Me, like many people are dreading the day the electric vehicles may take over internal combustion. Without the government push however the electric vehicle wouldnt stand a chance. This is a push from progressives around the world fueled with politicians placing bans on internal combustion vehicles such as Europe, China and supposedly a few other countries. And theres California of course.

The fact people are not livid as of yet kind of worries me, even in California as there are still plenty of people who are not ready to give up on internal combustion or is unable to use an electric vehicle.

There are just too many limitations on electric vehicles, the charging time for one. 30+ minutes and yes it can take up to 10 hours at a public charging station. Not everyone can charge at home either so the idea that electric vehicles can replace gasoline in 10 or well 14 years is preposterous. In fact its insane. Rushing this also leads to massive problems, one of them being fires coming from the batteries shorting out. This should be the number one reason why EVs shouldn’t replace gasoline. With internal combustion usually fires start with older vehicles that haven’t been maintained very well. The new Ford Mach E has an issue where the 12v battery ( yes unfortunately there is more than one in these EVs) dies and the entire car is bricked, or killed. Imagine the 12v battery dying in your gas vehicle and you wont be able to jump, charge the battery or replace it with a new one and still cant start it because the battery did something to prevent it from running.

Despite these problems people are still trying to push this forward. I continue to hope and pray that this is a bad dream and soon wake up from this nightmare.

Despite EV sales overall is a measly 2% in America it’s only 1.7% while Australia is less than 0.7% (they only sold under 1,000 EVs in the 1st quarter!) Its still slowly creeping upwards. The fact is the extreme push towards EVs is unnatural and the biggest reason is greed. It hardly has much to do with the environment because there are far worse pollutants out there, worse than any oil spill which is preventable. There is at least half a century worth of oil left which is plenty. More is being discovered and as mentioned in the past, there is synthetic fuels being pushed to the market but not fast enough to really save the internal combustion from being banned in certain places.

Again like my previous posts this is not a good thing because people need to get around. Sometimes especially if one doesn’t know their way around vehicles buying new is necessary. More than that in order for people to buy used someone has to buy new. So if they ban the sale of new internal combustion its going to create a ton of problems especially when electric vehicle batteries start to go, most of them will be replaced after 5-10 years it’s not going to make much sense to replace them the second time around so people will be lucky to get 9-15 years out of an EV.

Modern internal combustion can get up to 30 years or even more if maintained well. So this is going to be a problem for many who buy used and rely on the vehicle lasting a long period of time.

So while this is nerve wracking I keep praying EVs will not replace the internal combustion vehicles. Especially GM, which has been lacking with good internal combustion vehicles as well.

People need to get around and despite the leftists and the progressives we still need the internal combustion engine vehicles and a large portion of people want to stick with them! Government needs to stop pushing people into these electric vehicles and if they want to help with the environment then they need to get on board with synthetic fuels, because people will drive internal combustion until they deem them unessecary, not the government, environmentalists or the progressive left.

I also forgot to mention that Biden had talked about another Cash for Clunkers with electric vehicles which the previous one destroyed usable vehicles (purposely destroyed the engines) people could have had but it wasnt good and the used auto market suffered from it.

If Biden is going to do this again i highly recommend not doing this. If you want to save on gas buy a hybrid. These programs and government spending wouldn’t keep happening if people just stopped participating in them. But sadly many unaware people may end up participating in this program anyway. I pray people however don’t participate in this mess again if it becomes available. Really, its past time people do not follow the government and instead think for themselves.

You’d also be trading an internal combustion vehicle with greater value than an electric vehicle with terrible resale value. As they age the low value will cause EVs to be extremely difficult to sell. So you are better off sticking with internal combustion, despite what the EV fantasy fantastics say, I wouldnt listen to them or bother talking to them. Yes a ban in 2035, it doesnt stop anyone from buying them to that point and you can store up more vehicles so you at least have one reliable vehicle while you fix up the rest. Find a good mechanic or do your own. Also keep up on maintenance and talk to your autobody shop guy on how to keep your car rust free even in snowy salty weather.

Im glad i waited in writing another post on electric vehicles because Bidens plan right now is going to affect millions of Americans in a really bad way.

