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If you didn’t notice already i changed my site name because it appears i have been called out or accused of writing hate speech. If that’s true then i guess some of my posts would have been deleted already or the idea that the TOS of this site lets me write basically whatever i want, long as i’m not endorsing or writing violent stuff. In which i am not.

Apparently someone was so kind enough to tell me this, but i’m unsure where the claim came from. Whatever the case is i’m pretty sure it had to be from a transgender activist that is struggling with the concept that some people in this world simply will not agree with the ideals of the transgender activism. I doubt wordpress will delete or do anything but just to be sure i wanted to change my site address to throw this person off let alone i am not sharing this to any other site other than just here. Because so far no one has had any issues and i shouldn’t have to link my other blog “no i don’t hate transgenders” if i did i would be writing something a lot more mean and nasty and this is just not what this is. Whatever the case is, if you don’t like what i have to say then don’t read it, move on to something else. Even these transgender activists really need to know when to let things go.

And i’m already at that point where i am totally tired of dealing with those who choose not to understand what i am writing or trying to explain and i do not want to deal with them anymore. These transgender activists do not understand and are causing a civil war which as my latest blog, shows that no matter what you say, if you do not agree with their ideals and accept transitioning they deem you as a hater and transphobic. In fact most people that are simply stating the facts that transgenders need help instead of transitioning are the ones being singled out as hate speech. But that’s what this is, people who i don’t even know that think i am attacking a group really do not understand that the more the innocent people get hurt in this ‘transgender conditioning’ idealism the more people are going to get upset. I would love to say that this would end peacefully but that’s not the case here.

Transgender discrimination is common and it’s really dangerous for anyone to be listening to some of what the media is saying, especially what transgender activists are saying. I guess my point is that i don’t really care what the transgender activists really want, what i do care is that people are being murdered for who they are and when we have transgender conditioning and trying to advocate that it’s ok to be transgender, ect.. is like playing with matches with gasoline everywhere. I’m not advocating or implying that people should go out and bully transgenders, in fact i wouldn’t recommend that! It’s not solving the problem. What i am saying and that’s all that my posts ever was that transitioning is not a recommended form of treatment and we can see many things here or reasons that transitioning is not a good option so that way these people who are struggling with their identities can be fixed so they are not dealing with these anti-transgender laws! Makes sense right? Well it should and if i get banned or lose some of my posts because transgender activists can’t understand what i am saying, what needs to be done to protect a group of individuals that are struggling here. If i have children, i don’t want them to grow up and hearing about all this stuff giving them ideas when they are too young to understand. Even when they get older they still may be confused because it is confusing.

I really don’t want kids to grow up in an environment where adults are fighting over laws and really this should be a common sense topic but it really is not. I fear for the future children who are going to be adults and concerned over how we setting their futures up by what we are doing today. It’s a nightmare of epic proportions that just has no logic or reasoning. And i’m tired of it. So when i’m saying congrats North Carolina for standing up for our rights as citizens and everyone needs to follow these guidelines, it’s not at all saying.. i don’t care about transgenders, in fact this is the reason the American College of Pediatricians came out and said about transgender conditioning is child abuse.. because it’s true. Why are we allowing children to grow up as the gender they prefer just so society can hurt them? Is that right? Moral, humane? No it’s not! And it’s setting them up for failure. If we don’t have any guidelines more people are going to get hurt. This is what transgender activism is doing, getting people hurt. If they put as much effort into trying to change society, they could easily change the medical professions minds about transitioning as the form of treatment. Does any of this really sound hateful? I mean what are these people on?

WordPress is a site built for free speech. I am not hurting anyone and if i am, well i’m not sure why you are still reading this because the internet is just that, free speech. Facebook, twitter and some other sites are really beyond crazy in trying to remove stuff such as this but not always successful. The truth may hurt.. but what are we doing here? Why are we trying to defend something that doesn’t even make an ounce of sense? This is abuse of power. I’m not really sure what the future will bring but when you are trying to tell someone that crossing the street without looking both ways and they are not looking anyways acting like the driver of the car is at fault because that person decided to walk into traffic when the driver could not stop the car in time.

