I keep wondering whether my posts get out there and while sometimes there is a few, some if not a lot of my blog posts tend to be heated. While on occasion it gets out of hand whether early on I’d talk a lot about certain minority groups or electric cars, usually I find sometimes writing what concerns or troubles me lets me at a bit of rest.

But now we got this election that is far, far worse than the 2016 or earlier. Despite even in 2016 the left constantly hating Trump but it was mostly false allegations and between Trump and Hillary constantly acting like 5 year old children during their debates all i really got from Trump was “build that wall around Mexico”. Near the end though despite me thinking that Trump was being ridiculous, his policies of closing the borders seemed good. Hillary was more of continuing Obama’s policies which I wasn’t interested nor liked. The penalty tax for not having health insurance being one of them. I couldn’t afford health insurance at the time and it was just plain stupid to pay for a tax that by all reasons was just another way to steal more money that I needed.

Bidens policies are far worse and I would end up in the same position because I guarantee if you dont go green, you’ll be paying for it. He doesn’t say this but basically if you are not making a move to say replace your gas vehicles for electric ones, something will go way up such as gas being say $4 a gallon or potentially higher.

These are evil people. I am already dealing with ridiculously high property taxes that went up $2,000+ a year!! I’m at my limits here, despite some overtime i got to cut every cent or dollar i can get just to save a small portion at the end of the month! Its ridiculous.

Biden would make that worse. But even if you are on board, you’ll still be paying 5x the energy costs, need new appliances that run on natural gas, not to mention a $35k electric vehicle.

If that’s not enough Biden will open borders, there will be a ton of layoffs despite the jobs Biden promises, it wont matter. The economy will sink like the Titanic and make Covid 19 economy look like a minor delay. More jobs will be lost due to energy costs and basically there wont be poor working people just the middle class and the rich. Well the middle class will simply be living close to poverty levels but have just enough to get food, clothes and well a car that works. I consider myself at the bottom of the middle class and basically I’m struggling due to Illinois insane taxes. I’ll be poor and potentially homeless. It doesn’t help that the company i work for is struggling as well, but mostly due to Illinois being Illinois and being tax happy. Never mind the politicians fail to come up with a reasonable budget that would work let alone the massive debt. I guess the pot tax didnt work. The politicians are greedy and they would just as soon pocket as much money so they can live like the rich folks do instead of cutting way back on spending. It’s all evil.

So this is why I am voting RED all across the board. Nobody but Republicans and Trump is at the top of that list. Despite he is being hated beyond belief he has the better policies. I need the cost of living to go back down so that way I can have breathing room. I need to fix up my condo so eventually when I go to sell it perhaps someone would buy it with functional appliances like a new stove and fridge. Eventually I’d like to get a Jeep or a Ford Ranger depending on what I can tow with as I’ll be needing to tow cars around. Potentially though, I may need a full size truck for that.

But politicans and people spend too much time and money that keep people down. Yes normally I’d have enough money to do these things, I shouldn’t have to pay an extra total of $2,700+ a year in taxes and fees. That’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t have bought the place otherwise in Illinois. Indiana would have been better! But really people need jobs and they need cheap living. Trump offers this.

Biden is the exact opposite. Besides his pro abortion policies or rather Harris, full term abortions? That’s just sick and evil. Its pathetic. There is no comparison, Biden/Harris are evil Democrats while Trump has a lot better to offer including protecting children still in the womb.

I mean this is shouldn’t be up for debate. If people could look past their own hatred for a man who is trying to give back America to the people, less government control more freedoms then these people are truly lost and need guidance. Trump is the only solution, because Biden will destroy America that can never recover and will be at the mercy of other countries that most likely want to take a stab at. Voting for Biden will make America very vulnerable.

Watch this video!! This changes the Covid epidemic to a viral attack against the world. Leftist Facebook tried very hard to cover up this video moments after posted and Twitter is doing the same. They don’t want people to know the truth!

