes.

With electric vehicles they are a variable which power companies are not yet ready for and with an outdated grid, its going to get ugly if more people continue to use electric vehicles. AC units tend to take a lot of power during the summer but electric vehicles is a variable that power companies won’t be able to predict which will cause overloads. Despite beefing up the grid, you’re going to find a lot of weak points and electric vehicles will expose them. Besides that cutting coal plants for solar or wind is going to be very problematic.

Even with the “infrastructure fixes” you’re going to see a lot more brownouts and rolling blackouts that will become worse before it gets better. Or you may not experience it at all. But the problem areas will be exposed and these particular areas will more than likely experience the worst electric drops.

If that’s not enough, they also want to electrify all the appliances in homes that typically use natural gas. This will create a demand that may exceed supply. Rates will go up as more problems occur. America’s power grid can’t handle electric vehicles.

Many people that are less fortunate won’t be able to afford an electric vehicle especially be able to replace the battery when it gives up. People in the automotive industry would lose their jobs as electric vehicles does not use as many parts. Higher gas prices may also encourage electric vehicle ownership but only if there is a lot of a selection along with higher range along with faster recharge times, but that comes with a cost of less recharge times so the batteries wear out quicker.

The great news is that Honda sold a record amount of internal combustion vehicles in May so they might do more record breaking sales in the future as they, like Toyota make their own computer chips as the other automakers struggle due to the shortage. GM and Dodge/Chrysler may have found some work around but seems to struggle in producing vehicles still. Many Dodge, Rams and Jeeps were purposely overproduced before the pandemic and a lot of them were pushed onto dealers so they may have some reserve inventory which I have noticed a lot of being in car lots, including Chevy dealers. Apparently they dont care long as they got vehicles to sell. Since Honda broke sale records, Toyota can’t be that far away either.

One thing that may happen and the chip shortage may be done on purpose to try and drive more electric vehicles to the roads, this one thing may happen is that people may buy internal combustion in record numbers, if 2021 sales are a hint that internal combustion will have record sales, besides praying is doing something this says that people are trying hard to generate more internal combustion vehicle sales which will force automakers and politicians from having to try to ban or stop the sales of internal combustion vehicles. In fact the bans may be driving internal combustion vehicle sales way up. While some people may claim EV sales keep going up, in places like the US and Australia, even in the U.K. internal combustion vehicles sales may be the strongest.

If the Republicans can prevent the infrastructure plan or at the very least get it so only funds are going towards actual roads and bridges, none of it is going towards electric vehicles drivers can keep driving internal combustion without worries about being pushed into electric vehicles. The selling of more internal combustion does help, however the demand needs to exceed record sales overall, not just Honda. It may be a small victory but unfortunately it’s not enough to cover the needs of current demands as used vehicles are harder to locate. Despite overall internal combustion sales are more than likely breaking records not enough new internal combustion vehicles are being sold as a precaution that there may be many who will end up buying electric vehicles instead.

The most difficult part especially in the automotive industry is what will people actually buy. The automakers can try to plan ahead but often falls short in what will actually sell. I myself would like to get 3 additional vehicles as a precaution as I myself wouldn’t be able to use battery electric vehicles. If i have 2 newer vehicles and 3 older ones it may set me for the remainder of my life, but I realistically have the space for 2 vehicles only. Which causes me to have to drive my older vehicle and its needing to be in running condition.

We are simply not ready for an all electric future and even if we can manage to delay it for another 20 years it may just delay the inevitable if people actually warm up to battery electrics. But we are not ready and electric vehicles cant happen yet. A lot of people that are pushing for these vehicles cant see it and therefore we need to prepare for the potential change by leaving a ton of internal combustion vehicles for those who are not ready yet for electric. And internal combustion vehicle sales overall need to stay high in order to keep automakers from going all electric. Those like VW may be going full electric regardless.. GM and Ford may be on the fence same with Toyota and Dodge/Jeep. Since Honda made record internal combustion sales in May, perhaps they need more convincing that they should continue to build internal combustion. But again regardless, sales numbers need to be sustained at least in the U.S. and other countries that are still allowing internal combustion vehicles sales. China may be a lost cause as they make internal combustion vehicles unaffordable but people need to stop trusting in the government and listen to what God is saying. Or even what the people really want. Internal combustion is in really high demand causing even older vehicles to go up in value. This really shows in places like America people don’t want electric vehicles. The market may also shift to people just doing major repair work on older vehicles such as rebuilds. If the auto industry does not comply to consumer demands and give up on an all electric future, they will simply fade away and America will run older vehicles.