But well i guess i’ll have to wait and see if my blogs are really discrimination and wordpress will remove them or ban my account. I don’t think they are because i’m not bashing anyone. I am only pointing out from what i had experienced, what i am seeing and what is going on that transgender activism is not to be trustworthy individuals. I can’t trust to put children in their care or their opinions when they are unable to keep themselves alive. I would prefer finding a professional that knows what he or she is doing and understands that transitioning is not helping.

Even though i’m sure that i didn’t write anything incriminating myself of anything point any of them out, maybe it’s a sentance that wasn’t worded correctly or wasn’t meant to be rude. Just so i can make the necessary edits so i can continue to bring more information on this subject for concerned parents or families who may be going through this sort of thing and need a different opinion from which the mainstream is currently offering. Because what is the mainstream treatment for gender dysphoria not doing well at all.

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The links above is basically what is going on. Companies like Bank of America, Disney, American Airlines, ect.. are all against the anti-trans laws and i have to wonder, what brought us to the point where businesses are getting into state affairs that don’t really affect them. Well upon noticing Bank of America’s, FaceBook page,

If you look at the visitors comments it shows people threatening to leave BoA if they do not trash NC’s anti-trans law. Now whether or not they actually bank there is another mystery but this is where the transgender activists are getting desperate in trying to cut this new anti trans bill in half. First off it seems pretty crazy to cut ties with businesses that would normally just stay out of state politics. Businesses are just that, if they stay out of it, usually it won’t affect them but transgender activists are making it a bit more difficult and then the business feels like they have no choice but to try to force the state to void the bill or as Disney has put it, threatened to pull out.

Now it’s pretty clear this anti-trans law came around due to the..


sex offender incident and many people then were behind this bill. Am i behind this anti-trans bill.. well yes and no. Yes because first and foremost bathrooms shouldn’t be open to sex offenders and especially since one of them was leading bathroom rights in North Carolina it would seem to work out in the end. Also yes i support it because hopefully some more common sense would be employed and other avenues for gender dysphoria will be discovered quickly. But the reason i also said no is because i do understand this may put more strain on transgenders, especially children which has been caught up in this transgender conditioning done by the transgender activism, as said here..



The main problem here is that transgender conditioning in children has increased and this is really dangerous considering all these anti-trans laws. I did keep saying it would get worse.. and well…

Kansas Bill Would Award $2500 To Anyone Who ‘Witnesses’ Transgender Person In ‘Incorrect’ Bathroom

this just takes the cake! Basically it’s going to incur that this Kansas law would cause people to be peeping toms, videotaping under women’s stalls in order to look for transgenders. Well that’s probably illegal but again it’s going to happen because there are some crazy people who would something as stupid as that. Whatever the case is, the situation with transgender activism is that it’s worsening things for transgenders instead of helping them. I predicted that it would get worse, i kept telling that people are not going to go for this transitioning thing and that society is not ready for this and clearly it’s becoming the truth, it’s also going to get worse up until something breaks and some are going to snap. Whether it’s transgenders or the transphobia it’s an ongoing war zone.

I keep saying it, transitioning is not really ideal and professionals need to work on something else for these people. At least the ACP is attempting to, but transgender activists are so against that organization that it seems they will try and continue to fight for rights all the while society keeps pushing back. It’s just a fight between the two.

Edit: Also, the NC anti-trans law is really not as bad as people made it out to be and here is an explanation of it which i will just leave it as a link,


So maybe this silliness over this NC anti-trans law which is more or less just a privacy law that benefits both sides fairly.. which transgenders need to understand that this may cause issues for them as well and they just need to change some things to accommodate the law. Freaking out all over this just makes things worse, but maybe i need to amend a few things in this article, but now that i had a chance to look at what the state is saying, it’s not bad, but the transgender activists were not happy either way and it made it sound worse than it really is, which i could say the same thing when people like me are writing blogs or comments that are really just normal comments that no one else seems to have an issue other than the transgender activists. That’s really a problem here.

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I’m linking this article i read and there’s just such a lack of logic here, read it..


are you done yet? Ok, well i have read an article similar to this and it’s really strange how some points are exactly the same as the one i read sometime in the past 6 months or so.

But here’s my problem and i’m going to quote certain things about this article starting with this one..

