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Car buying can often be a headache and wherever you go there is often a problem with one car or another and depending on the brand and location can sometimes matter between getting a reliable car or a total lemon. But let’s get into that a bit first.. GM and Ford seems to get quite a bit of backlash, Ford; Found on road dead and GM well, we all know their cars can have some problems, especially electrical. But often people will convince themselves that a car brand is junk because a few parts are going bad or usually need replacing on one or more of the vehicles.

Personally i think it’s switching from car to car that is the problem. I have had the same car for 13 years and the car is 16 years old. Still runs like new other than a few upcoming problems mostly due to rust. These are fairly cheap problems and 99% of the time you want to get rid of a car that has engine or transmission problems. Though there are some people that will replace them. It’s pretty cheap if you have the right tools and a replacement engine/transmission. New cars are often plagued with problems ranging from various defects that was overlooked by the quality department. Sometimes though, buying a new car won’t have any issues. This goes into determining whether you should buy used or new. Lots of people buy new cars and don’t run into any problems. 1994 Ford Escort did well for my family and the same for a 2011 Jeep Wrangler. Buying new often starts the slate clean and there is no previous owner other than the dealer.

Next people will argue that Honda (or insert other vehicle brand) is better than any GM or Ford vehicle which is flat out nonsense. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=million+mile+ford

While most of them are trucks or vans which often have bigger engines in (which can make a difference) these vehicles are often owned by companies or those who have a lot of income to drive 2k on the daily basis. For one those vehicles are still basically brand new, most likely well maintained with proper fluid changes and mileage tune ups. They didn’t get time to age. But even with me with a 16 year old car and less than 100k it still functions like it was just bought off the dealer. It all greatly depends on how you use the car and remember that i said a bigger engine means longer lasting. Well a cheap 4 cylinder car chances are it won’t have much horsepower until you floor it. Hondas 4 cylinder engines can be fast cars but chances are you may often be using 3-4 (thousand) RPMs in order to get it moving. My 6 cylinder engine only takes 2-3k RPMs and often times less than 2k with the right air/gas mixture.

So really it doesn’t matter on the brand. It could matter on the year/model because some that have been in production are often plagued with common problems, anywhere from gasket leaks to unintended acceleration these vehicles may be best to be avoided and it may be best to look for a used vehicle in that case. It’s also cheaper to buy used than new because new often means a heavy price tag and once you leave the lot that car is not worth the same when you bought it. Depreciation is one the worst things for a car especially when you bought one for 60k and it’s now only worth 10k. Well maybe closer to 40k but you sort of get the idea that buying new isn’t always a good thing. Of course buying new could ensure you get all the options you are looking for and you don’t have to worry about any maintenance for at least awhile (other than the basic necessities). For the most part anyway buying new does have it’s advantages like you are not having to buy new brakes/rotors for the first several years (or x amount of miles) and the same with new tires. They are already new, everything on the car is brand new so unless a part is defective or broken due to poor manufacturing it’s generally a good idea to be prepared for that but for the most part that money can be saved (if you are not spending most of it on the car loan).

Buying used, well does have it’s own advantages as well, you may have a lower insurance rate, less money to be putting down the car and depending on how used/old it is you may not have any car payments. But with being free of car payments may include car repairs. You also have to be knowledgeable on car mechanics or pay someone to have the car checked out. Chances are the car will leave you on the side of the road even with a check up. It could be that the high mileage on the vehicle caused a part to wear out or maybe the previous person often drove the car until the gas was empty destroying the fuel pump but it still worked the day you bought it but 3 days later it could have finally died. And sometimes these things die suddenly without warning.

I may just prefer to do this…

Buy a car and drive it until you can’t fix it due to parts being unavailable.

Seems counterintuitive because cars depreciate and lose their value over time and people say putting more money into a car than it is worth is not cost effective. Chances are to the average person who just gets into their car to drive to their destination and probably hasn’t seen the inside of an engine because often times we think a car is running well but then there’s transmission problems and you have fluid leaking out of the pan. That is when most people say it’s time to wreck the car at the junkyard. Just look at some youtube videos of people destroying their engine even though there could have been little issue with the engine itself but because the frame is rotting out they think the entire car is useless and needs to be destroyed further than it already is. Actually with some welding experience and a bit of knowledge on how to build car frames it’s quite easy to rebuild a car that has been rotted out beyond repair. All the frame is, is metal. The hard part especially for classic cars is finding an engine for it and i really don’t know that much about car restoration, how much it costs, ect.. other than the frame being metal which is really not that different from iron smiths back in middle ages and could be easy to do with some learning.