The new trend of digging up old vehicles with younger people shows this may be the reality of our future. But it seems like people are not giving up on internal combustion. If they are intent on saving them, they will have to budget for new ones. Because new car sales will push the market to stick with internal combustion and buying new ensures you’ll get the best fuel mileage along with there will always be a buyer. This may only help to stave off the electric vehicles but in order to send a message we need new internal combustion vehicle sales to be breaking sale records. Even the Dodge Challenger Hellcat v8 model could easily break records as they don’t sell many to begin with. People will be less likely to listen to the electric vehicle sellers if internal combustion vehicles are selling at high numbers. And the overall sales in both new and used should be breaking records. It’s harder to find used vehicles for many. You couldn’t even find a Honda Civic or Accord for cheap in 2019. At least where I live.

The price of vehicles may have gone up but this really is a crucial moment, people are deciding whether we continue to use internal combustion or switch to battery electric. Neither vehicle is environmentally friendly, but internal combustion can be cleaner with synthetic fuels. The left wants us driving all electric by 2025-2030. We need to prove them wrong, big time. Americans don’t want to buy and drive electric, some do but the majority has already voted with their money and hopefully they will continue to do so. If you can’t find a vehicle from your favorite carmaker, go with Toyota or Honda. You can always trade in your vehicle, just plan ahead. Don’t wait, if you got disposable income to burn and want to play a part in saving internal combustion vehicles then buying any internal combustion vehicle will help. If anything you will put another vehicle out there in the market that someone can use. Because many people will be struggling much harder if the only option is an electric vehicle as many cannot use them. The ignorance of electric vehicles can replace internal combustion is just either stupid or foolish. The battery electrics are not practical. Some people are taking needless sacrifices to push the electric vehicle agenda despite the fact they will not work. It’s kind of getting frustrating that these people will not listen. I myself can’t use an electric vehicle. Even if I had the money its not practical for me. Lots of others are are in the same situation. This is why I write about how much I don’t like electric vehicles. This electric vehicle push needs to stop. We don’t need them and they are useless when people need vehicles to get from point a to b. Its not going to change either. One thing i keep praying for is that these people understand this and they give up on this battery electric pipedream. This is all being driven by fear and greed rather than by the free market. The free market wants internal combustion. We prove that the first time they pushed electric vehicles. But apparently we need to yell louder that internal combustion is here to stay in America. I laugh at those trying to compare the transition from the horse to cars. Guess what, people were free to continue riding horses and we still do it from time to time.

But cars was a much better form of transportation and it worked out well. Our infrastructure is geared for internal combustion, not electric let alone using toxic batteries which is not different from internal combustion. So there is no comparison, we still need internal combustion vehicles. Americans won’t give them up, the sales show this. The sales need to continue in order to prove to these people, we don’t need or want electric vehicles and we are not ready or willing to put an effort when we already have vehicles that work great for us. Its past time the left started learning and giving up on their pipedreams that will not work.

Battery electric vehicles will not work and these people that are pushing these cars need to learn this. They have to be shown this in order for them to finally understand that they will not work for people. The brownouts and rolling blackouts are a sign but its useless unless these people are experiencing the problems and God has to show these people why the battery electric vehicles wont work. The batteries have to quit on them, if they still dont see the cars will burn down their homes. We don’t want it to happen but when you ignore God he has to make you see. God shows people signs so you don’t have to experience them. If you don’t listen then he keeps showing you until you lose things in order to make you listen. I listen to God and he’s telling me that we shouldn’t be pushing these cars. Dont be fooled by these people pushing these vehicles. Don’t be fooled that these cars are green. Batteries are not green.

