The Democrats wanted Trump to pay for an insurrection that they created. So they launched an investigation and trial to try to prevent Trump from ever running. People didn’t care about the insurrection as only 20 million people watched because they are more concerned about getting fuel and food. So the Democrats more than likely will not launch an investigation if it doesn’t buy them votes. Let alone the Democrats caused this mess in the first place.

We are up against all this evil. Keep praying for our country, that we are successful in getting enough conservative votes to beat these democrats in power this midterms. We need miracles to restore America away from this evil!

Disgusting, evil people!!

This is infuriating to say the least that this is happening let alone happening in Chicago, Illinois. They got a warning a week ago when a tornado or a derecho blasted through the area creating damage. But apparently they didn’t get God’s message.

God sees this and well I have a lot of anger too. This more than likely cost the Republican midterms with these people throwing their tantrums over the courts decision to end Abortion rights leaving it to the states. They did this with Trump too and had won!

A recap of who we are up against here, it’s good vs evil!!
And then this, is it fake? Probably.. but this is what we have to deal with!

We allowed this to get this far. We are in deep trouble just for the fact that this was merely a reason for Democrats to gain votes. Nevermind that abortion rights is left up to the states these people freak out over nothing but a sickeningly ploy to gain votes and sympathy. The amount of evil here is sickening! And we the people pay for their evil selfish acts! They spit on God and continue their evil selfish ways and get away with it. They get electric vehicles and then try to force the rest of us into them by banning gas vehicles and force gas prices up.

They lie, manipulate and fool others with their evil selfishness greed! They get away with it. When they don’t get what they want they throw tantrums to get what they want.

They used the Texas school shooting to buy votes and they are using abortion rights to gain even more votes to stay in power, to get what they want! Evil does not prevail! But we have to ask God what we can do to fix this country and to win the midterms regardless of the lefts and Democrats deception to stay in power to continue destroying the Christian family! Taking our rights away in the process!

If we don’t win midterms it’s basically game over. We failed to defeat the Democrats last election and we stand to lose everything if the Republicans are not using every advantage at their disposal to defeat the Democrats this November. We can’t let the Democrats and the demons dictate what we do along with we don’t side with evil. We destroy evil! These people are evil and every last one of these filthy, wicked people needs to learn a lesson here. We need to pray for the end of evils reign of terror on earth. Pray for our midterm election. We need a miracle here.


While GOP and conservatives won the Roe vs Wade they just created a huge problem in winning this midterms. Or it’s just evil just talking but regardless we need God’s guidance more than ever because evil stands to win, particularly with the black people (nothing against them but they statistically have the most abortions) as they can just reversed war we accomplished which then we shouldn’t be celebrating this win. We need to focus on getting this country back to God.

I would rather see the world end than to let evil win here. But that’s not my decision.

These people who support abortion needs to learn a lesson here..

We cannot have this defeat us during midterms. It is imperative at this point to not stand for evil, do not let the Democrats win midterms or the 2024 election.

This is what we are up against here.

Pray every day, for this evil to be eradicated from this world. These people don’t even know what they are angry about. Let’s be real clear I don’t support abortion. But this was NOT the time for this. But well. They’re life, God’s children. This is just chaos right now. These demons, Satanists deserve nothing but thir own Hell they created for themselves. Not drag us down along with it. Pray for our very lives because we are knee deep in Satan’s lair.

It always frustrates me when I end up in an argument with an evil person. As usual stupid fools on Facebook gotta argue the internal combustion fires. Its nothing new, however. An electric vehicle caught fire at a junkyard and of all places it happened in California. They used over 4,000 gallons to put out a junked EV because the fire kept reigniting itself and they ended up digging a hole to try and contain the fire. They finally did and the biggest frustration is these electric vehicle cultists.

They keep lurking and I wasnt careful and blately said that gas vehicles don’t reignite fires in junk yards. Well this guy lies and lies to me that gas vehicle fires are no different and I kept telling him EV fires just keep reigniting themselves. Still these evil demons deny the fact EV fires are worse. Then his last message before I blocked him said “you mad people are not falling for the right wing rhetoric” and that set me off, besides the fact he kept going on about gas vehicle fires.

I get tired of arguing with EV cultists. They have no morality and they are just demons trying to force the end of internal combustion. They can’t be reasoned with. And it becomes too often where I have to pray I don’t have to deal with people with no sense of reasoning or just demons in meat suits. And needless to say besides the fact that these people want to at the very least make it near impossible to replace the gas engine but the fact is there isnt much wecan do here but to keep praying.

I want to keep making ripples in the ocean to wake someone up in perhaps they might be the one to save America from making a horrible mistake to pushing electric vehicles out while trying to eliminate gas vehicles . Biden administration wants to eliminate millions of gas vehicles on the roads. This is just worse than these people pushing electric vehicles.

It’s not going to solve our energy costs. It can shut down America faster than electric vehicles would and that was always their other strategy. If people are no longer driving gas vehicles with public transportation then they still win with the electric vehicles. But people will still be out of jobs because this is just a downward spiral by eliminating the auto industry or making it less significant.