I’ve been dreading this day ever since Biden was declared president and this is due to the millions of people who foolishly voted for him. But this isnt what this post is about. This is about the Biden agenda. Taxpayers have had it with this government’s foolish taxpayer spending and this is why the left thinks the majority of the spending should be left onto businesses because besides the point of their greed, it’s not right to do the same to them. This is why this foolish taxpayer spending should be criticized and demonized because no matter what, taxes is theft.

This isnt about the crumbling infrastructure that had to be fixed but kicked down the can. This is about the 500,000 charging stations that Americans don’t need right now. I’ve had this argument with people who can’t even budget their own bank accounts but want to chime in about how “Biden is a great president” next to you’ll be forced on buying an electric vehicle because automakers are going full electric.

The “orange man bad” mantra worked, they think “eLeCtRiC iS tHe FuTuRe” mantra will work. This is sheeple mindset that will not fly here. Already I’ve been making noise about how this plan is a joke because Texas can’t be the only state that is completely disgusted by Bidens policies. Let alone many of the blue states like California and Illinois that needs better politicans and less wasteful spending and stupid policies that make America terrible.

Like California is revoking the rights to work on your own vehicles or banning Camaros because the brake pads are not “approved pads”. America is not America anymore and Biden is leading us straight to destruction.

When the government is trampling all over the little guy who is trying to make ends meet in the name of progress its past time to shut it down. Americans have gotten weak. We used to have wars over less stuff than what is happening today.

Cancel culture is running rampant and this country is spending more money than its making. Illinois is a grand example of this insanity. Democrats keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. They never learned with Trump or the reason he was put into office and right now what they are doing is evil.

Legally stealing money from companies instead of the hard working American is not any better. Wasting it on 500,000 charging stations is a slap in the face. While Americans let this evil get to this point and nothing is being done to stop this it’s like going to war to lose the fight.

Never mind that this electric pipe dream is already doomed to fail, the Democrats are not going to let that stop them and create millions of job losses to do this. Its not a joke anymore, it’s a nightmare. Obama was a nightmare but you got fools or idiots not caring or too clueless to see the damage.

Now we got someone in office who is spending trillions of dollars on something we don’t need. We don’t need 500,000 charging stations. We don’t need battery electric vehicles. We have synthetic fuels and hydrogen vehicles. The people in office are clueless and its clear they have an agenda.

Meanwhile the simple minded sheep are clueless and who suffers for this? The blue collar workers, people who need to get to work. They can’t get to work in electric vehicles they need internal combustion or gasoline vehicles. Or better yet they need the options.

Somehow the Democrats sold automakers on the idea battery electric is the way to go and that they should go full electric despite the fact that’s not what people need now. Other countries have made it difficult for drivers to buy internal combustion vehicles and now America is doing the same thing. Despite the fact people don’t want electric vehicles.

The clueless keep with their electric future pipe dream as electric vehicles are not good enough, not for decades to come. Paid shills are going around on Facebook shoving this electric vehicle pipedream on everyone and anyone that apposes electric vehicles.

It’s disgusting and evil. Especially when millions of Americans depend on gasoline to get to work or to their destination and electric vehicles wont cut it. Losing 50% charge in the cold, expensive batteries can can die within 3 years and long recharging times which many of these charging stations will be dealt with, causing them to be a big waste and an eyesore when people abandon them. But not before they get gullible people to buy them bringing artificial demand. Even Tesla has fewer than 2,000 charging stations and they don’t need taxpayer money!

Idiots will cheer the Biden foolery agenda which will cause millions to suffer if Biden gets what he wants. This is why we wanted Trump. Besides a whole lot of other reasons Americans are asleep right now and they need to wake up. Their rights and freedoms are being taken away.

Part of that consumerism is being manipulated by the government. I pray that people wake up and fight against the government tyranny because we made America the way it is to get away from government and peoples tyranny. We are reliving history. We need to fight for America and not be asleep. I pray that people wake up, i pray that good people protect millions from this economic harm that is about to take place.

I pray this government spending comes to an end and ethical people are put into power to push America back in the right direction. Because if it isn’t, America is not America anymore. I pray that these people who have no regard for Americans are stopped. We need to end this oppression progressive leftists are pushing for.