There has been other whistleblowers on this but I have not found a video on it until now. This is proof that the Chinese Communist party (CCP) is behind Covid 19 and that they unleashed the virus on the world.

Whether or not this was done on purpose, well you make a virus that attacks humans and you expect them not to release it it makes you wonder if the Democratic party was behind this attack.

Now some people or if not many people may think this is just a conspiracy and we should leave that to the X-Files, the evidence is there however. Ever since Trump was running for president people hated him. The left attacked people who supported Trump and the debates were like a classroom of misbehaving children. I saw this as a joke, a clown show. I didn’t care for Trump at first. He said stupid things that made no sense and there was a growing hate towards him. Regardless I still would rather vote for him instead of Hillary because I didn’t want any more of Obama’s policies and Trump wanted to keep the illegals out.

Then came the results. People were sad by the looks of their faces when Trump was declared president, one person screamed at the sky (I might post the video later) like it was the end of the world.

Well almost 4 years have passed and there was nothing but ridicule and hate from the left, including celebrities. It has been unrelenting and consistently vile hatred. I never seen anything like that. They compare Trump to being Hitler even though he’s never done anything to suggest it but they’ll fake the information any way they can.

So with the impeachment, Covid 19, riots, defunding the police, wildfires and ridiculous claims back and forth along with the consistent vile hatred for Trump it is completely believable that the Democrats played a part in releasing Covid 19. Believe what you want but i got a gut feeling Democrats are behind this attack. They just want money, power and control. They dont care about the American people and they never have it’s all a show. Only trust FOX news, Breitbart and other conservative news because CNN, CBS, ABC and most of the other mainstream news will not give you the truth. They’ve been corrupted by evil and unfortunately so has the left.

Hell is empty and all the demons are on earth..

Among the hundred different reasons electric vehicles are just not practical especially on long road trips (despite the fact it is possible to do) here is a big reason why this not only is impractical, it also exposes a big weakness or big disruption basically by throwing a switch or a selection on a computer shutting down God only knows how far that reach can go. If Electrify America can shut down 500 miles of charging stations along I-95 then who really knows if that reach is more than that. Like the entire charging network.

Electrify America wanted to upgrade but what was the purpose behind shutting it down during when people are not working? Next to having broken or nonfunctional charging stations electric vehicles don’t make much sense when charging places are far and few between. Even with Bidens plan to ban fossil fuels, when we need gas/oil to function as a society the solution is to penalize those who use fossil fuels by adding a tax or an additional fee. All the while electric vehicles are unreliable and inefficient at best. Takes too long to recharge yet the EV nannies are giving excuses such as you dont need to drive that far when we got planes or trains or you dont need to drive constantly and stop for 5 minutes or need 800 miles on a single tank/charge. Whatever it is they give out excuses why EV works let alone a Tesla supercharger was backed up for miles in California. Waiting hours upon hours on Thanksgiving isnt the ideal way to spend the holiday when you could be on the road to see family.

So another reason why electric vehicles do not work and why its easier and more cost effective to drive a gas vehicle that could easily be ran by a cleaner fuel if the money was spent on obtaining a cleaner fuel for our gas burners instead of trying to get people onto electric vehicles that are just inconvenient. Anyone that drove down I-95 most likely needed a tow truck due to the fact there was no place to charge. Potentially spending way more money as they most likely had to get it towed to their destination or back home. Not exactly the money saving experience you were expecting.

I hope this was a lesson for those that jumped head first into thinking that new technology that is inconvenient and unreliable at best isnt a good choice. This could potentially happen to Tesla, even as an accident. Sticking with gas is the safest option as there is a strong network in place and if you are worried about the environment, spending the money in alternative fuels to regular gasoline is the best option and America has the chance of being the first country to have this technology selling it to other countries making a profit saving taxpayers plenty of money.

Electric vehicles is and should stay as a niche market for those who have more money than common sense, and who cares it’s their money to spend. Most people just want a reliable vehicle to get to where they need to. If this charging system shutdown is any indication that electric vehicles are not as reliable as people think they are.