Yes the climate is changing but electric vehicles will not save us. They do nothing to prepare us for if and when climate change will affect us.

With the Democrats taking over the country its looking pretty bleak, especially when Biden wants an electric transition to happen very quickly. I’m still outraged that they would use electric vehicles during a gas outage, but what makes it worse is when they try to hide that fact making the Republicans and conservatives look stupid.

Besides the fact that a lot of stupid idiotic people will buy these electric vehicles coming to the market it’s becoming a chore to fight back because everywhere you turn, there is some moron trying to dispute claims that electric vehicles are not practical, mainly because they are not.

Then you have people on Facebook starting to factcheck you on inconsistent claims which isn’t bad in it’s own right but once your post is partly false or taken out of context it makes it difficult to bring the truth. Some of it is a little sketchy but I also get false information about the positives on electric vehicles.

The biggest issue is you don’t know if its actually working or helping the cause any. The fact I’m constantly getting disputed maybe perhaps is a good thing because then I’m making headway however its only a matter of time before it becomes harder and harder to do because the Democrats and the left do not play fairly. They do everything possible to win and I want them to fail so badly because this is a prelude for far worse things to happen. If the Democrats succeed in making people that hate electric vehicles like then and even use them, then we just handed over our lives to the Devil himself.

Sadly there are these stupid people that want and buy them and while they could be in the minority, then what’s up with all the resistance of trying to show people the truth? The worst part of all of this is we won’t get results for every month to every quarter and as time passes by what will change, how many people will actually buy an electric vehicle? Republicans and conservatives was a bit too confident that Trump would have gotten a second term, but the Democrats strategy was to get every person possible to vote for Biden. They had prisoners/criminals and started texting people to get them to vote for Biden. In the end Biden won the election. I was in denial, I was hoping, praying it was a mistake. It wasn’t.

I worry the same with electric vehicles. It seems like the plan of trying to convince people not to get an electric vehicle may not work. Even if social media makes it worse, you still have family and friends to talk to. But really with the seemingly increasing number of people interested in EVs the only thing to do is to pray that God has a plan. One of the biggest hurdles is that there are many who don’t believe in prayer, some that do are still misguided by leftists values or simply agree that EVs are the future. This creates a paradox that is a 50/50 change we will be forced into electric vehicles in 10 years.

Simply put, we are not ready for an all electric future. There just isn’t enough money in peoples pockets to make that happen, myself included I still need my gas vehicles to get around. This 50/50 chance scares me and since Trump lost its going to be likely the Democrats will get their way. At this point we really have nothing to lose by fighting back against the government because if we don’t fight back, we may lose anyways.

So we may as well fight but we have to organize first. The first couple of years may give us time. We won’t have enough materials to build electric vehicles so that will take a couple of years and with the chip shortage, it will not really take place. Ford though may have found a work around and its possible with their electric F150 its going to be a little easier to sell. I just as well go for GM, Ram/Dodge, Toyota or Honda for the time being. Currently the F150 is the best selling truck but I’d check out the other makes instead. People avoided buying electric before they can do it again. For this, we really need prayers that people will not be going to Ford unless they are intent in buying gasoline. People should walk out of the dealer if they try to sell electric. Some people do things without realizing it. And people should drown auto sales by buying a ton of new vehicles but we would need to also play it smart because we don’t want people resorting to buying the electric ones. Although it could work in our favor as well.

Whatever the case, I pray that God has a plan to limit the amount of EVs somehow, people need to witness the negatives of electric vehicles. This means every major automaker, Tesla needs to have some kind of major issues, fires, charging issues, you name it. The right people need to witness this to shut the electric vehicle dream down! The same needs to be done with this administration. I pray to God that the Democrats, all the corrupt politicians, the demonic left get sent to a 1 way ticket to Hell. The whole world does. We need Earth purged of every demonic soul walking on Gods green Earth. Its chaos on this planet.

