The voter fraud continues with somehow Biden winning states only at night so when the left wake up the next morning they see that they won another state. This morning they woke up to Biden winning the election. However he didn’t. Despite weirdly the left are out celebrating when they clearly did not have enthusiasm for Biden during his rallies…

No way Biden had 75 million votes!

It was all for show, I mean why go to rallies when they already knew he was going to win which is why they went to mail in voting. And here is why they did it and how they cheated American voters!

Rudy Giuliani former NY governor exposes evidence of mail in voting fraud.

This is very disturbing and as usual the Democrats are like…

..we have no evidence of fraud

So when they were forced to recount the votes, Republicans couldn’t even view the ballots! So when they did the recounts “there was no evidence of fraud”. Oh and there was a clerical error on Michigans voting system where Biden had 6,000 votes that was for Trump! But they claimed it was an error. But the voting system program “Dominion” is used in 47 other states that Nancy Pelosi oversaw and ironically potentially having more “clerical errors” that has been running rampant in our voting system. Not to mention all the dead people votes already discussed in the video above. To top it all off one of the states had a pipeline burst right in the middle of the election process. Another coincidence? Nope, really this is a trend of events leading to more fraudulent behavior. The left however denies all this while demanding proof of these allegations which will be shown in court. Meanwhile Trump supporters are gathering in California, I believe the state capital in support of Donald Trump. Don’t hear of riots or even protesting but rallies and this leads to one thing, faith.

People have not lost their faith for Trump and still believe he will take office in January. Others are talking about going on a strike demanding that Biden is disqualified due to voter fraud. I agree with that and I’d be willing to do the same provided the opportunity. There is also talks of a revolutionary civil war. Not the best thing for this country but if it does happen we should be prepared for it.

No matter how bleak it looks Trump and the American people will not give into the mainstream news on them nominating Biden. Some of the news outlets are either covering the fraud to reporting facts. Trump still needs a Hail Mary to win the White House and defeat the Democratic corruption. We need to pray that Trump gets all the help he needs to win this fight! And if the Trump rallies are any indication, this will work in his favor.

It has worked in the past and it will happen this time with Donald J. Trump because frauds do not win

Go Trump!!! MAGA 2020!!

Don’t think for a moment that Trump is losing. States such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona have voter frauds going on. Wisconsin has more votes than registered voters!! We the people need to contest this and should not give into the lying, cheating Democrats!! We need to push back. Organize and come up with a game plan but there is no way Trump is losing. Even if Biden is declared the winner Trump will continue to fight for us and we need to help him out! This corruption with the Democratic party has to end!! Keep fighting Trump supporters!! Don’t let the Democrats win!! Whether by prayer, taking to the streets or the court the Democrats must be put on trial!!

Blog edit – VOTER FRAUD! how do you have more votes than registered voters?
If nothing is done to stop this voter fraud and Trump is not re-elected there will be a Civil War. This election is B.S.!!

A recent survey from an auto manufacturer shows less than 5% are willing to switch to electric vehicles. In comparison with the other surveys which shows at least 30% are interested in electric cars. Surveys are often unreliable as they generally pick out 1,000 people out of billions but, since only 6.3 million out of 1.2 billion registered vehicles in the world are electric shows that despite that many electric vehicles are on the road it’s still far off from the 30% who are interested in owning or driving electric. Of cours that 6.3 million may grow, but how many of these cars are actually being driven?

I’ve seen EV owners buy one and it stays parked but registered for years. They have a gasoline vehicle that they’d prefer to use. Doesnt seem to make the claim that anyone who buys an EV won’t go back to gasoline vehicles but I’ve seen it happen more than one or more occasions.

Thankfully the U.S. isn’t very interested in electric vehicles and potentially people living in California where there are outages happening on the regular basis either getting rid of their electric vehicles or not considering buying one. And if you have no power at home, you’ll be stuck trying to find a charging station that works and is not backed up from others trying to do the same thing.

Electrify America shut down an entire charging station corridor for 500 miles which stranded motorists. You can’t get more than 100 miles out of some electric vehicles.