On a side note, I really don’t like this new wordpress format. Its slower and more clunky than before. Its amazing how people think switching to something different automatically means better.

This past weekend I felt like something was very wrong and its happened since I tried watching the Democratic National Convention. I felt negative energy just from watching it and I shook it off as it’s one of the speakers blaming Trump for her father’s death and being extremely negative about it.

But glad I didnt continue watching but Saturday night I felt a presence. After trying to talk to people that Trump isnt the person people need to worry about. Its the current Democratic party that is responsible for the rioting while Democrats pull back police and the evidence suggests Harris (Democrat VP candidate) knows about this or is behind it herself. Either way Democrats are not to be trusted. Already Covid 19 came from China and the Democrats are allies with them. It’s also odd that while lies about Trump not doing all he could while he was actually getting stuff done and keeping Covid under control. Still the Democrats blame him but they’re trying to do all they can even though they end up lying in plain view but people don’t pay attention because they are too busy with hating on Trump to see it.

Anyway apparently I upset some people just from explaining some of this and had some energy bouncing around me and then it hit me, sulfur. I kept getting a whiff of it and while this was happening I was a bit freaked out so I prayed and telling any negativity to go away, you will not stop God from protecting me. Of course I felt it back away still having a faint smell of sulfur. Mind you I was trying to have a peaceful conversation but leftists were all at it. Moments later (no clue how much time had passed) I see an ambulance pass by me. Not sure if something had happened but again it leaves still with its lights on.

Strange stuff is happening at work too, thought it was just that i was working too hard and my machine at work got clogged up. Nope, also random electrical issues with it as well. Then this pops up.


Yeah, its making sense but I kind of knew this already but the left right now has a lot of hatred. Its happened during president Bush, 9/11 happened. It’s almost as if the Democrats do not want us voting for Republicans. Either way I feel that Trump is the best candidate as we need to push forward in trying to make America better. He has been focused on getting the economy back together while the Democrats always go with good enough but they have not improved on it. They would rather focus on their own agendas rather than making sure every American has what they need to be free. We need to end homelessness, poverty and many good Veterans are still on the streets. This is what the Democrats do, they make up problems to hide the real issues we need to focus on first. Because they don’t have an answer. Besides the fact, well the Democratic party has been infiltrated by evil.

Pointing this out and I am praying for my safety and those in need. Praying that Trump is the best man for the job because I am definitely not voting for the hateful left that has been showing evilness. Praying that Trump will succeed in ending the corrupted Democratic party. Also praying that this country sees what problems should matter which is making sure every American has what they need and that the workforce that holds this economy together are rewarded for their commitment to go into work everyday to make a living.

The environment does need cleaning, however dumping trillions of dollars isnt the solution as this money comes from hard working taxpayers who have trouble putting food on the table, but that money is being taken from American’s food budgets by politicians who want to give to the rich so they can buy an electric vehicle.

Joe Biden wants to enact The New Green Deal costing over $90 trillion. Trump lifted environmental restrictions and the left did not like that. They complained about Trump lowering miles per gallon (mpg) mandates for automakers. Even though these mandates hurt auto sales.

People would rather take their V8 gas burner broken cars to an engine or transmission shop to have them rebuilt than to drive a turbo V6. The average age of the registered car has hit over 12 years old. Cars older than 20 years are still being driven as daily driving.

With people trying to push others onto electric vehicles, short range and long refueling times and the future of having to wait in long lines, A Tesla supercharging station already experienced this in California during Thanksgiving weekend. Who wants to spend 3+ hours waiting in a line that goes on for miles? When gas vehicle drivers pass by with a full tank of gas that took less than 5 minutes to refuel. EV owners say this wont happen as more charging stations open up. It’s not going to be a daily occurrence in the beginning but the math doesn’t add up. If gas stations are sometimes full of vehicles waiting to be gassed up when there are gas stations around every corner that only take 5 minutes to refuel then you would need 4 times the electric vehicle chargers.