As for the electric cars, well it’s the first step in purging the filth on Earth. I pray God will save his children, us. And keep fighting, we need Patriots on the battlefield. Because we are fighting a war against evil right now. Hell is empty and all the demons are here. Time to vanquish and banish them all to Hell. May God give us the knowledge, tools, and strength to fight this war.

There is crisis after crisis after crisis with the Biden administration. Every crisis seems to fall into their favor with no actual repercussions after it. The Bidens anti oil policies and push for electric cars lead us to a gas crisis that hasn’t been seen since the 70s.

During this crisis they push the all electric pipedream..

Biden administration pushes electric cars during gas outages

meanwhile people are struggling to get to work and other neccessary places. And they have the nerve to push electric vehicles. While its interesting how the cyberterrorists disbanded this electric vehicle push was unnecessary. It’s as if Biden himself paid hackers to create the gas shortage panic just to try to sell more electric vehicles.

All the while automakers suddenly seem interested in going full electric, bans are taking place around the world, you got people saying if you don’t buy an EV you’ll be walking (which now sounded like a prelude to the gas shortage). If we continue to resist buying electric vehicles and continue to buy new internal combustion vehicles, which by the way Toyota is the only car maker not affected by the chip shortage so if you need a new vehicle I’d check them out.

But the key now is we need to buy a ton of internal combustion vehicles and prevent the sales of battery electric vehicles any way we can while you watch something else will go wrong. People working in the auto industry building internal combustion vehicles need to be careful as something may go wrong. We need good people to be prepared and watch for potential disaster. Because the Democrats, the people pushing these electric vehicles will try everything. If the left does not get what they want then they will also lose faith in the government.

Part of taking down the government is rejecting electric vehicles. And the Democrats have too much power. Unfortunately stupid people will be buying electric vehicles so they need to be exposed to any and all the problems associated with electric vehicles to be discouraged by them. But we also need to show automakers and the left we won’t buy electric vehicles and will continue to buy internal combustion.

I prayed constantly about people buying new internal combustion vehicles and sure enough 1st quarter sales did really well despite the chip shortage. Many people are buying whatever gas or diesel vehicles is available and its keeping automakers to focus on trying to get them out. I don’t know if the chip shortage is deliberate or not but Toyota isnt affected because they manufacture their own. People should swamp Toyota with gas and diesel car sales so that way their production will increase. However the other automakers need to be swamped with gas and diesel sales as well.

The only thing that will make electric vehicles less significant is that there is plenty of gasoline or diesel vehicles along with plenty of gasoline and diesel fuel. Synthetic fuels and hydrogen needs a huge boost as well to keep the internal combustion alive. A lot of these things are happening because the government and the loony left wants us all driving electric. Stopping the infrastructure plan, stopping the electric vehicles is a good opportunity to end the Democratic reign of power and tyranny. Remember these are the same people who kill unborn children then have illegals come into this country without proper procedures.

Everyone against the Biden administration should universally reject electric vehicles and get as much negativity towards electric vehicles as much as possible. Rejecting electric vehicles means you reject the Democrats, Biden and government tyranny. I pray we can come together and fight this.

Do not get lulled into purchasing an electric vehicle. These people have no morals and will stop at nothing to push people into electric vehicles. The pipeline cyberattack is desperation for the Democrats and the left. We need to show them we will not cave into their demands. We need prayers that people have the tools and resources to bring down the electric vehicles. If you continue to buy an electric vehicle after all this you support the greed and dishonesty of the left. They will continue to work against us but this is America and we deserve the freedoms from government tyranny. God will try to show you the signs. Electric vehicle battery fires, charging station outages, dead batteries that is costly to replace. Of course this also does happen to internal combustion but if they are built well, they’ll be reliable. When you buy an electric vehicle you will be having to spend money fixing them, replacing the batteries, have the potential of a fire during when they are charging and electric vehicle stations will either not work or be broken. These things are already happening at a high rate.