Or you could do what some car manuals state and keep the underside clear of salt and other debris that would probably contribute to rusting. Put some anti-rust paint and you should be good but needs to be done properly so moisture doesn’t get trapped behind the paint. Sadly this even happens to newer cars where the paint starts bubbling due to moisture in between the frame and the paint. I wouldn’t know the proper technique but for starters maybe rebuild the car in a non humid climate.

Even if you can no longer find the parts for the car, maybe the car could be used as a project for someone who needs a part or they may have the part you need. Sometimes you can special order parts where manufactures will make the part you require if it’s within their means but it could be costly. The average life a car has according to experts is 11 years. But there are still many that last up to 30 years. It depends mostly on whether the owner(s) are maintaining the car and how long they want to keep it for. The major problem of keeping an older vehicle is outdated safety features and less fuel efficiency. However, i believe that if more people held onto cars there would be a market for putting safety and more fuel efficency into the cars already on the road versus buying a new car. The mindset of buying a new vehicle instead of holding onto the same one makes cars disposable. In Japan cars that are less than 10 years old often gets put into the junkyard possibly due to more strict regulations but something about that seems fishy (it’s been awhile since i looked at the guidelines of owning a car in Japan). But as always to keep the economy going people have to buy a new car to keep the auto industries in business. I look at a car like anything else, it’s a tool that gets you from someplace to another and really the only time i’d buy a new one is if my old one can still be used and not discarded. Or if it absolutely can’t be used.

Even recycling it is costly so keeping it on the road makes me feel like i accomplished something in my life and someday that car would be a relic in a museum somewhere. Of course though if you buy a boring car, it won’t do too much to keep it running forever unless you’re really attached to it. The only way i’d buy one is if i plan on using it for 20-30 years. In which i am in the market for a truck, an F150. I don’t have a truck but i car but will keep the car along with getting the truck to haul stuff around. It can also haul the car around too. But i’m not buying it to replace the car.

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It seems that this transgender thing continues to escalate in both praise and in extreme prejudice. This week we find out new things, transgenders being able to compete in the Olympics and a transgender being set on fire, brutally mutilated.


And the transgender activism continues to deflect the increasing violence in favor for a forced acceptance. It’s like “oh, it’s because transgenders are being discriminated against and it needs to stop!” except that it won’t stop. The violence against transgenders are at an all time high.. http://fox17online.com/2015/08/18/transgender-woman-killed-after-being-run-over-multiple-times/

And more recently… http://abc7.com/news/transgender-teen-intentionally-struck-by-hit-and-run-driver/1276418/

Showing that children are not safe from the violence against transgenders. It’s really hard to say how high the violence against transgenders are, the only thing that has been commonly repeated is that transgenders are 41% likely to commit suicide. With the increased publicity of transgenders that percentage would be even higher. So even with a new survey, it would be difficult to believe that the percentage would be lower, whether or not that is actually true because well.. you just can’t trust what these people say at face value. Maybe perhaps the reason the percentage of violence has not really been announced because transgender activists would know well enough any fuel for those against transgender ideology would be slamming it in their face so the only thing they did was count how many transgenders there are in the US alone.


As if that was even true, you can’t prove or disprove that but it can be proven that transgenders are at higher risk of suicide/murder based on the fact that transgenders are feeling the pressure at the bathroom issue alone. While that’s not a definitive proof or answer one would think, increased discrimination at the bathrooms would increase the suicide/death toll of transgenders. At least here in the US anyway. But if that’s not enough even Hollywood’s view of transgender hasn’t changed much.


Michelle Rodriguez’s new film depicts that transgenders are being forced to have a sex reassignment or a different gender. While it would symbolically sound like if a person were to wake up one day and be the opposite sex/gender without their consent that’s what transgenders face on day to day basis. Yet transgenders are disappointed by this film which already has shifted and people will already get the idea that transgenders are being forced to change their gender/sex because a doctor said so. This further or justify the discrimination even more against transgenders. Even some recent shows such as the X-Files revival “Scully and Mulder meet the Were-man” (or Were-Monster) which plainly describes who transgender people are and how altering your gender is going a bit too far.

Supernatural has brought up the topic in a recent episode though i have yet to see it. A couple others out there, mostly transvestite comedy from shows including Family Guy. And an early episode of NCIS where Tony is attracted to a woman who was once a man. You can see even Gibbs was slightly disgusted when he first found out that ‘she’s a he’. Though the episode aired in sometime in the early 2000’s it’s still how most would react but some react with more rage and hatred as seen on the news. But there’s plenty of people who are not aware, don’t read the news or own a smartphone and when they find out they often will react with disgust.