Then there is the fire risk which electric vehicle owners deny is a problem or try to use mileage as a basis of when they start fires mostly when they sit or is charging. Every automaker is having the same battery fire risk issues, even in the hybrids. I mean if people want to take that risk, can’t stop them from doing so unless they get pulled from the market and the biggest risk is when the fire gets put out, they reignite several times later, one Tesla restarted a fire 6 days later. But they still claim that gasoline fires are worse. At this point i wouldn’t be surprised if one day their electric vehicle burns down their home, wonder if the first thing that comes to mind is “going to have to buy a new Tesla” only to have the same potential problem.

While EV enthusiasts still claim that “misinformation” is what is preventing EV sales, the reality is that people want to stick with what’s familiar. Cars are already expensive. People just want trustworthy, reliable transportation with little cost and good resale value, they can buy a new car at $25,000 put 200,000 miles on over 10 years and sell it for $7,500, they got their moneys worth.

An EV owner is faced with spending $40,000 on an EV and when they try to sell it within 5 years and only 30,000 miles they’d only get less than $5,000 for it. Tesla may have better resale value but will the battery still be good after 10 or 15 years. That same gasoline vehicle sold for $25k and sold again after 10 years at $7,500 gets another 100k miles in 5 years and resold again at $3,500 works for another 5+ years and dies when it hits 24 years and 350,000 miles. It doesn’t really matter how many miles you put on a gasoline vehicle if its made within the first 10 years long as maintenance is done you can get over a million miles with it. The same is with an electric vehicle but will the battery continue to hold up beyond that. That million mile gasoline is worth a rebuild costing under $7k but what about an electric battery? Some EV owners are already faced with a $17,000 price tag for a new battery that was originally $5,000.

You can’t rebuild a battery, but you can with an engine or transmission. A battery can only be recycled and some say it’s only 1% that can be saved. You can save over 90% of the material on a worn out engine. Most of it is metal which is far easier and cost effective to recycle versus batteries. Batteries are toxic and has to be handled safely and properly.

I think its coming down to what is familiar to people. They won’t risk thousands of dollars on a vehicle that may not have good value and cars with good value are generally more reliable. Tesla may be riding on trends and moderately rich people but it all boils down to how long those batteries really last. I don’t think they’ll last beyond 8 years but even if they last 15 years, it’ll take twice that long before people consider battery electric vehicles. Younger people may be more open to electric vehicles but some may not be convinced. With battery fire risks, short battery life, recharge time and limited ranges I certainly won’t be buying one and hopefully enough people will keep off of them so the government is unable to ban gasoline car sales because otherwise a good portion of the economy will collapse and it’ll be like the great depression all over again.

I couldn’t believe it, doing the math on electric vs combustion engine vehicle fires, electric vehicles are far worse by 88%

So doing the math, there are around 6.3 million electric vehicles on the road today. And they could only say they had about 150,000 fires in the past 3 years mostly due to the batteries self destructing that puts electric vehicles at 1 out of every 126 electric vehicles has a fire. Most of these fires are from electric vehicles just sitting or charging. A lot of fires in China, due to them being forced. Of course this forced adoption may have stopped due to all the fires. But let’s look at gasoline or combustion engine vehicles which is around a billion. That’s right a billion. And they roughly average 200,000 fires per year. That puts gas as at 1 out of every 1,000 has a fire. I’m unsure if this includes diesel but you see a huge difference.

Of course an actual study that isnt biased towards internal combustion and electric needs to study this but really if there is this many fires happening then electric vehicles shouldn’t be forced. Let alone gasoline vehicles need to stay in play because they are way safer. There needs to be safety and electric cars isnt that. In reality electric vehicles should be the ones being banned, not gasoline vehicles.

Biden wants to ban combustion engine vehicles so people would buy electric? Is there a conspiracy that the left is trying to create chaos? Is it going to take people getting killed from electric vehicle fires before they understand that battery electric isnt the answer?

People demand to know the truth about electric vehicles and they are really unsafe. I don’t even want to be near one. Yet they are being forced upon. I hope those that were victims in these electric vehicle fires speak up but then they probably just shrugged it off or they can’t see past their own stupidity that electric vehicles are really unsafe. Really there should be lawsuits against the government and people trying to force or convince people to buying an electric vehicle which 80% are leased. Its ridiculous and pathetic that there isn’t a greater concern for the safety others. Electric vehicles need to be banned. They should not be the future. If you are considering one, dont. Electric vehicles are unsafe, fire hazards.