Those who want to drive transgender people into the closet, legislate against us, and stigmatize us, talk about all the time in order further marginalize us. It is literally a matter of life and death.

It is suicide.

To start off with humans have always been pretty great innovators and often times uses words to describe or label something. Gender; man, woman – Sex; male, female. And instinctively, since it seems logical our ancestors have always linked male with man and female as woman. Basically gender identity. It was also so we could tell one another apart since the dawn of time clothing has been a normal way of living because naturally humans are shameful of their bodies, or maybe shy and would prefer to wear clothes from peeping toms.

Now enter Transgenders. It’s seems that they are incapable of understanding this simple, basic logic and reasoning based on what i had just said, sex and gender and the reason we identify the way we humans do. Now i’m not completely disregarding that a minority of individuals are claiming they have gender dysphoria and whatever science they might have to back up their claims like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the transgender activism generally uses the AAP as a hard scientific approach to the reason transgenders exist and that people really should listen to them. But the problem with the AAP is, well…

Transgender people who are rejected by their families or lack social support are much more likely to both consider suicide, and to attempt it. Conversely, those with strong support were 82% less likely to attempt suicide than those without support, according to one recent study.

Transgender people in states without LGBT legal protections are at higher risk of suicide.

Internalized transphobia is when a transgender individual applies negative messages about transgender people in general to themselves. It’s not hard to find such messages in our culture, especially since a multi-million dollar smear campaign in Houston successfully convinced an uninformed populace that transgender people should be treated like rapists and pedophiles. When transgender people start applying such messages to themselves, the suicide attempt rate skyrockets.

Well, it seems like there are plenty of issues, i didn’t quote them all but the main factors, and there’s 6 reasons transgenders attempt suicide or at risk for attacks/homicide. Well one would think that maybe it’s not really wise to allow transitioning. The AAP should be aware of this and come up with a better solution, i mean after all they are supposed to be a reputable organization. But that’s what is wrong here. The AAP can list scientific reasons, even if it sounds absurd which in fact i don’t even trust the information they are giving let alone understand why the AAP is really not doing anything about this like working on something better for instance.. but well i wonder if it has to do with greed. It’s really a factor in all this. As i was saying the logical course of action is to understand transitioning is a dangerous course of action and there just has to be a better solution, however…

Notice a pattern here? None of these risks for suicide are about being transgender. They’re about what is being done to transgender people. And therein lies the rub.

Wait what!? So the risks for suicide has nothing to do with being transgender? That makes no sense!! Just a minute…

Transgender people who are rejected by their families or lack social support are much more likely to both consider suicide, and to attempt it. Conversely, those with strong support were 82% less likely to attempt suicide than those without support, according to one recent study.

Hmm, so maybe they are right all along? Well yes and no. Surely there’s less risk of suicide if transgenders was more widely accepted but this doesn’t change the reality of the situation at hand.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with being transgender .

There is something horribly, horribly wrong with the way we as a culture treat transgender people.


This doesn’t change the fact that people who push for discrimination against transgender misuse studies, and use “experts” who are proponents of reparative therapy for all LGBT people, and haven’t seen a transgender patient in 35 years. Their so-called logic is that if people weren’t transgender and didn’t transition, they wouldn’t commit suicide. This is the intellectual equivalent of suggesting we should prevent rape by making women wear burqas, chastity belts, and never letting them leave the house.

Their pray-away-the-trans “solutions” to bringing down the suicide rate in the transgender community are almost a guarantee of more suicides. Studies show religious counseling increases the suicide rate in LGB people. Reparative therapy has never been demonstrated to be successful on transgender people, isn’t approved by any psychological organization, has no guidelines on how to conduct it, and no standard metrics of success.

In other words, any attempt to suggest that the solution to the problem of suicide in the transgender community is to stop being transgender is nothing more than chaff. These individuals are more interested in enforcing their brand of Biblical morality on society than the actual well-being of transgender people.

They’re hoping that no one will read this article. They’re hoping that no one will think the problem through. What happens when you rape, beat, fire, evict, reject, isolate, demonize, and humiliate a class people on a daily basis? What happens when all of this is done by people in the name of God? Would you expect a group of people experiencing this to thrive?