We need our roads fixed. We don’t even have money for that. This electric vehicle push needs to end and i pray for this as well. Its just stressful thinking about it and the chaos the Democrats will do if they get their way. They still have not paid for their election fraud and still have not learned their lesson. They keep pushing this electric vehicle dream onto everyone and they have yet to be punished for it or learn from it.

The innocent will l to suffer at the expense of these evil people. Illinois is among the states that politicians need to be held accountable for their extreme tax agendas. Evil will continue to flourish unless good people do something about it. I pray that God intervenes and ends this suffering in America. Because we are all suffering due to these evil political consequences. It needs to end, this cannot continue. Biden and the Democrats has to be stopped. Politicans in Illinois needs to be stopped. People need to wake up and observe the suffering going on. And for petes sake we don’t need 500,000 charging stations. Automakers need to stop with this wishy washy electric vehicle nonsense.

I’m already obsessed in fighting this electric vehicle insanity because not enough or the right people are not putting a stop to this insanity. Please God, end this electric vehicle push. I implore that this ends because this push will cause millions to suffer. Millions of jobs will be lost and millions who will never be able to afford electric vehicles. Power grid can’t handle these electric vehicles and we need to avert this economic disaster about to occur under the Biden administration.

There is very little demand for electric vehicles but a growing demand for synthetic fuels as people prefer to keep driving what they have. There are growing concerns particularly GM which wants to go to all electric vehicles. Whether they actually want to or is simply delaying as the next president may not be so interested into electric and Biden has already done some damage by some people actually have an interest. Depending on how much electric cars are being driven by subsidies and mandates we may be in for a rough ride.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought a million dollars worth of EV stocks so despite Americans not being interested in electric vehicles, why? Its because they are pushing this and trying to convince people of buying subpar vehicles that hardly anyone wants into something that more people want. The fact is they wont stop unless they continue seeing sales of gasoline and diesel engine vehicles skyrocket. But will they continue to keep being the top selling vehicles? Majority of the people buying electric vehicles are rich people. Some businesses fleets and thankfully USPS is continuing to replace their aging fleet with gas vehicles so Biden doesn’t really get a chance to really push the electric.

But what is their end game here? The fact is Americans don’t want an electric vehicle but we really have to fight then to keep our current infrastructure the way it is. Bidens push is really a waste of money. The only way to beat them is to continue buying gasoline or diesel vehicles. Synthetic fuels will play a role and I pray that there will be a huge following with synthetic fuels as its the internal combustion engines only chance at survival.

There is a ton of problems of electric vehicles like where are you going to plug it in if the power goes out. You can carry extra fuel but it’s more difficult to carry extra energy around. Bottom line is that we need to remain vigilant and we need to catch and see what’s going on.

Millions of EV owners get stranded with power outages and like Electrify America shut down 500 miles of charging stations stranding motorists it doesn’t seem to be enough to convince politicians and people that electric vehicles are an issue. Next to the many recalls of EVs because they short out causing fires while sitting or being recharged.

The fact is, despite people saying they are the future, they have a ton of issues and with them rushing these vehicles out, a lot more issues will occur. More fires, more blackouts. These people will not listen and learn. They want to experience first hand what doing something wrong will do.

Stick with your gasoline or diesel vehicle. Pray that gas prices will stay low long enough to make the switch to synthetic fuels, but whatever happens we can’t allow this corrupted way of pushing people onto unsafe and troublesome vehicles to happen. Next to you will be spending a ton more just to replace the battery. Electric vehicles are not worth a dime.

2021 Ford F150 hybrid
On board internal inverter 7200 watts, capable of running air conditioners – Ford F150 hybrid

Particularly the highlight of Texas right now is the Ford F150 hybrid.

Texas had a wintery storm that brought the state to its knees, no power, no natural gas. Of course right of the bat the leftists are laughing and mocking Texas for “being stupid” but really got caught with not having a reliable grid. However nature tends to not care and just does what it’s always done. While their windmills froze up and solar panels are iced with snow on top making this green energy useless. People can argue all day and night why this occurred. Texas didn’t winter proof their renewables or whatever but in any case, renewables failed.