Imagine coming home plugging in your electric vehicle and 10 minutes later you smell something burning. It’s your garage burning up. Fire department comes along puts out the fire and the firefighters analyze the damage only to have another battery fire from the same vehicle! Even after it was put out again the vehicle gets towed away and a week later the battery yet again bursts into flames.

Electric vehicle batteries are not safe. They are a fire hazard. Every automaker is having the same issue. The only company to deny this claim is Tesla. Elon Musk foolishly ignores the problems of lithium ion technology and while they are a bit safer with cellphones these electric vehicle batteries are huge in comparison.

Thermal runaway is a major problem with these batteries and the bigger they are, the worse the problems exist. There are more electric vehicles on the road now in many different countries and I’ve seen 5 electric vehicle fires in the past month! I’ve even seen a Tesla burst into flames while the driver tries to accelerate past traffic.

Now I have also seen combustion engine (gasoline) vehicle fires and the statistics say gasoline is more prone but most gasoline related fires is due to poor maintenance, usually with older gasoline vehicles or due to car wrecks or parking them ontop of combustible material such as a bed of leaves pushing on a hot catalytic converter. They are also more common. 1 billion vehicles on the road and there is about 2 maybe 3 million electric vehicles. EV enthusiasts claim they see more gas related fires, some say they would be sitting and would catch fire. But doesn’t really tell the entire story. Yes sometimes they could just happen but we are being forced to buy an electric vehicle.

Now a car catching fire is not good so it doesn’t make much sense to push people onto a different vehicle that is even more prone to fire because you can’t control thermal runaway or shorts in the battery.

A mechanic can look over your vehicle and help prevent a potential fire hazard. You can’t do this with an electric vehicle because its the batteries that are the problem. They are completely unsafe, not only that batteries are toxic especially towards humans so chances are you will be inhaling these toxic fumes being released into the atmosphere which is basically no different than inhaling exhaust fumes. It’s not any better and gasoline vehicles are becoming more safe and environmentally friendly.

So with the advent of electric vehicles these fires will continue to get worse and really i would be safe and go with a regular gasoline vehicle. At least you will have the ability to have it checked over with a mechanic and if he sees any potential fire risk you will be happy to know you won’t have a problem keeping the car in the garage. It doesn’t stop gasoline cars from lighting up, but will reduce your chances of burning stuff to the ground. With that said it doesn’t also protect you from an accident bursting into flames. At that point both gas and electric have the potential to start fires.

There isn’t anything to prevent your electric car from catching fire and you have a 75% greater chance of an electric vehicle fire from sitting, charging or driving vs a gasoline vehicle providing its being maintained properly.

Ironically Tesla removes their 7 day return policy. Interesting. I think people are already seeing a pattern with electric vehicle fires because the fires are widespread. Perhaps the problem is getting serious attention and people are trying to return their Teslas. I would. You can’t trust these batteries for sure. In fact don’t bother buying one especially if you are on the fence. You are not saving the environment anyway with these batteries.

California announced they plan to ban fossil fuel vehicles by 2035 had the internet in a storm. It got so much backlash that you got to see all sorts of memes..

Now despite the fact batteries are already toxic to the environment and is no better than fossil fuel vehicles, other than no tailpipe emissions that is really just harmful if you start the vehicle in an enclosed space like a garage or litterally inhale the fumes for long periods of time most of the newer cars built after 1990 has been better improved for cleaner air.

So really besides the fact people complain that fossil fuel vehicles made them sick is like stating someone painting the outside of their home did the same thing when they walked by and inhaled paint fumes. Unless you are standing there huffing a paint can it can’t really harm you.

Besides a lot of ridiculous regulations California has this has to top the highest a ban on fossil fuels by 2035. The internet exploded in fury. So many were upset over the fact they may not get to drive their gasoline vehicle by that time and it was actually almost quite comical which may backfire which is great because electric cars are for the rich. They have the money for the car and to get charging capabilities at home which can be over $5,000. Translate that to per parking spot in an apartment complex and you’re talking about hundreds more just for rent. If you are paying $800 a month, you’ll soon be spending over $1,200 a month just to have electric vehicle chargers. Not to mention the energy cost will go up as well. If Biden wins you could be spending $50 more in running just your fridge every month. You may as well just spend $8 a gallon in gas for all thats what it would be good for.