Or would you expect 40% of them to try to find escape in oblivion?

Leelah was right.

If we want to end the scourge of suicide, it’s time we stop trying to fix transgender people.

It’s time to fix society.

Hmmm, it sounds so easy doesn’t it? All people really need to do is to accept transgenders. It would be awesome if life worked out all so easy and things wouldn’t be so complicated! Gee why haven’t i already thought of that? It’s because i already have and i came to the conclusion that life is a bunch of HORSESHIT!! Life isn’t full of rainbows and unicorns it’s filled with misery and despair.  …well, not really. Life is a game. As much as i hate to admit it, it’s like playing poker. Your dealt with whatever hand that is given and often times the one shuffling the cards are your parents. Not that i hate my parents, i actually love them because they helped made me who i am and i am grateful for that. But as always, people do not always automatically give out respect and sometimes are downright evil.

Their so-called logic is that if people weren’t transgender and didn’t transition, they wouldn’t commit suicide. This is the intellectual equivalent of suggesting we should prevent rape by making women wear burqas, chastity belts, and never letting them leave the house.

Really, this one made me lol. I really am not sure where to begin with that other than the fact that this isn’t about reducing or eliminating rape, or the fact that maybe if women had chastity belts they couldn’t be raped lol. But i think those belts could be uncomfortable, but anyway the logic is that we shouldn’t try to find another solution instead of using transitioning. The excuse is that transitioning is the only answer and the AAP is 100% behind it. And that’s pretty much what this is an excuse to transition and to be transgender. Oh and these activists is so against religion and God that they actually defy them both. I remember one person i knew used transitioning as an excuse to move away from God and religion because they are ‘archaic’, ‘barbaric’, and ‘inhumane’. But no, it’s not everyone, and the same for sex offenders..



Oh god, the horror. That’s the one thing this article didn’t really touch base on that yes, some transgender activists are sex offenders. There’s a pretty nice list, including this..

This argument for this sex offender video is that “these people are not trans” or “there’s sex offenders in like any group”. And how many sex offenders dress up as the opposite sex so they can sexually offend someone? Oh wait, just watch the video and you’ll pretty much find out. Transgender activists attempt to deflect the blame on them which ok, i’ll bite.. not exactly to blame on the transgender community because after all if they didn’t endorse it, these people must not represent the transgender community. But here’s the difference. How can you even tell if a person is truly transgender versus some sex offender that is using gender identity as a predatory basis? You can’t. Might as well forget it because you could be harassing a transgender. And we’re back to this again that somehow society is at fault for discriminating against transgenders because sex offenders have been using gender identity for their own selfish needs.

If transitioning in general was banned, it would also prevent sex offenders or at least catch them in the act, or before it ever happens. Bottom line is, there is something wrong with being transgender and the transgender activism is completely oblivious to this..

Hello! Hello! Anybody home? Think Mcfly, think!

Yeah this amusing quote from Back to The Future is pretty much the best way to describe the mindset and logic of transgenders and basically the excessive violence should really help one to make a proper and ethical decision about whether transitioning works and why people describe transgenders as being mentally ill. It’s all really a formation of how people are coming to this conclusion. The absurdity that society can change overnight and not a more realistic viewpoint that, well just Google racism and homophobia and how it’s still prevalent in this culture. We haven’t overcome that and instead of relying on transitioning and hormone treatments, somewhere out there is a more logical choice. Whether that choice is diagnosing gender dysphoria as psychosis or depression (maybe both!) or maybe officially put ‘mental disorder’ back into play. Whatever the case is all i can think of when some transgender activist, supporter, advocator or whatever tries to convince others that transgenders need acceptance and the bigotry needs to stop and do research before you go all ranting and raving on how mentally ill transgenders are is.. “Hello! Hello! Anyone home? Think Mcfly, think!” Because obviously people are not thinking and instead continuing to come up with excuse after excuse until you are tired of hearing how mentally unstable these people really are.

And no, i’m not trying to be mean here but there is a problem with the way things are being handled in this manner. It isn’t logical or clear headed thinking, this subject makes it sound like it really is an agenda, perhaps it is or the fact that the transgender activism is so bullheaded that they can’t really see what’s right in front of them. Whatever the case is and maybe the AAP is greedy, but this really won’t end well if this continues on without any acknowledgement that a group of people cannot change society.

