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How can i put this oh so delicately? Windows 8 sucks! It sucks so much that i can’t even see any good in this OS. You lose the start menu, have to download Windows Media Center (to even get dvd playback) you lose some of Aero features and it’s all for the sake of the new UI. It’s crap! Total crap! I don’t care about modern apps, even on my cellphone i don’t mess around with too many apps on there and i wouldn’t pay a penny for one! So why in God’s name did Microsoft unleash this hellish catastrophe? It doesn’t make me wanna go out and buy a touch screen for my desktop and i have little need for portable devices like a tablet. Even then i have a laptop that i use when i go out somewhere, it still doesn’t encourage me to buy anything new. The hybrid laptop/tablets look interesting but it’s mostly Windows 8. I just hate the UI that much, my Android phone looks better than 8. I wouldn’t touch WIndows 8 with a stick or a bullet proof vest. I don’t know whether Microsoft will rectify this with Windows 9 but i’ll be most likely primarily use Linux by then. I don’t ever plan on getting any new MS OS’s long as the metro stupid interface stays in Windows.


But that’s not even the worst part in Windows 8. There’s a good chunk of others who hate Windows 8 as much as i do and there are some who like it enough to get the start menu back and lock the OS to the desktop. I wasn’t sure how i felt about that because it’s still supporting a crap OS. Can’t look at the good in 8 because it’s so awful. The worst part in Windows 8 are those who lurk around on Amazon and those who think users should stop whining about the OS and deal with it “because it’s the future”. This ridiculous idea that Windows 8 is the future is laughable. Let alone that tablets and cellphones will replace desktops and possibly laptops. Not to mention some Windows 8 users don’t understand all the hate it’s getting. Either these users were living under a rock or that they are too busy using tablets and other touch screens to really care about something like the start menu or that they don’t really use the desktop for heavy lifting software. Sales might be high for Windows 8 but hardly anyone is using it or those that are using it has it locked down to the desktop. You’re in the minority if you actually think touch works on a desktop. However i am not taking the chance that MS will rectify all the mistakes they made with Windows 8 (for starters removing 7’s features) on WIndows 9. I already knew 8.1 wouldn’t be much better other then the bugs. They are too stubborn to give users a choice.


Overall i think that Windows 8 is just here because users are bored of the same old 20 year old desktop that they think needed to be improved. I don’t see anything wrong with Windows 7 it works great and it’s fast enough depending on your hardware and settings. I think some users are trying to make a point that Windows 7 doesn’t work as great as 8 just to see it flourish. However besides the sales, it’s doing worse than Vista and 8.1 won’t be any better. Either stick with Windows changes or move to Linux. MS will eventually have to create a proper Windows 7 kind of desktop (or an improved version of Windows 7) in order to stay on top otherwise they will lose the throne, which imo they already have lost it. It’s just taking users time to switch to Apple or Linux.

Also, if you’re interested in Linux try out Linux mint. It’s great and you won’t be disappointed. Windows 8 and it’s user base can keep their new UI change, those who don’t like it will be moving elsewhere.

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