California can’t even keep their electric grid going. You either run your AC or stop using your TV, microwave and other electronic draining devices. Imagine having to shut off your fridge just to recharge your vehicle. Many are stranded without a vehicle because they were sold the idea that electric vehicles are the future.

Well the future is dumb.

The all electric car is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Meaning you are not saving the environment. People claim to spend money for solar. Most people don’t have that kind of money. So they are either stuck with using coal plant power or nuclear. Nuclear is cheap and currently the ideal method for lots of energy but environmentalists frown on that as well, something about using water to cool those rods might have something to do with it. But besides all that electric cars just transfer the emissions to power plants, or generators. And really the energy to make fuel is solely relied on your local power plant instead of a centralized place to refine gasoline which makes more sense to do then to add more strain to the electric grid. California is a joke with electricity. So basically people are charging their vehicles using a diesel generator and you pollute even more charging it for 5 or so hours because those generators are really just good for lights and maybe a fridge. Not designed for electric vehicles. Anyway this ban is trying to hype electric vehicles again because sales are “bad” when the electric vehicles never gained in popularity over the century and they have to find ways to push people into using them. They are not worth it. At least not for the next 20 or 30 years and by then combustion engine vehicles will burn completely clean making the bans pointless and electric vehicles will stay in the niche market because they are not practical. They can’t do anything if people stick with buying gasoline vehicles or hybrids if you want to go further on a single tank. In reality vehicles were never meant to be “plugged in” and this wasnt a very smart idea when you factor in the time it takes to charge along with not being able to charge because the range is generally not good let alone even on a lengthy trip, you will end up being close to being dead on the side of the road due to the lack of charging stations. Some people don’t even make it to the next charging station making gasoline vehicles more appealing for traveling.

I keep wondering whether my posts get out there and while sometimes there is a few, some if not a lot of my blog posts tend to be heated. While on occasion it gets out of hand whether early on I’d talk a lot about certain minority groups or electric cars, usually I find sometimes writing what concerns or troubles me lets me at a bit of rest.

But now we got this election that is far, far worse than the 2016 or earlier. Despite even in 2016 the left constantly hating Trump but it was mostly false allegations and between Trump and Hillary constantly acting like 5 year old children during their debates all i really got from Trump was “build that wall around Mexico”. Near the end though despite me thinking that Trump was being ridiculous, his policies of closing the borders seemed good. Hillary was more of continuing Obama’s policies which I wasn’t interested nor liked. The penalty tax for not having health insurance being one of them. I couldn’t afford health insurance at the time and it was just plain stupid to pay for a tax that by all reasons was just another way to steal more money that I needed.

Bidens policies are far worse and I would end up in the same position because I guarantee if you dont go green, you’ll be paying for it. He doesn’t say this but basically if you are not making a move to say replace your gas vehicles for electric ones, something will go way up such as gas being say $4 a gallon or potentially higher.

These are evil people. I am already dealing with ridiculously high property taxes that went up $2,000+ a year!! I’m at my limits here, despite some overtime i got to cut every cent or dollar i can get just to save a small portion at the end of the month! Its ridiculous.

Biden would make that worse. But even if you are on board, you’ll still be paying 5x the energy costs, need new appliances that run on natural gas, not to mention a $35k electric vehicle.

If that’s not enough Biden will open borders, there will be a ton of layoffs despite the jobs Biden promises, it wont matter. The economy will sink like the Titanic and make Covid 19 economy look like a minor delay. More jobs will be lost due to energy costs and basically there wont be poor working people just the middle class and the rich. Well the middle class will simply be living close to poverty levels but have just enough to get food, clothes and well a car that works. I consider myself at the bottom of the middle class and basically I’m struggling due to Illinois insane taxes. I’ll be poor and potentially homeless. It doesn’t help that the company i work for is struggling as well, but mostly due to Illinois being Illinois and being tax happy. Never mind the politicians fail to come up with a reasonable budget that would work let alone the massive debt. I guess the pot tax didnt work. The politicians are greedy and they would just as soon pocket as much money so they can live like the rich folks do instead of cutting way back on spending. It’s all evil.