But this did shook me up more than usual because this guy just kept going on about this nonsense and lies about electric vehicles. We may have been able to cause electric vehicles to be on the sidelines, but now we really have to get these politicians out of office sooner than later because the longer they stay in office the worse its going to be for everyone. We need prayers to go to church and to connect with God because we are in deep deep trouble with evil running rampant in this country and the rest of the world.. Pray for Americans, pray we get these evil political leaders pushing for the end of internal combustion vehicles out of office. Those that support electric vehicles should not be in office and our only way is to get fuel production up.


Enough already. We are sick of this government not doing what we need and instead waste time on something that wont work. This administration has shown they will not do the right thing so we need to remove them from power, ASAP!

Vote these people out and pray for our future because we won’t have one with many people out of jobs because they want to collapse both the oil industry and the auto industry. They have not learned!! We need to bring back Trump!!

Places like Twitter, Facebook is getting constant lies about the reason gas prices is so high. These people think that oil companies are doing this as price gouging.

The three main reasons I may have mentioned before is one, there is a fuel shortage and we don’t have the capacity to meet demand. The second reason is oil companies are not going to divest their profits to meet demand because if these fools are going ahead with ther electric vehicle pipedream there is very little reason to invest, it’s better to price gouge. That third reason? The Biden administration and environmentalists have a war against oil so the have filed lawsuits that they ridiculously had won. So not only did the Biden administration tied the oil industry’s hands, they also penalized them.

For what? Protecting people from being forced out of internal combustion on the governments false claims about climate change. The governments around the globe planned this attack against fossil fuels for no good reason at all. They designed a fake climate crisis to gain massive profits in the green industry.

They just as well could have pushed for a better infrastructure where private transportation is unnecessary for the masses with minimal cost for everyone that chooses to do so. But the extreme push towards electric vehicles they tipped their hand along with the climate change and the amount of lies I witness these people spew out. Some of the gullible have already fallen for these lies and agree that electric vehicles are the future even though they are not even practical and therefore shouldn’t be pushed onto the mainstream or be used as a replacement to the internal combustion engine.

These people responsible for this green energy and electric vehicle push have nothing but greed in their sights. Nothing but a evil push towards this and dropping internal combustion and oil like tossing out dirty rags. We need those in power to be removed from office. This administration doesn’t even belong in the White House and has already caused so much damage and has managed to fool people into electric vehicles.

I will most likely get a cabin in the woods and a horse just to not support this new forced reality if it ever becomes to the point where I am forced out of my gas vehicles. I will not be buying an electric vehicle, ever. I pray God provides me to this path if these people manage to get this unethically driven green energy because I am not giving in to this evil. Absolutely will not side with evil with an electric vehicle or green energy future.

I do however pray that the GOP and conservatives win this war. We need to. At any cost, if we are to come back to God’s country again where we trust in God and we have politicians who follow God and not greed or power which is what these Democrats are doing. Evil needs to be stopped. These people constantly attacking conservatives, GOP/Republicans need to stop. They constantly spew lies and deception for their own selfish benefits. We need to fix our political crisis and we need the politicians to correct this. No half finished job this time, we need less government control but government who is doing what God wants them to, not the minority just do God’s work.

Electric vehicle battery shortages are getting worse as time goes on and even the Democrats know this, well Manchin does which is why they’re dropping the electric vehicle tax credits which is a start but this administration is still stupidly trying to push for electric vehicles. Let alone they may still have a carbon tax which in any cae we are already basically paying for despite the fact this administration cant provide the electric vehicles let alone are simply unaffordable and will continue to be this way as its incredibly time consuming to get the battery materials.

It’s just going to get worse for these people pushing electric vehicles unethically. They don’t have the infrastructure, they don’t even have the electricity to power the existing EVs on the road.

The fact is, electric vehicles wont happen and these people that keep pushing them needs a huge huge reality check. When you can’t get a replacement battery because the one you got doesnt work it’s going to get really problematic because now you gotta look for a gas vehicle which fuel is already sky high and Europe had done this with their green energy push, trying to end fossip fuels and they’re ending up having an energy shortage that is crippling their nation.

Germany doesn’t want to go all in on electric and as they shouldn’t, nobody should. This extreme push towards electric needs to be stopped! Most people don’t want electric vehicles and instead want cheap gas so they can live their lives instead of just surviving. And these people argue you to death or until they are blue in the face because they are so obsessed with pushing the electric vehicles so everyone has one and the gas vehicle dies off.

This obsessiveness needs to stop. It’s not going to happen. We need to cut off all taxpayer funded funding for electric vehicles and charging stations. This administration did not win legitimately and they shouldn’t get anything they want because of this. You cheat and you will lose big time. And that is the main reason this administration was put into office was to push their green energy and electric vehicles. They cheated despite the fact Americans really wanted Trump in office but these people couldnt stop hating on Trump.

The real reason they didn’t like Trump was because they wanted a green energy grid and Trump was attempting to strengthen oil supply by cutting out needless policies that harm the oil industry and well, the Democrats and the left doesn’t want that. You can’t sell electric vehicles without high gas prices but you can’t sell them anyway if they don’t exist!