Yes natural gas also failed as well and pretty much energy grinded to a halt. Sadly people are dying of carbon monoxide some because they are sleeping in their cars inside the garage rather than moving their car outside and periodically checking to ensure they don’t have any clogged exhaust pipes. This of course is also the argument for electric vehicles in this case would be useless during a power outage. Yes in California,

where there is rolling blackouts and high energy costs its better sticking to gasoline. But the argument will be, these people would be alive if they had electric cars. No they would be frozen to death because they ran out of battery power and can’t get it charged anywhere, because well no electricity.

You can still get gas at a gas station provided they got a generator handy. Or you can just pull up in your hybrid F150 and power the station for them. Of course then the owner would be envious because surely no one is going to let their F150 be a generator for a gas station.

The F150 hybrid is a lifesaver. They do have a problem though and that’s the expensive battery that costs $5,000 or more to replace. Despite all this good stuff coming from the hybrid F150 unless you got $$$ to replace this extra parts you’re going to want to stick with traditional gasoline powered vehicles. But again its really up to you the consumer. Any normal vehicle can run an inverter right into your home but you won’t be able to run most appliances. You can run lights, maybe a space heater or two but nothing like what the F150 can. Sure you can cobble together more 12v lead acid batteries from various cars and get a bigger inverter that may be able to run your air conditioner for a little while or run your TV but they were not designed for that. Either way batteries are not the most ideal method of supplying energy for your home. They are expensive to get the proper kind and eventually within a decade they will fail.

I really do like the idea of this F150 hybrid though so we’ll just have to see what the future holds but to survive off of green energy and batteries is not the best idea. In fact let these people work out those problems with this technology solar works best in direct sunlight and wind only works when you have enough of it. And batteries degrade, most often noticeably bad at the worst time and sudden.

So despite you can use an electric vehicle to power your home, they can’t be recharged unless you have a reliable source of power somewhere.

Long as gas stations have fuel in their tanks, delivery trucks are on the road refueling stations and you can pump gas to your vehicle with a generator or other means you are more likely to have fuel vs electricity for your vehicle.

Of course we do need to have other methods in staying warm. Blankets, lots of them. Cover your windows, stuff old shirts around doors and dress as needed. Have an indoor jacket as well or a few sweaters on. It is also a good idea to buy a few space heaters and have a few of these 12v batteries with an inverter handy to keep your place a little warm and run your water a little bit more than just dripping it. If you do have a working gas stove you can run it but cook something so you are monitoring it. Leave it off or run short bursts. Have a timer handy.

Lots of other tips and tricks but overall think of something that would keep you and possibly your home warm. Fireplaces are handy as well. Sometimes you have to leave the heat off to find ways of staying warm without setting off the fire or carbon monoxide alarms. Even if you have to sleep in your car verify it’s in good working order first and make sure to be outside where it is well ventilated. Do not run your vehicle inside an enclosed area. Even an underground parking lot will not be good especially when the ventilation exhaust fans do not have electricity either.

Something that hadn’t been discussed is how much more electricity will you use with an electric vehicle. While people boast on money saved on gasoline they may not realize they create an additional demand on the electric grid and more kWs on their bills.

I don’t know about you but based on 100 miles of driving an electric vehicle you use about 30kW. Or if i did my math right that’s about 1kW per every 4 miles. This doesn’t include phantom draining, especially during winter if your EV is parked outside but still plugged in.

Looking up the average electricity a person uses is about 800kW a month. Even though I only use about 200kW a month and with covid 19 I dropped to lower than 60kW a month. Unfortunately with property taxes too I’ve been trying to save more electric costs.

Besides that I drive 60 miles a day (30 miles one way) and there is the odd mile or two, sometimes up to an extra 50 miles which puts me at about 1,200 miles or more a month. Which then I would be consuming 400 kW or more a month if i drove electric.

Now surely you may be saving money by driving electric but this also creates a demand on your power grid that wasn’t there before. Which means your electric costs will go up from say 0.10kW/h to 0.20kW/h increasing costs to your appliances. Now granted again I’m only using 60-200 kW per month but the cost would be twice as much.