I do not believe that this will stop or slow down at any time. Come back after 10 years but really the situation with transgenders will only continue to get worse while they may be obtaining more rights as citizens.. that certainly doesn’t stop the ever growing discrimination. Really as it has been mentioned the only way to fix this problem is for professionals to get their heads outta their ass and start providing those with gender dysphoria a realistic treatment that does not involve a sex/gender change. Because besides a very small group of intersex people who should not be discriminated against and have tolerance for, those who have working private parts and no physical problems should have their mind matching their body, not body matching the mind because that doesn’t make any sense. Professionals have been proven that the mind can be manipulated and the proper course of action is to fix the mind and the problem will go away on it’s own. Not lets change everything about our culture for the 0.6% of the population.

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It’s been awhile but.. if you are offended reading this article, please close your browser, click a different link, log off the computer and go outside or somewhere in your safe place. I may repost that as a reminder.

Transgenders have a long history of self harming and at risk for being murdered. The risk of transgenders self harming is so high that i had to place a disclaimer at the beginning of this article. The truth is, it’s mental illness. Not a physical problem.

Transgender Characters May Win Emmys, But Transgender People Hurt Themselves



And teenagers..


Kayden Clarke


And there may be a lot more which is not getting publicity. This is only the tip of the iceberg that transgender activists wants you to believe that transgenders can live a long and healthy life if people start accepting transgenders. This is sounding like a broken record here because it wouldn’t matter if people start accepting transgenders. The reality is that there are many who won’t give into the transgender ideology. Just look up transgender homicides. With the recent media attention, transgenders are far more likely to commit suicide or be a target for murder, more than what the statistics have been saying. Many more unreported are dying and what is the media doing? The acceptance speech. There’s schools that advocate and accept transgenders, sports are starting to allow transgenders play, including the olympics. North Carolina has gotten flack from Disney, PayPal and musicians. Most recently, Slipknot. But transgender discrimination isn’t just happening in North Carolina. It’s happening everywhere! And even then, the Governor of NC doesn’t care.

Somehow people like comparing black rights to transgender rights. Yeah, there was an issue with blacks using the restroom but that issue was really absurd.

Transgenders are who they ‘identify’ as, not who they really are.
Transgender activists took the gender definition and twisted it’s meaning. If we knew everyone’s sex despite them wearing clothing there would be no reason for gender. Gender replaced sex because people didn’t want to be embarrassed by being labeled a vagina or a penis. In which males and females often, the meanings are described as such so gender was conjured up to have ‘gender roles’. Of course males and females bodies are not the same, but that’s about where the differences end. Men are generally stronger than women.. but again other than a few body parts and strength and reproduction there is no difference between the two sexes. Gender roles was also an invention so it would seem that since the women were weaker, they stayed at home and become the housewife while the men went out to work, gathering food or supplies for shelter.. that sort of thing. As civilization has grown so has the gender roles. Men like playing in the mud and like race cars while women are into cooking, sewing and well more modernly clothing. And then welcome to the 21st century where women and men gender roles don’t mean a thing. Women join men at the football game, mud wrestling and the list continues. Men now cook and sometimes will be the stay at home while the wife goes out to work.

Transgender activists took it to whole other level. Still during the medical dark ages where medical malpractice was still common managed to stop labeling transgenders as mentally ill. Which basically is just putting a group of individuals who was considered mentally ill to fend for themselves. But not without medical intervention!

The only reason transgenders are not considered mentally ill is because mental asylums were overcrowded.


Overcrowded psychiatric wards was common and may still be. It may not be the only reason transgenders were not considered mentally ill by the DSM but it was either an outside influence by some closet transgenders or a group of medical doctors who wanted to see the world burn.

Just because this happened and some people including some so called experts (which most of them just regurgitate the same thing) do not believe transgenders are mentally ill doesn’t make it the truth.

Definition of Mental Disorder:

A mental disorder (also called a mental illness, or psychiatric disorder) is a diagnosis, most often by a psychiatrist, of a behavioral or mental pattern that may cause suffering or a poor ability to function in life. Such features may be persistent, relapsing and remitting, or occur as a single episode. Many disorders have been described, with signs and symptoms that vary widely between specific disorders.

The causes of mental disorders are often unclear. Theories may incorporate findings from a range of fields. Mental disorders are usually defined by a combination of how a person behaves, feels, perceives, or thinks. This may be associated with particular regions or functions of the brain, often in a social context. A mental disorder is one aspect of mental health.

Proof that transgender is a mental illness.

1. Gender identity is a social construct.

    So if gender is social construct it would very much be clear that this is a mental health issue, not a physical one. It certainly doesn’t mean that a person should transition.