So this is why I am voting RED all across the board. Nobody but Republicans and Trump is at the top of that list. Despite he is being hated beyond belief he has the better policies. I need the cost of living to go back down so that way I can have breathing room. I need to fix up my condo so eventually when I go to sell it perhaps someone would buy it with functional appliances like a new stove and fridge. Eventually I’d like to get a Jeep or a Ford Ranger depending on what I can tow with as I’ll be needing to tow cars around. Potentially though, I may need a full size truck for that.

But politicans and people spend too much time and money that keep people down. Yes normally I’d have enough money to do these things, I shouldn’t have to pay an extra total of $2,700+ a year in taxes and fees. That’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t have bought the place otherwise in Illinois. Indiana would have been better! But really people need jobs and they need cheap living. Trump offers this.

Biden is the exact opposite. Besides his pro abortion policies or rather Harris, full term abortions? That’s just sick and evil. Its pathetic. There is no comparison, Biden/Harris are evil Democrats while Trump has a lot better to offer including protecting children still in the womb.

I mean this is shouldn’t be up for debate. If people could look past their own hatred for a man who is trying to give back America to the people, less government control more freedoms then these people are truly lost and need guidance. Trump is the only solution, because Biden will destroy America that can never recover and will be at the mercy of other countries that most likely want to take a stab at. Voting for Biden will make America very vulnerable.

Watch this video!! This changes the Covid epidemic to a viral attack against the world. Leftist Facebook tried very hard to cover up this video moments after posted and Twitter is doing the same. They don’t want people to know the truth!

There has been other whistleblowers on this but I have not found a video on it until now. This is proof that the Chinese Communist party (CCP) is behind Covid 19 and that they unleashed the virus on the world.

Whether or not this was done on purpose, well you make a virus that attacks humans and you expect them not to release it it makes you wonder if the Democratic party was behind this attack.

Now some people or if not many people may think this is just a conspiracy and we should leave that to the X-Files, the evidence is there however. Ever since Trump was running for president people hated him. The left attacked people who supported Trump and the debates were like a classroom of misbehaving children. I saw this as a joke, a clown show. I didn’t care for Trump at first. He said stupid things that made no sense and there was a growing hate towards him. Regardless I still would rather vote for him instead of Hillary because I didn’t want any more of Obama’s policies and Trump wanted to keep the illegals out.

Then came the results. People were sad by the looks of their faces when Trump was declared president, one person screamed at the sky (I might post the video later) like it was the end of the world.

Well almost 4 years have passed and there was nothing but ridicule and hate from the left, including celebrities. It has been unrelenting and consistently vile hatred. I never seen anything like that. They compare Trump to being Hitler even though he’s never done anything to suggest it but they’ll fake the information any way they can.

So with the impeachment, Covid 19, riots, defunding the police, wildfires and ridiculous claims back and forth along with the consistent vile hatred for Trump it is completely believable that the Democrats played a part in releasing Covid 19. Believe what you want but i got a gut feeling Democrats are behind this attack. They just want money, power and control. They dont care about the American people and they never have it’s all a show. Only trust FOX news, Breitbart and other conservative news because CNN, CBS, ABC and most of the other mainstream news will not give you the truth. They’ve been corrupted by evil and unfortunately so has the left.

Hell is empty and all the demons are on earth..

Among the hundred different reasons electric vehicles are just not practical especially on long road trips (despite the fact it is possible to do) here is a big reason why this not only is impractical, it also exposes a big weakness or big disruption basically by throwing a switch or a selection on a computer shutting down God only knows how far that reach can go. If Electrify America can shut down 500 miles of charging stations along I-95 then who really knows if that reach is more than that. Like the entire charging network.