Getting a little off topic here but Joe Biden and the Democratic party doesn’t understand the limitations of electric vehicles. Not to mention the financial burden so many face. They think that raising the minimum wage will help but that only causes businesses to cut hours or employees. The only other way is to raise costs.

California has the highest gas prices in this nation. Around $4 instead as low as $1.20 in some areas. Joe Biden will increase gas prices so that it convinces people to go buy an electric vehicle. He will also stop American oil production causing the prices to go higher, less jobs and we’re forever in a recession. Top it all off the changeover to electric cars will reduce sales and the ban of gasoline vehicles which will put more people out on the streets. He wants to change the infrastructure but without the money to pay for it, its going to fail. Meanwhile the economy dips more into a recession. Oh yeah jobs will go back overseas to avoid paying these taxes. Jobs that people lost under the Obama administration that Trump restored! How are you going to get the money for your $4+ trillion dollar clean energy plan Joe? The more you tax people the more they will leave.

Very evident with Illinois. The more people leave the less tax revenue you will see. Corruption doesn’t pay off. Meanwhile taxing people into poverty further lowers your revenue. You get less money from your high tax increases when you got better revenue from low taxes!

Trump knows this. He’s a businessman, not a politician and he cares more about the American people than any other president has. Trump knows for a great economy you provide living wages and low taxes. I pay less taxes, federally per paycheck than any other president under Trump. If you’re not seeing it you are either a liar or you need to talk to your HR. Chances are they deduct the same or you don’t pay the same. No matter what though everyone got a tax decrease. It’s up to you to do that math.

Other Biden regulations that will cost taxpayers more money when he’s supposed to get the economy back up and running. This is the Democrats way of thinking, you work hard for a paycheck, Democrats take some money out of your paycheck that you earned so someone else can stay at home all day playing videogames. If only you worked hard and kept that money, you can take the day off to play a new video game. But instead you have to pay for someone who is lazy so you gotta work instead of taking that day off and you can’t even afford that new game.

Here’s a better example that tax increase that someone could be saving for to fund research into a clean burning fuel for the vehicles already on the road. But instead that money would be taken away and spent so someone rich can trade in their gas car for an electric and Joe Biden takes that gas car and destroys the vehicle. Needless destruction of useful tools and destroying someone’s dream of keeping the gas cars on the road and keeping the gas car hobby alive.

Trump is leaving this opportunity of innovation alive allowing entrepreneurs to start new ideas, new inventions and yes more clean energy that also keeps jobs. A clean burning fuel for gasoline vehicles would save thousands of jobs. Not only for America but around the world.

If Covid 19 never struck the economy would be so strong, homelessness would have been a thing of the past giving dreamers a chance at helping those who were left on the streets, forgotten. Poverty would go down and yes more innovation for a cleaner environment would take place we would see a transformation of a new better America. It may not take place under Trump but he will set the building blocks. He will inspire others to do the same and build on top of what Trump would accomplish. We had a taste of true economic recovery we can do it again and make records soar.

This is the time for clean energy innovation. It is not time for clean energy mandates. That should only happen after everyone is living comfortably and the majority agrees that is time.

We cannot progress under corruption, greed, poverty and hate. You build from the ground up. You don’t try to build over a house of cards because it’ll collapse. Especially if too much. Joe Biden plan will crush our house of cards.

Is Donald Trump a bad person? Is he actually making America better? Is there any truth to the things the left has been saying about Trump? Was the Democratic National Convention truthful about anything about Trump? Did Trump do all he could do with the Covid 19 virus? Is the Republican National Convention truthful with everything Trump has done? Or did the leftist media keep the positives Trump has done?

I don’t have these answers. Probably never will. The left seems so one sided full of hate, anger, destruction of property and businesses and the Democrats, let it happen. Joe Biden never addressed the violence, backpedaled his agenda to defund the police and the constant barrage of attacks on Trump and pro Trump supporters are adding to the reason Joe Biden shouldn’t be president. The man is 77 years old. Well Trump is 74 but regardless Trump has proven to work. The left doesn’t see it that way. They constantly berate Trump in everything he does.