2. Gender identity happens when a person doesn’t feel their body aligns with their birth gender or sex.

    This is purely a mental issue. Again look at the mental disorder definition. Pretty cut clear that even in a world of discrimination against transgenders, often times they will continue on with their gender identity crisis and transition.

3. Transgenders attempt suicide before and after transitioning.

      This is often the case of why are we continuing to indulge the fantasy of becoming the opposite gender or sex? The first two i could maybe understand but the argument here is that transgenders are being discriminated like the blacks are and that by this logic we should also cover women with a headscarf like the natives in other countries to avoid rape!

However this seems more and more like a cult than actual problem. Either that a mental disorder. The very fact that people who claim to be transgender threaten suicide if they are not allowed to transition.

But… experts say that gender dysphoria is a medical condition and transitioning is the treatment!

      You’ve been duped by the oldest trick in the book. So medical professionals can’t be wrong? http://listverse.com/2014/06/08/10-horrifying-scams-committed-by-healthcare-professionals/

The truth is they can be and they could not be in your best interest. Most doctors out there may be truthful but most of them are a doctor because of the nice paycheck they get at the end of the week.

But most of the medical professionals agree that transitioning works!

    Ever notice that some people say one thing and do another. Well who’s to say they are really agreeing or just agreeing but is really disagreeing. It’s also that the only doctors that have retired are the ones speaking out. They got nothing to lose by telling the truth.

But you are not a doctor and there’s no known cure or treatment for gender dysphoria what do you propose?

    Well what do you think? Should we continue using a treatment that continues to degrade transgenders or should we be finding a treatment that actually has positive outcomes.

But.. transgenders are happy after they transition it’s the discrimination that is harmful to them.

    This is often the biggest reason we are not coming to a consensus here. They acknowledge that they are being discriminated but will not admit that the treatment is having a harmful side effect. If a kid is being bullied in school because the parents are dressing them in funky outfits, we change the outfits, not the other kids.

While most of us naysayers are only trying to point these people in the right direction they continue going in the wrong direction. And that is the biggest sign of a mental illness that there is, refusing to see reality as is and everything that transgender activists have been doing is steering people into accepting transgenders. They don’t care that transgenders is only a social/mental issue based on feelings, not a physical one. So what can we do, what will stop this?

Chances are it won’t stop but at the same time transgenders will continue to deal with discrimination on a day to day basis so the only thing that can be done is teach children to accept the gender they were assigned to at birth. Let them know that deciding your gender or giving into feelings of being born in the wrong body is dangerous and fatal. Often times i see these articles that claim that children will feel depressed or suicidal because of their gender identity crisis. I also see comments that anti-depressant pills don’t work. If a child was genuinely depressed because of whatever reason anti-depression pills would actually work! But somehow it doesn’t work for ‘gender identity’. How is this not a scam?

Majority of children who do have gender identity don’t go through with it. And a whopping 20% regret sex change.


The truth always has a way of coming out and the truth about transgenders is that it’s a scam. There’s more excuses one like “transgenders have existed since the beginning of time”. If that was the case there would be a bigger outcry like homsexuality which often gets mentioned in the Bible, but there’s not much in the Bible on transsexuals or transgenders. In fact there’s only one reference that i know of…

“A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this” (Deuteronomy 22:5).

It must have been so rare that 1 out of 10,000 people were transgender during that time. (which is like 1 out of the entire culture). Was probably stoned to death and no one dared to do it again. One of the more common comments is that “you don’t know what it’s like to be transgender” or “have you ever met at transgender before?” these two comments are actually true because most people probably has never met a transgender in their entire life or just briefly seen one on the bus that looked like they just came from a clown service. So most people go through day to day life thinking that transgenders are mentally ill men in women’s clothing. Even with the increased media attention most of these people will either scoff at the article/news report and move on or make a comment about it on facebook, twitter or whatever saying transgenders are mentally ill. This alone will cause transgenders to feel suicidal.

But again, we keep going through the same motions, “it’s society that’s the problem, the 99.4% of them, not the 0.6% with gender identity”. Meanwhile the 99.4% have their own issues and defects but none of them are as life threatening as feeling as if you were born in the wrong body. That is the major difference here that more often than not, transgenders contemplate suicide. Even with a loving family and a welcoming school there’s always a high risk of suicide or threatened to be murdered. It’s really not worth the risk and transitioning, hormone blockers, sex change operations. These all should be considered lightly and should find other alternatives than doing what the ‘experts’ and the transgender activists tell people what they should do with a kid exhibiting gender identity.

It’s really sad times where we have to be extremely careful who we interact with because even on an innocent date with a transgender woman could be that time where this transgender could commit suicide because of constantly being rejected for finding out she is a transgender who was once male.

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