We could end this by abandoning electric vehicles and put in politicians that will help fix our energy crisis. Electric vehicles wont work for the vast majority and should be privately funded, not the expense of taxpayers or the government. The fact we let it get this far shows how much the electric vehicle should die off as punishment because these people don’t deserve them much less should have any power to control the markets much as they already don’t deserve to have. A lot of evil is pushing this green energy and electric vehicles. We don’t side or make deals with evil. We destroy evil. Evil is an abomination that has to be stopped, caged up and pushed back to Hell!

Electric vehicles are being used in an evil manner and we have to sacrifice them in order for us to save ourselves.

Chevy Bolt on fire
Chevy Bolt that caught fire

I keep saying but despite these EV shortages these people are still pushing these electric vehicles as if they will succeed. All they are doing is wasting money.



With massive shortages and more battery related fires that the EV race keeps ignoring is biting them big time! Battery costs have gone up twice as much since the pandemic and costs will continue to skyrocket as EVs get more attention and buyers.

That Chevy Bolt is only cheap due to the media coverage on the battery fires. Are people going to be foolish enough to buy them? The reason for those photos is 2 reasons this EV push is going up in smoke and daily reminder that these EVs are dangerous when they catch fire. Tesla is already having issues with problems keeping their new battery plants open because there just isn’t enough battery supplies and Tesla was already ahead of the curve.

So literally the electric vehicles are going up in smokes and we’re building EV chargers for no reason. We are already facing power grid issues that is getting worse with more electric plugging in. They claim people charge them at night but they’re plugging them in during the day.. oh well this is America. They will have to restrict day charging by shutting down EV chargers in order to prevent grid failure.

With the extreme push with electric vehicles and all these problems that will occur they are ending up killing the electric vehicles. It’s almost like watching a snake eat itself. Instead of being greedy and not trying to convince others to buy EVs they are creating ther own chaos. It will soon get to the point where they can’t get a replacement battery and will have to wait several years for a new battery. It could be under warranty but it wouldn’t matter because you won’t get a new battery for up to 3 years. This and the electric grid will be the death knell of EVs and these people will wonder why EVs didn’t work.

Pray for those who are unable to protect themselves from these people that are trying to convince others to go to electric. This delays our necessity to get fuel production up and this excessive push towards electric vehicles will just destroy our economy for a new world order. Yeah it’s coming unless we stop this electric vehicle push because that’s what is going to happen. We need to get fuel production not electric vehicles. These people pushing EVs in this fashion are evil.

The signs are there that we need to stop these electric vehicles and those pushing electric vehicles by any means necessary. Well a solution that won’t harm others. Pray this country turns away from electric vehicles and we get political leaders in power who will fix the fuel crisis by increasing fuel production .

Biden didn’t specify however he just blurted out that there is going to be a second pandemic. As if he knew what was going to happen because there is no reason for him to say this unless the political leaders has a pandemic planned. Either the Democrats are stupid enough to let Biden know or Biden knows this and is trying to warn Americans.

It would be interesting but maybe somewhere in his brain he is trying to repent? Who really knows. He said that the Biden administration will end fossil fuels and he’s doing just that. He may be trying to warn people and the fact that he was still put in makes you wonder what the Democrats are doing to win. Because this administration can’t be this horrible to blurt out this information without having a surefire way to win.

We definitely need to pray for our country against a potential pandemic, let alone a planned one along with praying the Republicans winning midterms.

Despite the left constantly lying to out faces about politics and the reasons for high inflation and gas prices they’re also raging out as if this actually makes things go their way when they constantly lie, steal and cheat their way through life. And this is not GameShark or GameGenie, you and God knows that you didn’t beat that game legitimately and it doesn’t really harm anyone other than the lack of commitment to play the game as intended.

It’s the fact that the lefts cheating that’s hurting millions of Americans. Gas prices are so high that people are losing their jobs or can’t make it to a doctors appointment. The lies and deception of the media with the lefts fake outrage over the Trump administration is responsible for the mess that we are in.

Well it’s our voting habits as well. We are to blame for not trusting in God. Which is why we need to make a profound change to include prayer and God into our political system. We also can’t keep ignoring the evils in the world and instead turn to God for answers and solutions. We have the ability to change things in our world but we just instead ignore the problems because we can’t handle the evils that occur.

Sad to say but Christians and the right wing party needs a backbone, pull up their spurrs and recite what the rednecks say “Let’s get it dun”, we have the capability and we need to pray God can guide us through it all. The lefts greed has taken its toll on us, their fake outrage to keep political leaders in office who don’t care about Americans just their agendas like pushing electric vehicles instead of focusing on the oil crisis which they have caused in the first place. These people disrespect the American constitution and continue to spit in God’s face or blessings. They want to take everything we hold dear and destroy it all.

We need to take back what they stole from us, especially God’s gifts and blessings. God is making a comeback to this country. He never left us… and it will be known that his presence is here with us, even to the hateful left. Pray for Jesus’s return!

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