Electrify America wanted to upgrade but what was the purpose behind shutting it down during when people are not working? Next to having broken or nonfunctional charging stations electric vehicles don’t make much sense when charging places are far and few between. Even with Bidens plan to ban fossil fuels, when we need gas/oil to function as a society the solution is to penalize those who use fossil fuels by adding a tax or an additional fee. All the while electric vehicles are unreliable and inefficient at best. Takes too long to recharge yet the EV nannies are giving excuses such as you dont need to drive that far when we got planes or trains or you dont need to drive constantly and stop for 5 minutes or need 800 miles on a single tank/charge. Whatever it is they give out excuses why EV works let alone a Tesla supercharger was backed up for miles in California. Waiting hours upon hours on Thanksgiving isnt the ideal way to spend the holiday when you could be on the road to see family.

So another reason why electric vehicles do not work and why its easier and more cost effective to drive a gas vehicle that could easily be ran by a cleaner fuel if the money was spent on obtaining a cleaner fuel for our gas burners instead of trying to get people onto electric vehicles that are just inconvenient. Anyone that drove down I-95 most likely needed a tow truck due to the fact there was no place to charge. Potentially spending way more money as they most likely had to get it towed to their destination or back home. Not exactly the money saving experience you were expecting.

I hope this was a lesson for those that jumped head first into thinking that new technology that is inconvenient and unreliable at best isnt a good choice. This could potentially happen to Tesla, even as an accident. Sticking with gas is the safest option as there is a strong network in place and if you are worried about the environment, spending the money in alternative fuels to regular gasoline is the best option and America has the chance of being the first country to have this technology selling it to other countries making a profit saving taxpayers plenty of money.

Electric vehicles is and should stay as a niche market for those who have more money than common sense, and who cares it’s their money to spend. Most people just want a reliable vehicle to get to where they need to. If this charging system shutdown is any indication that electric vehicles are not as reliable as people think they are.

On a side note, I really don’t like this new wordpress format. Its slower and more clunky than before. Its amazing how people think switching to something different automatically means better.

This past weekend I felt like something was very wrong and its happened since I tried watching the Democratic National Convention. I felt negative energy just from watching it and I shook it off as it’s one of the speakers blaming Trump for her father’s death and being extremely negative about it.

But glad I didnt continue watching but Saturday night I felt a presence. After trying to talk to people that Trump isnt the person people need to worry about. Its the current Democratic party that is responsible for the rioting while Democrats pull back police and the evidence suggests Harris (Democrat VP candidate) knows about this or is behind it herself. Either way Democrats are not to be trusted. Already Covid 19 came from China and the Democrats are allies with them. It’s also odd that while lies about Trump not doing all he could while he was actually getting stuff done and keeping Covid under control. Still the Democrats blame him but they’re trying to do all they can even though they end up lying in plain view but people don’t pay attention because they are too busy with hating on Trump to see it.

Anyway apparently I upset some people just from explaining some of this and had some energy bouncing around me and then it hit me, sulfur. I kept getting a whiff of it and while this was happening I was a bit freaked out so I prayed and telling any negativity to go away, you will not stop God from protecting me. Of course I felt it back away still having a faint smell of sulfur. Mind you I was trying to have a peaceful conversation but leftists were all at it. Moments later (no clue how much time had passed) I see an ambulance pass by me. Not sure if something had happened but again it leaves still with its lights on.

Strange stuff is happening at work too, thought it was just that i was working too hard and my machine at work got clogged up. Nope, also random electrical issues with it as well. Then this pops up.


Yeah, its making sense but I kind of knew this already but the left right now has a lot of hatred. Its happened during president Bush, 9/11 happened. It’s almost as if the Democrats do not want us voting for Republicans. Either way I feel that Trump is the best candidate as we need to push forward in trying to make America better. He has been focused on getting the economy back together while the Democrats always go with good enough but they have not improved on it. They would rather focus on their own agendas rather than making sure every American has what they need to be free. We need to end homelessness, poverty and many good Veterans are still on the streets. This is what the Democrats do, they make up problems to hide the real issues we need to focus on first. Because they don’t have an answer. Besides the fact, well the Democratic party has been infiltrated by evil.

Pointing this out and I am praying for my safety and those in need. Praying that Trump is the best man for the job because I am definitely not voting for the hateful left that has been showing evilness. Praying that Trump will succeed in ending the corrupted Democratic party. Also praying that this country sees what problems should matter which is making sure every American has what they need and that the workforce that holds this economy together are rewarded for their commitment to go into work everyday to make a living.

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