They blame him for the virus, they blame him for the shutdown, they blame him and America for the riots and looting with Biden saying that its Trumps America. I noticed that with the first part of the DNC they didn’t even jump into the issues in America. All they did was play songs, complain Trump didn’t do his job, complain that Trump did nothing while Americans died from the virus after the Democrats ridiculed him for shutting down travel to China. Democrats lie in plain view!

You can riot but you can’t go to church. You can loot but you can’t vote in person. You can protest but you can’t work. All Democrats! Why would anyone vote for Biden based on this information. He didnt even address the media of his concern over the riots. It took him weeks and it took the Republicans to say that Biden doesn’t care about the American people because he hasn’t said a word about the rioting and looting that has been going on since May! Its August now.

That doesn’t sound like a leader to me. The Republicans, Trump has been helping cities that has been affected by it, there was Federal Agents in Chicago! The Democrats have already been defunding the police, Biden says he won’t but he won’t help them either. He says he won’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $40k. Lies. He says he won’t destroy the suburban homes, one in which I am paying for. Except he wants to force people to upgrade their appliances to run on clean energy. Who knows what else he wants us to do. Oh he also wants us to upgrade our windows too.

If I wanted to and could afford it I would have done it already. I don’t need to have a government tell me what I need to do to my home. He wants people to start driving electric cars more and restart the failure Cash for Clunkers program that has destroyed working vehicles that people could use. All so he can force people onto electric cars. Pushing this insane green deal that won’t cost $4 trillion, it’ll cost over $90 trillion.

He’s already going to reinstate taxpayer abortion funding, open our borders letting dangerous illegals into our country and give them free healthcare paid by hard working taxpaying Americans I will not let this man be president, I will vote for Trump to keep Biden from winning the White House.

People complain about Trump being a dictator, when Joe Biden is the very dictator they all claim to hate. I can only hope that Trump wins the presidency because Joe Biden is the one who will destroy America.

We need prayers, that there are more people willing to stand up for Trump and that people in the left sees that the Democratic party is full of corruption and empty promises. If Trump was able to bring jobs back to America, rescue hostages/prisoners from other countries that were left behind, cut through red tape bureaucracy to help Covid 19 patients, and bring peace to the middle east and still find time to visit hard working Americans this is not the president people think that he is.

Democrats claimed that he was standing in the streets with a bible while people were rioting and looting according to a speaker in the DNC. Probably when I first started to feel like pulling away from the DNC. Never even heard of that story but the hate is unrelenting. The RNC showed the truth about who Trump is, what he’s focusing on and the left claims he’s a liar but again the left is projecting. The left is the cult, evil following. But still do your own research on this. I came to the conclusion is that Trump has done more in office than anyone in ages.

Trump is a businessman, not a politician and is doing a better job than the Democrats. I think I’ll vote for a guy who knows what it takes to have not a decent or good economy but the best it can be. If we never had the virus we would have had the best economy in decades. He did better in office in 4 years compared to the 8 years Obama was in office.

I’ll vote for Trump.

If you haven’t seen the RNC yet, I posted it in case anyone is interested.
Full Republican National Convention 2020 – Updated

Starting off America is the land of the free. The freedom to worship a religion of your choosing, to choose the career you want, to build that white picket fence home dream. No you don’t need a white picket fence but you have the freedom to choose what home you live in, the cars you want to drive, pick out your clothes, listen to the music that you want. You can climb a mountain, sit or lay on the beach with a beer in one hand and a kite in the other. You can hike or bike through trails. You can discover just about anything. America is full of adventures, you have the freedom to do whatever you want.

America is not a nation that has a government mind and policy controlling these freedoms we should appreciate, honor, respect and thank God for it. The government should not be involved with what schools we should go to, where to live, how to eat, what to think, what to wear and basically take our freedoms one by one.