Pray for this nation and this nightmare of an administration pays for their crimes. Because creating a gas shortage caused misery for many. We need gas to get to places. The Democrats have already declared war, we need to tear down their battery electric vehicles. They are no good. We as a nation need to fight this and tearing down electric cars help us reclaim control in the government and a new beginning will rise when we eliminate corrupted politicans in office. When they caused the cyberattack on our fuel, they need to be removed. Democrats in office are very evil people. When you reject electric vehicles, you are rejecting evil. I pray we stop the Democrats once and for all.

Also, don’t think for a moment that electric vehicles are better for the environment because they are not. https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/renewable/the-environmental-impact-of-lithium-batteries/

Normally work is well, you interact with people in order to get things done. Many jobs are a team effort and all the jobs I had most of the time I’m not bothered by anyone outside the realm of work related issues, male or female. On occasion there is 1 women who is giving me some attention but usually I didnt know how to react at the time, me being young and stupid didnt really know what to do with women who are interested in me.

For the most part however its just mostly people trying to get me to notice someone but usually it was, either I don’t know how to handle it or I just wasnt interested. Other things like how would I advance my career to make enough money to start a family which was always in the back of my mind. Basically I never got into a phase to really want to date anyone. So I tried it once with one of the co workers at Target. Lets just say I couldn’t get out of the friendzone. We don’t even talk anymore either. Another woman at work where people like to play matchmaker thought I’d be interested in someone who was really into being a Christian, me at the time wasn’t real big into it. I’m still not but I pray and recently with everything going on it would be nice if the state of Illinois opens up 100% so I can go to church. There is a nice community Church, Willow Creek that I’d like to go to, they even have a website. Passed by there during one of my just random drives.


Anyway I don’t regret not going or thinking about this years ago but again with everything going on I just might. Not with family, but on my own and making potentially a new family. Too many bad things happened to me growing up that involved my family, wont get into it but it just seems better that way even though I still talk to them, going with them to church every week just wont help my healing process I’ve avoided all these years and again this is mostly a test to see if its really for me, and everyone can fit into going to church provided you find the right one.

Anyway I’m off topic here (sort of) but my current job in Manufacturing is way different in terms of how the women are. Its possible that because they are Hispanic that they have different morals or something but the video below if you can watch is slightly humorous, a little raunchy but nevertheless some of the women I work with seem to be attention seekers, (how men see women skit)

Ray William Johnson – How women see men

Yeah, kind of like that. There is one woman i do like there and after a couple of years of hi, good morning and awkward glances finally got the nerve to start talking to her outside of my work area. But I didn’t really know what to do, some of the guys there told me I had to buy her food, drinks or whatever but long story short shes either married or I did something wrong to put up the marriage barrier. Though after awhile I just upped and moved on. I’m not even in the same plant. Something was off anyways and really after noticing some other women i know is married is doing the same thing I just try to ignore their attention pleas.

Because i have several women trying to get my attention. Its not like you are working and they need to interact with you, I mean they find some way to get your attention. The lady I was working with that I liked would regularly always talk to other guys I’m either talking to or just working with. Other times they would purposely walk in my area despite the fact I notice they didnt need to, like taking the long way around just so they pass by me.

But these are married women. Even if they were single I am struggling to survive with what money i have left after bills. I’m getting killed by sky high property taxes and rising costs of everything doesnt help either. So really this isnt a good time either, and I get these women probably just want to mingle, but im not interested. It’s just I got too much going on right now.

There is another reason and thats the fear of having someone attached to me that I’m not interested in. I’ve been there before so while I did try it with the lady who ended up being married or whatever, it didnt work out. Doesn’t mean I’m trying to find someone else. And really most of these other women I wouldnt be interested even if they were single. I don’t operate like that and not interested in every woman I see.

But that’s what I’m dealing with.

Electric cars are not feasible replacements of gasoline or diesel power.

Electric cars catch fire, they have short range, they take too long to charge, and worst yet they cost more than $18,000 to replace in their short 3-5 year lifespan.

However there are people trying to ban gas vehicles in order to force manufacturers to build them. There are a lot of gullible, easily manipulated people out there. As a Christian we are told to be against evil ways and evil people. But we are also supposed to embrace change.