Your electric costs will continue to go up and it may go up anyway under Bidens rulings. Basically going all electric isn’t the brightest idea and you wont be saving electricity let alone money.

Now it does cost electricity to refine a gallon of gasoline but it doesnt rely on your grid and it barely costs electricity to run the pumps at the gas stations. Instead gasoline is refined in a central location and demand is static so to speak and in reality it is better this way so your electricity at home doesn’t go up in cost.

So it makes more sense to use a different fuel instead of going to electric. Synthetic fuels really is the ideal method and will not increase costs on your electricity.

Of course with Bidens green deal push that cost may go up anyways. There are tricks to cut down on electric usage though so basically the less you use the better. And if you decide to go a battery electric vehicle. Know that you are going to raise the electric costs for everyone so be mindful on how much electricity you use.

Why would people choose to continue driving a polluting vehicle such as an internal combustion engine (ICE) or known as a gasoline or diesel vehicle.

Electric vehicles are not an easy solution to our polluting problems.

The production and even the recycling process of batteries are still polluting the environment. Unless you have $30,000 for a solar system for your home your electric vehicle will be creating an additional load on your electric grid.

Imagine plugging in and running your air conditioner, stove, fridge, washer and dryer all in the same outlet. It would overload that circuit you are trying to use. Which is why we have a circuit breaker box and have different circuits going to our major appliances.

We were told to save our electricity use by shutting off lights, turning off and unplugging unneeded devices and saving more electricity by allowing the temp inside to be closer to outside (as our comfort allows) or turn them off when it’s nice outside. We also are encouraged to replace our older less efficient appliances with newer ones, replacing lights with LEDs and overall be mindfully of the electric we use.

But now we are told we need to replace our old clunky, noisy, smelly gasoline vehicles for quiet, no exhaust battery electric vehicles. So far we haven’t switched. Mainly because we don’t want the grid to overload or the batteries to wear out or degrade whether or not we use them and like most of us, we don’t have a fancy garage to plug them in at night but regardless when you plug them in it creates a demand.

Of course EV experts and environmentalists do not understand that our electric grid is fragile. And while coal is slowly being replaced for renewables it won’t meet the demand for electric vehicles. China for an example had to go back to coal as they lead in electric vehicles right now.

Even if the grid were to handle electric vehicles it doesn't get rid of the C02 emissions from the air. These emissions will stay in the air for centuries.

That poses another problem that people are already figuring out, but electric cars won’t remove the pollution from the air. With the batteries they will only continue to pollute the air with manufacturing and recycling. Along with the additional energy usage throughout different grids creating unstable demands that will lead to unnecessary energy waste as power companies need to provide more than the actual demand.

Using electric vehicle batteries as a grid source will not work, in fact it's pretty much a terrible idea.

In theory only that you could supply power to somewhere using an electric vehicle battery is just crazy. So instead of getting that charge put back into that battery which isnt even at 100% charge, it’s at 80-90%. Imagine waking up one morning and instead of having 90% – 200 mile range you have 40% – 80 mile range. All because the grid collapsed. Or imagine using your electric vehicle to power your home but you no longer have enough power to even get to a charging station let alone have to wait for it to charge. People do the same with trucks but again, your using that fuel. Best just to have a diesel generator handy.

Charging at night has the same problem, especially when everyone is charging at night.

Instead of everyone charging during the day where demand is higher we’re all going to charge at night creating a new demand. Oh and some people are told to do laundry and run the dishwasher at night. So not only you’d forget to plug your vehicle in at night your plugging it in at the same time causing the grid to overload once again. So we don’t have enough electricity to power all these electric vehicles. And even Elon Musk mentioned this.

So besides the fact we still need internal combustion we can also cut C02 emissions by continuing to use them, but how? Carbon capturing technology.

We already are finding ways of collecting C02 emissions out from the atmosphere which can be used as a fuel for gasoline vehicles. Gasoline vehicles will soon be able to run off its own fumes so to speak. But currently our gasoline vehicles have exhausts which just sends that unburned fuel up into the atmosphere and what good would it be if we just send it back into the air as the air quality won’t improve doing it this way.

