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A Better Life

Imagine a world without stress, poverty & much else we deal with the world today.

Well, no matter what it’s more talk then acting on it.

If you’ve seen: http://www.facebook.com/TheVenusProjectGlobal you would know what i am talking about. This project isn’t easy to do & i don’t blame people for having skepticism on this. But.. there is a solution to come half way.

The way i see it is in order to wipe out money off the face of the planet, you’ll need to use money. To those who enjoy living day to day working for money or those who are very rich & famous this might be a scare for you. You don’t know what will happen.  You might lose your company or your fame or power.

Big corporations enjoy money & power. They want to control. They want to be like a God. Now my concept is a bit different from The Venus Project. In order to win against the money & power war we face you have to beat it at it’s own game… well while avoiding hurting someone in the process. Despite the head honchos hiding behind suits & cash even they feel something.. even if it’s not really love.

So i decided to try to start my own business. It’s not big & in fact i only have helped out others with their computer problems. But what i do want to start is to try to run my own computer repair business. For now im on my own with friends doing a little bit of what they can do to help. It really isn’t much but it’s expected when they expect to get paid right away. So, how do i expect to make more without spending much in the process. I have heard it takes money to get money, but really it’s a gamble. It doesn’t always mean you’ll win in the end.

Well on with my project there are a few things i’d like to explain. In normal businesses the workers are expected to make it into work on time, which of course you have to manage your own time then. You also have to manage your money so you can provide for yourself. Many companies don’t seem to care if their worker is living in their car or on the street. Heck, they don’t even try to make you happy.. as long as it’s in their own interest.

If it’s the one thing that i do promise in doing my own business is to try to make my employees happy. But.. rather then calling them employees.. i’d like to refer to them as neighbors. I’ll explain. Rather then having to drive into work every day you would basically live there. You wouldn’t even need a car, unless you really want to own one. The building itself would have renewable energy sources, solar, wind.. ect. Every neighbor would have it’s own integrated computer wall console (well if you’ve seen Star Trek.. lol) With that console would be work schedules, business opportunities, your money funds & well you can just about order anything you need right from that console. So you can do your grocery shopping right from home. In the company building there would be a rec center for music, movie or if you enjoy sports or a game. The company would have it’s own internet, phone & tv service as well so you can stay up to date on current events.

Edit –

By reducing the amount of money needed to run a business & reducing costs by allowing people to stay close to their job, food is ordered then delivered to your home as well. By allowing the reduction of costs overall, by the business & the workers they would be free to buy whatever or if they want they can contribute into the development in their life. Basically if they want to continue to evolve, they would invest their money into helping out with the company in general or with the research & developing new technologies.  (1.2.12)

The company itself would be about selling & repairing computers.. but it can expand into other areas as well. Now all this would be likely to kill off the current energy companies but this is where it’ll get tricky. I really don’t want to see energy companies fail nor would i would try to deprive them of something so demanding. Even if i started a company with 100 people it would seem like a small ripple but with 1,000 people they may notice.. so here’s the trick. The ‘Community Based Company’ as i like to call it would start talking to them to see what they can do to stay in business. There are a couple of ways.. they could start putting renewable energy sources in consumer homes or we could offer them a job.

Now i know this still isn’t completely organized yet & it’s not going to be simple but that’s where i could use the help. If anyone is interested in starting this project or have any other ideas send me a comment or a message. I would appreciate the feedback on this.

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I have decided to make my account into a temporary site for my computer repair job on the side. I am only doing this among friends for now. However, if your interested in another project of mine keep checking my page out for more details.

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