This is an evil greedy push towards electric vehicles and we as Christians need to be collectively against them. We need these bans lifted and people to boycott electric vehicles before too many people make this change.

In my previous blogs you can see the negatives on electric vehicles as Noah was warned about the great flood but people laughed and mocked him I am very much in a similar situation with battery electric. I consistently have to deal with investors, environmentalists and so forth. No matter what now these past few weeks the climate has changed to suddenly more people want electric vehicles.

I can only pray that these people have so much of a hassle with electric vehicles that they get frustrated and move back to internal combustion vehicles. So we need people talking about electric vehicles. We don’t want them despite the very few that are interested is trying to force us into electric vehicles. This really is not the America i grew up in.

Majority of people around the world do not want electric vehicles. So we need these people to stand up, prevent bans and let people buy what they want. Electric vehicles are not better for the environment. Switching to synthetic fuels and hydrogen fuel cells is the realistic way to go. Electric vehicles is fueled by greed, power and control. This corruption has to end and if people are not buying electric vehicles, they can’t force us on them.

So we need people collectively pushing against electric vehicles, lift these bans because its a dangerous agenda that will harm millions of people. Electric vehicles are not good. This is not a good change and people need to be aware, we need the gullible aware the most and educated about how harmful electric vehicles will be. We need people in power to do the right thing and put a stop to electric vehicles.

A Tesla caught on fire after crashing into a tree, firefighters took 4 hours and 30,000 gallons of water to try to extinguish the flames but the fire kept going. As usual the electric vehicle shills try to defend it and constantly I’m having to argue with these people yet they just keep coming.

More people are investing in this EV pipe dream that eventually everyone will buy an EV. GM retracted their goal of becoming all electric which is a win for many but you have 12 states all trying to ban internal combustion vehicles.


New York


North Carolina




New Jersey

New Mexico


Washington State

Rhode Island

all want to ban internal combustion by 2030. Which is a joke. Just when you think you’ve made progress these 12 states tear them down trying to force people to adopt electric vehicles. Besides these vehicles being impractical and a fire hazard these states think people will all be buying electric vehicles.

The sad thing is people are clueless! They don’t follow the right news and this ends up being a catastrophe. Now going green is nice but if you think the grid can handle all these vehicles, they got something coming to them, next to how many more fires they gotta put out and it’ll be difficult when the batteries continue to catch fire over and over again. Really though we need to send these people a message and don’t buy these electric vehicles just keep on buying gasoline vehicles. Trade them in for a newer one or even buy new if you can afford to.

But really this is a huge push by the progressive left and the people who are invested in electric vehicles. And they will try to get gullible people onto them and its going to get ugly for many others. Fact is these bans need to be rescinded. But people will continue to do nothing as they are completely oblivious to what is happening here. I keep praying that those who are wake up to see what the government is trying to do. And people in these states need to come together and try to stop these bans.

As I said, one of the ways is to trade your gas vehicle for a newer one. I definitely would start leasing one if i had the money but i don’t have the money nor i live in any of these states but this is beyond idiotic as people need gas vehicles to get to point a to b. Banning the sale just prohibits people because battery electric is just not practical.

The problem is that people talk on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube without understanding the fact we keep saying we dont want these electric vehicles. GM may have listened and decided to build what people want, not what they think people want. And that’s fine, but the problem is that they will still be pushing the EV hype.

Despite the people not wanting electric they keep pushing as if people will just adapt. They try to sell you a product you don’t want. Really that’s not business reality, if we did that we wouldnt be having a business for very long.

One of my comments was GM and these other car companies going full electric is foolish and wouldnt buy one if they succeed in doing full electric. In reality they did make a semi comprise but in the end, this electric push is just a cash grab which is pretty lame. I do plan on having several extra gas vehicles handy so I don’t have to deal with this electric nonsense if they keep pushing it with new vehicles.

We all need to pray people has the ability to see this and see that its wrong. Electric vehicles are not practical. Because we really need more people aware there is not any chance if these bans will take place. Electric vehicles shouldn’t be forced and the fact some states are being unamerican by banning a choice.