We have the freedom of speech. The government shouldn’t control what we can or cannot say. Neither should online social platforms. We shouldn’t be censored in voicing our mind. That’s not freedom, that’s control.

We have the freedom to work in whatever jobs we want. Governments are raising taxes and abusing the taxpayer system. We pay taxes for basic government needs such as roads, law enforcement, firefighters and other necessary services to make a community work. We should not be paying taxes for unnecessary and foolish spending, creating unnecessary rules and regulations. We don’t want corruption in the government abusing their power over us. Its “We the people”, not we the government.

We have the freedom to bear arms. For protection or sport. We have the freedom to be safe in our homes, on the streets, in our cars, buses trains, planes, ships, and virtually anywhere in the United States. We need law enforcement officers to protect this peaceful environment and we should also respect them. We need the military to protect this country which may at some point, could theoretically lead to military protecting our planet.

The freedom to do what is good should apply to anyone and everyone because we all should be living together in peace and harmony. We need presidents that lead, not control. Leaders that problem solve, not create more problems such as higher taxes, higher cost of living, more rules, more regulations, more restrictions, more control.

The people ultimately control the future, not the government. They vote for what they want, whether its a ballot box or where they spend their money at.

This election, it’s the vote between freedom or enslavement. America has seen its tragedies. History has seen its wars. The devastation and the cost of lives. The present, is facing another dark time.

Donald Trump. The constant violence and hate for this president is disturbing. At first I didnt csre for him, neither did I like Hillary Clinton. Another Obama which I didnt like either. I wasnt a big fan of politics because they never kept their word. It was always more rules, more restrictions, more taxes. They never, once lowered the cost of living. Then the economy crashed from the war in Iraq. Our gas prices skyrocketed and my job cut my weekly hours from 40+ some overtime to 35, then watched it go nearly to 20 hours. All. Under. THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION! I couldn’t believe it. Working at the same job while they continue to cut back employees payroll hours! I was struggling. Then the Obamacare mandate and besides screwing up healthcare for millions of Americans I couldn’t afford healthcare insurance. So i had to pay the penalty tax. Unbelievable. So I’m now paying for an illegal immigrants medical bill when I couldn’t even afford to put food on the table or buy new clothes. What a joke. Finding a job wasn’t easy either and I hardly had enough gas money for work.

I finally got a better paying job and things were looking up. I got 40+ and bought a townhouse condo with a garage and last year just before Covid struck wouldn’t you believe it, property taxes skyrocketed to an additional $2,000 a year! Shortly after my mechanic said I need a new car. I actually found one I wanted for pretty cheap. Of course the car taxes in Illinois is insane. Over $3,000. Plate tags went up as well. The one common theme with high taxes and more fines. Democrats. After that I got sick of them, sick of paying taxes. I don’t make a lot of money but thought I made enough to live comfortably until Illinois screwed up big time. Why for an example I gotta pay taxes for a Cash for Clunkers disaster destroying over
700,000 vehicles to “stimulate the economy” when some of them were classics worth a lot of money and others could have been donated or sold very cheaply to needy families. Many of these cars had nothing wrong with them besides cosmetic wear and tear.

Who traded these vehicles in? The rich. People who could have simply saved another year or two and they would have gotten a new car. Who paid for this program? None other than the taxpayers. The people who could have used those vehicles but instead decided destroying the cars would somehow benefit the economy but in the end it made it difficult for people who are struggling who needed a new used vehicle that didnt have an engine or transmission die on them.

Even though I didnt vote in the 2016 or any other because I felt that my vote never really counted. Many still feel the same but this year. Make it count! If you say you don’t think it matters but still vote it’ll still encourage others to vote or your mindset to vote because others are going to do the same. VOTE! Because in the end your vote won’t count if your not involved. In 2016 I was shown my vote would have counted, not by a single vote but because Trump won the electoral vote. Everyone who voted Trump mattered. He didnt win the popular vote but this is why we have the electoral voting system, to make your vote count. Even if your vote lost to the other side it gives you a satisfaction of, at least you tried. You went. And especially blue collar workers this election, Trump needs to be re elected. Because he is for America, Americans and hard workers. He is here to save America, not destroy it.