First you will be actively burning off that fuel stuck in the air and there is no reason why this method cant be adapted to run off of gasoline vehicles in a closed system essentially removing the need for a tailpipe.

That hasn’t happened as of yet so I don’t know what would have to be involved but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Other synthetic fuels for both gasoline and diesel engine vehicles are in the works so people shouldn’t give up on internal combustion engines. A lot can happen and can be done if people strive for it.

Electric cars, well really this should have stayed strictly with enthusiasts instead of trying to be mainstream such as now with government involvement.

Biden is foolish to force electric vehicles and that includes the states trying to ban internal combustion engine vehicles.

As stated above we can’t all switch to electric let alone a battery electric future because then we will be dependent on batteries and electricity. We are already too dependent on electricity but solar is still expensive and this is not the time for a green push.

Biden and the Democrats are fools for killing the Keystone XL pipeline and our oil independence.

We can’t go green if we lose our jobs and oil workers have no clue how green energy works so it’s like asking a plumber to fix your car. Rather the government and environmentalists need understand that people still need oil so we should continue to provide oil jobs for Americans and to keep energy costs low.

We have C02 emission collecting devices that can be utilized in internal combustion engines effectively cleaning the air. This can very well be a cheap solution to a problem we have. We still can go green if its affordable and it doesnt increase the cost of living.

A disclaimer, I do support green energy and i would like to see it flourish if people decide to do so, but putting money towards it if you got other needs to attend to is just a waste. Its one thing if you want your home to go solar for an example but right now is not the time to push the green energy quite yet. Here’s why.

One of the biggest reasons Biden got put into office is because he and the rest of the Democratic party are pushing electric vehicles and clean energy. Why? For money, power and greed. Despite the other problems Democrats pose they do nothing but increase the cost of living, destroy people’s lives and worst of all they kill unborn children.

Going green right now is like making a deal with the devil, they are using this to fuel their other agendas while hard working people continue to suffer. So right now it’s time to fight back. Even if you have to sabatoge their efforts this cannot happen. When the green energy and electric vehicle dream fail the Democratic party will fail.

I pray that auto dealers find ways to make it more difficult to buy an electric vehicle. I pray that those already in electric vehicles has so many issues they go back to internal combustion.

So many lives will be ruined by this extreme green energy push and I wont be a party to that. If it was that easy to go green then we already would be there. They use climate change as an agenda to do this despite God controls the climate, not man.

Again i think going green is wonderful but this is not the correct path towards it. I would say solar panel your home and make your cars greener but that’s what the elite wants, this is what Satan is using to manipulate others. This is what Biden and the rest of the Democratic party want. What the globalists want so they can take away your freedoms and the freedoms of unborn children.

I will say this however, it is ok to explore other green options such as synthetic fuels and other forms of clean energy. Keep discovering better ways of using these energy because once the elite and the globalists are finished, we will be going green. Until then we have to hold these floodgates of this green energy as we need to vanquish the demons controlling it. We want good people in power to control our future and our children’s future. I don’t have any kids and I’m glad because we are heading towards a very dark path that will be destroying God’s plan.

Gods plan will be much better as so many evil people in this world is working against.

In July 4th 1776 America declared freedom and won its freedom by fighting to save what the people fought for.

In 2021 that freedom is once again being threatened and attacked. Not only from other countries but from within this nation. The unborn children are losing their freedom, American workers are losing their freedom to work to make a living for their families, women and children are losing their freedoms to men in dresses posing as women, we are losing our freedoms to government tyranny.

American freedom is under series threat under tyranny.

The left was hell bent in destroying Trump at every turn because he opened people’s eyes to see that the Democrats have been slowly stealing people’s freedoms for decades through taxes, regulations and by erasing history and rewriting it to fit their agendas and greed. Once again our freedoms were stripped away by voting in Trump again because that is what the American people voted for. Trump saved America. However the Democrats stolen the election by voter fraud and manipulating the election. When almost 45 states counted in all their votes every swing state screeched to a halt. How? They stopped so they could fake their way to make Biden win the presidency. Over 74 million voted for Trump, more than any other president in history. Biden got 80 million votes yet he lost in the presidential primaries twice. The Democrats planned this. They used RINOs (Republican In Name Only) because they can be manipulated and they all hated Trump. And no one did the right thing. The American people were let down. In the end there was nothing Trump could do because both the Republicans (RINOs) and Democrats cheated and dismissed the fraud as false information. The Republican party has failed. In the end Biden has total control of this country. Already the RINOs are being singled out and they are finished. They were worried about their party being finished and they themselves are now being hate targeted by Trump supporters.

