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Gas cars are expected to drop in price and electric vehicles will be nearly completely ignored when people get money to buy a new vehicle.

Tesla defies California’s coronavirus ‘shelter-in-place’ order, keeps factory open

So this guy is a moron. Keeping his plant open so he can continue production. It’s one thing if he was legally having the plant open but it’s another to make employees come into work while defying a closure. This type of attitude shows that this isnt a very good company. Another company Bed, Bath and Beyond is staying open despite the fact the workers dont feel safe working with the Coronavirus around.

Their solution is either come into work or get fired. This Coronavirus is no joke. Its dangerous and highly contagious with permanent damage to your lungs. If someone cares about their health they should be allowed to stay at home and be able to. Ome back to a job when its over.

Elon Musk is a problem. He tries to get these electric cars out then the environmentalists get the government to put up mandates to ban gasoline vehicles because electric cars it’s just not right. Even with all the mandates its highly unlikely it’ll go through. With the Coronavirus killing the economy and tanking the oil market gas is now low as $1 a gallon. So despite all that with less people buying cars when the economy picks back up again more than likely the new electric cars from GM, Ford and VW will be ignored. Prices for new gasoline vehicles are predicted to drop. Lower gas prices and the economy struggling to pick up its most likely the automakers will force dealers to slash prices. It may even be less expensive to build gasoline vehicles due to the fact oil prices are currently down. Auto companies would be smart to slash prices by buying more fuel than what they normally use so their trucks or what uses oil and gas will cost them less dropping the price of new vehicles.

The gas prices should stay down for awhile and hopefully stay this way when people have money to buy a new vehicle they will buy a gas powered one. Not an electric. This will hopefully stave off the electric car revolution until a more realistic solution to zero carbon emissions such as converting gas vehicles to run on hydrogen.

This has been mentioned in previous posts but there are too many reasons why electric vehicles are not good enough to replace gas.

  1. Low range
  2. Up to 50% loss of charge in winter
  3. Takes too long to recharge
  4. Not every home has an outlet to charge and most are 110v and takes over 10 hours to charge
  5. Batteries only last 3-7 years (one Tesla owner had to replace his battery 3 times in 4 years every 200k)
  6. Towing greatly reduces range. 400 mile range would be 120 miles. Batteries are not efficient
  7. Battery replacements are over $10k, around $5k for hybrids
  8. They are too expensive, the batteries alone cost a fortune
  9. Accesories like radio, air conditioning, wipers, ect all drain the battery so a 300 mile range vehicle is more like 200 miles not getting thr range advertised
  10. Quick charging degrades the batteries faster, those so called 30 minute chargers ruin the batteries life which only gives you 1-2 years or under 140,000 miles and again is too expensive to replace
  11. Children mine cobalt (in hazardous conditions) needed to make lithium ion batteries for the EVs which is over 33lbs of cobalt. These children die just so electric cars can be built
  12. The electric grid cant handle a bunch of EVs plugged in at the same time or at peak times. Plugging in an EV is like running your air conditioner continuously using fossil fuels

Dont kid yourself thinking EVs are great. They are terrible replacements for gasoline and your not saving the planet any. Its just moving the pollution elsewhere. Don’t listen or argue with EV enthusiasts because these people want to sell a product and destabilize the economy. Buying a gasoline vehicle will help spur up the economy with auto part replacement, mechanics and the oil industry would continue to thrive until hydrogen can replace gasoline. In effect it’s pointless to buy electric because they just want to make everyone pay more and it doesnt save the environment. It also kills kids mining for the material. Sure cellphones, computers and even gas uses cobalt however its minimal compared to the amount that is required just for one EV battery.

So in conclusion with Musk trying to make a profit and even destabilize the auto industry, his company policy is not a very good one and he should have gone bankrupt years ago.

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Yes, it needs to be said but people are not prepared for when the shit hits the fan and if we’re at near zombie apocalypse “The Walking Dead” levels no amount of hoarding supplies will do anyone any good when or if the government falls, including police and the army. What would you do if the system collapses? How would we survive and if stocking up toilet paper is the best society can come up with most people wouldn’t survive. If whatever virus or war doesnt kill us it’s the lack of knowledge of what to do if we had no access to food or water. One of the biggest problems in the world today is how we access our necessities. We have to go to the store in order to buy food and water (unless your like me and use filtered tap water) this is actually a very poor way to get what we need when the system collapses. Collecting rain water and growing/making food from scratch isnt an easy task but the next step is to prepare for the worst.

Prepping basics

(This link has what you need to prepare and try to think outside the box, be creative and if you can make it easier then do it.)

Now I don’t have everything for a world doomsday event but at the most i think a couple weeks worth of food and water is good enough. At the most you’ll need enough supplies to last a month. Families need to have additional supplies (the more the better) but the whole idea is to have these things on hand when things are not at zombie apocalypse levels.

We do not need to empty the shelves of toilet paper because there will always be people who are just unable to prepare whether by funds or they just dont have access to it. Really this is about educating people that they dont need to wait until an epidemic happens. If you rush out to buy stuff when you could have had supplies ready to go it just creates mayhem all over.

If you cant because its not in the budget then it needs to be somehow. If you’re poor I understand. Most of the panic shoppers already had the money and really I hope that people learn a lesson in this that it’s best to have essential supplies at all times.

The Coronavirus quarantine is supposed to keep people at home, not in stores. With everything closing instead of rushing out and buying toilet paper or hand sanitizer you should already have these supplies on hand. Enough for the entire month. If more people focused on having essential supplies for the entire month they wouldn’t need to go out to buy canned food because they needed tuna for dinner but forgot it in their shopping list or a store was out or something. You already got 20 cans of tuna sitting in a pantry. No need to waste time and gas to get it. Of course that may not always work, if you forgot milk because milk for an example has a limited shelf life.

Our essential needs has to change in order to be able to survive indefinitely if we’re to weather the worst of an apocalypse. Because eventually the only ones that will survive is the tin foil hat doomsday preppers..


Because in the end, the smart ones who prepare will survive. Not so crazy now.

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