This week I felt patriotic into watching the RNC which was mindblowing day after day.
I tried watching the Democratic National Convention, about half way through I felt like I had to stop watching it. After I stopped I felt really listless like I just found out someone close to me has died. But that wasn’t it, It was Democrats. I don’t know if it was the negativity surrounding Trump or the convention itself but I didnt feel interested in writing this blog. I can tell you however, that I felt a negativity in the DNC and I think it was that I dont want to see America go in their direction. That and the radical Democratic party are evil people. The left is blind and potentially brainwashed by them.

The two parties used to agree with the same vision but argued over what was the best way to handle it. Now each side has their own agendas, not fighting to make America better, and to fight for Americans.

Stay for part 2 of this post.

If you haven’t already watched the Republican Convention I suggest that you do, as I’ve provided the videos below. It’s a time consumer but an eye opener. Die hard Trump fans will enjoy these videos but for those on the fence, watch these.

I will write my thoughts on this convention, I never watched the Democratic convention very much but from what I hear the RNC is out of this world compared to the DNC. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, if you got several hours to kill i would watch the RNC posted below.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three: (RNC starts at 38:25 in video)

Day Four: (RNC starts at 41:00 in video)

The past 4 years Democrats have been showing their true colors by constantly berating Trump even before the election beating pro Trump supporters (I mean you can’t even wear a hat in public without getting punched in the face). I get that the Republicans have some bad people but the Democratic hate is far much worse. Then Trump’s brother Robert passed away and here are a couple of Facebook posts on that..

Is this the type of people we want to represent? These people are hateful Democrats. No, these people are pure evil, demons. This is why we need Trump re elected because he has got the Democrats exposed like the traitors to America that has been abusing the system and have gotten away with it all. The Democrats are being exposed and eliminated one by one. Mike Madigan, a politician in Illinois has been exposed for corruption by the Federal Government! Donald Trump is eliminating corruption little by little!

This is why the Democrats hate Trump and has been attacking Trump for every little thing. It’s not about cutting Obamacare or payroll taxes its about Trump putting an end to the Democratic corruption! This is the result. Hateful comments for something that most people wouldn’t be doing for when someone dies.

Any clear headed sane person would vote for Trump because he is restoring America to a time when people actually cared for one another. The Republicans have the opportunity to expose and to end the Democratic party for all their corruption and greed. Only then America will be able to move forward and do things right for the American people because the Democrats will always keep America dumbed down so people dont question the corruption that goes on. Trump is exposing it and the Democrats don’t like that.

Republicans are not perfect but the Democrats are evil. Remember this when you vote. America is in need of prayers and this shows there is a lot of praying needed as America is broken and we need it restored to be better, corruption-proofed and that Americans get what they need in order to make a living.

We need protection from these demonic people.

This country is in dire need of prayers.

That’s about right. The hate for Trump is astounding especially when Joe Biden policies and ideals will cost America jobs and income. We certainly are not doing well with the economy due to Covid 19 and a lot of blame is going around and a lot seems to be directed towards Trump. The country is fractured, too many riots and looting. Guess what? The Democrats say not to do anything about it. I never liked Obama and Hillary was about the same. Bill Clinton was ok I guess, I don’t really remember. Bush was insane. Trump is crazy but he gets things done and keeping the taxes low helping the people.

However lots of lies are going around with Trump and Joe Bidens true intentions are tried to kept silenced.

This is a problem because Democrats are doing everything they can to shut down Trump. Yet he’s keeping America going. Even with Covid people are returning to their jobs, things are slowly returning to normal and if you do a job search in your area you may find a job or two. Granted some are minimum wage jobs but anything is better than nothing.