Trump left the White House with this message..

It wasn’t a huge shock that Facebook fact checking marke this as false information, they deny that Donald Trump is the real winner here

Biden preaches unity. People say give Biden a chance.

This infuriates me. I do not support unity for a fraudulent presidency nor will i give Biden a chance because Americans gave him a chance for half a decade and all in his wake is pain and misery for others. No dice. Him and everyone else in presidential power is a disgrace to America and these are evil people. Please, while Biden talks of unity he forces Americans to share female locker rooms and bathrooms with transgenders (men in womens clothing pretending to be female). He kills the Keystone XL project that has been going on since 2008 that is a joint effort between the U.S. and Canada and kills the border wall that goes into Mexico killing jobs during a pandemic forcing thousands of workers out of a job and potentially will end up homeless.

Biden does a flurry of other executive orders some were aid to the coronavirus victims, others to save people’s homes but he has done wrong and he has to go. The fact that he pushes unity after the hellish nightmare that he put Trump through and blatant voter fraud that anyone can see neither Biden, Harris or any other corrupted politician should gain power to the White House.

As Christians we are told to forgive and to forget no matter who wronged us but when some people will not turn towards God and will continue to make others suffer, these people are not deserving of forgiveness. The tale of the turtle and the scorpion apply here. You can make a deal with the devil but in the end the devil will just sting you. Biden and those in power right now are Satan’s army. We have to at least pray that God vanquishes them and we can then enjoy Gods blessings. What you do beyond that is up to you. I not only want to pray but to encourage others to stand up to this evil in the White House. We need to do it smart and swiftly. So no, we will not unite under a Biden administration nor will we give him a chance. We are in a political and spiritual war right now and we need to do everything possible that we are capable of doing. I am mearly a voice. Because the Democrats and all these demons trying to ruin the country we built and fought to protect will not stop until they lose their power. And on a side note Soros, a rich man in power is part of this control. The Chinese Communist party is under our control. We got to cut of hundreds of medusa snake heads before ww win this. It’s more than just Biden. We have to infiltrate and end those who are trying to end our freedoms. I pray to God that we can achieve this and pray he gives Americans and people around the world the power and strength to defeat these demons.

Do what you feel in your heart is best, listen to what God is trying to tell you, not what other people say. If your mad, say what’s on your mind. Because this will bring positive change. We must unite together to fight against Biden and the political swamp.

GM announced they are switching to electric vehicles. Big mistake. As many people are already complaining about the switch GM is continuing to do so despite the fact people don’t even want them. As it stands there is less than 6 million electric vehicles on the road despite the fact that combustion engine vehicles sell double that. The last economic collapse nearly crippled GM but for some reason they choose to go a battery electric route that will lead them back into the same crisis and they may be done for good when this happens.

Millions of people are involved in making the combustion engine alone so the scope of that shows how many vehicles are sold each year. There are 1.2 billion registered gasoline vehicles on the road. Billions more that are in used car lots, not being used shows how foolishly expensive this endeavor really is. But itll get interesting how far this government tyranny which is the ultimate push this really is, why GM is going along with the government tyranny is beyond me.

There just might be a carpocalypse soon.

I had felt off for the past couple of days, think I know why. A few nights ago I had a nightmare of zombies couldn’t defend myself and one of them grabbed my head and since then my brain has been numb last night I didnt sleep well. Something was off, cant really explain it but then later on today the Capital was attacked by a mob, blame Trump and hes done for.

I made mistakes in life, I blocked life out by playing videogames had some friends but the world outside was cold. I was picked on and there was a few people who stood up for me, wished i had stayed in touch with those friends.

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