Me, like many people are dreading the day the electric vehicles may take over internal combustion. Without the government push however the electric vehicle wouldnt stand a chance. This is a push from progressives around the world fueled with politicians placing bans on internal combustion vehicles such as Europe, China and supposedly a few other countries. And theres California of course.

The fact people are not livid as of yet kind of worries me, even in California as there are still plenty of people who are not ready to give up on internal combustion or is unable to use an electric vehicle.

There are just too many limitations on electric vehicles, the charging time for one. 30+ minutes and yes it can take up to 10 hours at a public charging station. Not everyone can charge at home either so the idea that electric vehicles can replace gasoline in 10 or well 14 years is preposterous. In fact its insane. Rushing this also leads to massive problems, one of them being fires coming from the batteries shorting out. This should be the number one reason why EVs shouldn’t replace gasoline. With internal combustion usually fires start with older vehicles that haven’t been maintained very well. The new Ford Mach E has an issue where the 12v battery ( yes unfortunately there is more than one in these EVs) dies and the entire car is bricked, or killed. Imagine the 12v battery dying in your gas vehicle and you wont be able to jump, charge the battery or replace it with a new one and still cant start it because the battery did something to prevent it from running.

Despite these problems people are still trying to push this forward. I continue to hope and pray that this is a bad dream and soon wake up from this nightmare.

Despite EV sales overall is a measly 2% in America it’s only 1.7% while Australia is less than 0.7% (they only sold under 1,000 EVs in the 1st quarter!) Its still slowly creeping upwards. The fact is the extreme push towards EVs is unnatural and the biggest reason is greed. It hardly has much to do with the environment because there are far worse pollutants out there, worse than any oil spill which is preventable. There is at least half a century worth of oil left which is plenty. More is being discovered and as mentioned in the past, there is synthetic fuels being pushed to the market but not fast enough to really save the internal combustion from being banned in certain places.

Again like my previous posts this is not a good thing because people need to get around. Sometimes especially if one doesn’t know their way around vehicles buying new is necessary. More than that in order for people to buy used someone has to buy new. So if they ban the sale of new internal combustion its going to create a ton of problems especially when electric vehicle batteries start to go, most of them will be replaced after 5-10 years it’s not going to make much sense to replace them the second time around so people will be lucky to get 9-15 years out of an EV.

Modern internal combustion can get up to 30 years or even more if maintained well. So this is going to be a problem for many who buy used and rely on the vehicle lasting a long period of time.

So while this is nerve wracking I keep praying EVs will not replace the internal combustion vehicles. Especially GM, which has been lacking with good internal combustion vehicles as well.

People need to get around and despite the leftists and the progressives we still need the internal combustion engine vehicles and a large portion of people want to stick with them! Government needs to stop pushing people into these electric vehicles and if they want to help with the environment then they need to get on board with synthetic fuels, because people will drive internal combustion until they deem them unessecary, not the government, environmentalists or the progressive left.

I also forgot to mention that Biden had talked about another Cash for Clunkers with electric vehicles which the previous one destroyed usable vehicles (purposely destroyed the engines) people could have had but it wasnt good and the used auto market suffered from it.

If Biden is going to do this again i highly recommend not doing this. If you want to save on gas buy a hybrid. These programs and government spending wouldn’t keep happening if people just stopped participating in them. But sadly many unaware people may end up participating in this program anyway. I pray people however don’t participate in this mess again if it becomes available. Really, its past time people do not follow the government and instead think for themselves.

You’d also be trading an internal combustion vehicle with greater value than an electric vehicle with terrible resale value. As they age the low value will cause EVs to be extremely difficult to sell. So you are better off sticking with internal combustion, despite what the EV fantasy fantastics say, I wouldnt listen to them or bother talking to them. Yes a ban in 2035, it doesnt stop anyone from buying them to that point and you can store up more vehicles so you at least have one reliable vehicle while you fix up the rest. Find a good mechanic or do your own. Also keep up on maintenance and talk to your autobody shop guy on how to keep your car rust free even in snowy salty weather.

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