So the biggest problems with Joe Biden. Besides crippling America with his insane $2 trillion green deal plan which includes getting people electric cars. That’s more subsidies that Americans have to pay up in taxes so the rich can buy an electric car if they wish. Hold on another Cash for Clunkers failure. So you trade in your gas vehicle for an electric the government then takes the vehicle to the scrap where they deliberately destroy the engine. He may go one step further and destroy the transmission as well. These are perfectly good running cars that someone could use to get where they need to.

Now if you look at some of my previous posts, you’ll see why we shouldn’t be going electric. The simple reason. Cost. I dont have money to spend on an electrician for $3k+ when I could use that money for something else like new windows, a new fridge. It’s not feasible. Joe Biden also wants to ban the sale of combustion engine vehicles (or gas vehicles) by 2030. This is what the Democrats want. They feel that the U.S. is not doing enough to go green so they think they need to take drastic action in order to do it to “avoid climate change”. Sorry this isnt the “Day after Tomorrow” movie where a climate shift took place within a week.

And if climate change is an issue electric cars wont save you. If you are that scared you fortify your home to prepare for it. But really it should be not the taxpayers responsibility. We are not slaves to the government nor should we be.

With the economy the way that it is a $2 trillion plan is not going to work. Taxes would be exceptionally high to make that happen. The economy won’t even recover we’ll continue to be in a recession. Illinois tried to tax their residents and all we got was a failed attempt at correcting the budget. Illinois is worse now. And we’re stuck paying these stupid tax hikes in the middle of a pandemic. We should get a huge relief in taxes but the Democratic Illinois would never do that.

He also plans on restructuring homes that Obama had tried..

“build bigger water and sewer lines to support high-density living, expand schools and social services and add mass transit.”

Bidens housing plans will destroy Americas Suburb Homes

Biden plans to go further which puts American suburbs at risk and further destroying the economy in the process. Point being, America will be crushed. It would mean the end of the American dollar. The money you carry and in your bank will be useless under Biden. Covid 19 was a warning, it nearly crippled America. With Biden this will be permanent. This scares me but if the majority of people decide that Biden is a good fit for this country which his green deal plan is extremely unlikely to succeed then they really will end America.

The green deal devised by Ocasio-Cortez which was widely rejected is later being presented by none other than Joe Biden. So they didn’t support her plan but will vote for Joe Biden… because their only concern is getting rid of Trump.

This country needs Trump more than ever because Joe Biden isnt in the best interest of the country. Yes Trump has his issues but he’s doing the best he can for the American people. He’s a patriot at heart and loves this country while the Democrats continue to destroy it. Nothing about the Democrats is American and people depend too much on the government.

The past few days I have been so angry with Democrats I couldn’t even think straight. They destroyed Illinois with their high taxes and the fact that I’m paying over $3,000 extra in property taxes alone scares me into believing we really need Trump to win because this will be the reality for the next for years if Joe Biden wins. I would be at a total loss of what to do because i won’t be able to afford living costs with Joe Biden being in office. This country really needs prayers because there is so much hate for Trump. And im tired of my hard earned money go towards taxes for a future that will ultimately fail. I won’t stand for it. All I can say is if you want America to recover we need Donald Trump in office again for the next 4 years. We can deal with whatever issues he left the White House in but he would be far less destructive than Joe Biden. We really need prayers that people stop acting so foolish thinking that we need to vote against politicians we may not like over someone who has the ability to kill the economy. We are not ready for electric vehicles and we need low taxes especially since Covid 19 is a problem, the economy isn’t doing well but slowly recovering. Low taxes means more money in everyone’s pockets. It costs me like $40 in social security every paycheck. Trump suspending this will save me a great deal of money and i can put this in the savings. My daily driver vehicle needs replacing and voting Trump will allow me to do this to buy either a Honda Civic or Toyota Camry which I will save gas on as well as repairs. Under Biden i might as well quit my job take a major loss in my home equity and crawl in a hole and die.

All because the left hates Trump. We need prayers. This country needs to go back to basics and stop wasting taxpayer money. We can’t do that with Joe Biden.

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