Also i’m going to link the original Alcorn story… with the entire suicide note.


When Josh Alcorn voiced a desire to live as a girl, the Ohio teenager’s parents said they wouldn’t stand for that.

“We don’t support that, religiously,” Alcorn’s mother told CNN on Wednesday, her voice breaking. “But we told him that we loved him unconditionally. We loved him no matter what. I loved my son. People need to know that I loved him. He was a good kid, a good boy.”

“Please don’t be sad, it’s for the better. The life I would’ve lived isn’t worth living in … because I’m transgender,” the note said. “I could go into detail explaining why I feel that way, but this note is probably going to be lengthy enough as it is. To put it simply, I feel like a girl trapped in a boy’s body, and I’ve felt that way ever since I was 4. I never knew there was a word for that feeling, nor was it possible for a boy to become a girl, so I never told anyone and I just continued to do traditionally ‘boyish’ things to try to fit in.”

“After 10 years of confusion I finally understood who I was. I immediately told my mom, and she reacted extremely negatively, telling me that it was a phase, that I would never truly be a girl, that God doesn’t make mistakes, that I am wrong. If you are reading this, parents, please don’t tell this to your kids,” the note says. “Even if you are Christian or are against transgender people don’t ever say that to someone, especially your kid. That won’t do anything but make them hate them self. That’s exactly what it did to me.”

 “My mom started taking me to a therapist, but would only take me to christian therapists, (who were all very biased) so I never actually got the therapy I needed to cure me of my depression. I only got more christians telling me that I was selfish and wrong and that I should look to God for help.”
At 16, she wrote that she realized her “parents would never come around” and that she would have to wait until she was 18 to start any kind of medical treatment to transition to being a female.

That, she said, “absolutely broke my heart. … I felt hopeless, that I was just going to look like a man in drag for the rest of my life.”

Carla Alcorn recalled her teen asking for transition surgery.

She told her child no, she said, because “we didn’t have the money for anything like that.”

In her suicide note, Leelah said she cried herself to sleep that night.

Leelah told her friends she was transgender.

“The only way I will rest in peace is if one day transgender people aren’t treated the way I was, they’re treated like humans, with valid feelings and human rights. Gender needs to be taught about in schools, the earlier the better. My death needs to mean something. My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. … Fix society. Please.”

The problem with “Leelah” or “Josh” is like any other case, you find information about what you have and obviously this increases the gender dysphoria. And this is the only case of a ‘transgender’ before their ‘transition’ period or even during that has committed suicide. And it’s typical for the transgender activism to lash out in religion for the fact that because Josh’s parents were Christians and they were not going to indulge in this fantasy. Transgenders though are just that, unhappy and depressed unless people are indulging them.

And just from reading the suicidal note it’s also a wonder if this was just a ploy or a gimmick for things to come.

“The only way I will rest in peace is if one day transgender people aren’t treated the way I was, they’re treated like humans, with valid feelings and human rights. Gender needs to be taught about in schools, the earlier the better. My death needs to mean something. My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. … Fix society. Please.”

Y’know this just sounds all very familiar, how the transgender activists are trying to get schools to teach ‘gender’ and ‘human rights’. Well that’s funny because that’s the two main problems right now. Bathroom, locker room rights and schools attempting to teach about transgenders. Oh that’s not enough, kids as early as 2 are being identified as transgender.

Well again this really sounds like an agenda. Bottom line is the article i was talking about and that i just looked up this other article with the quoted suicide letter it’s all coming together now. Either because another untimely transgender death or this was really an agenda waiting to spill right open. However, fixing society is nearly impossible. You can try but it’s not going to work very well, again just look how racism and homosexuality rights is going. But well, this insane methodology continues trying to push forward.

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I have recently found that some doctors/psychologists have the answer in fixing gender dysphoria other than transitioning. Some of which is often treatments for other patients such as psychosis or depression. These doctors claim it works and no i don’t have any links. I only talked to my particular doctor who is involved in these alternative treatments. And these treatments are mainly for those when talking to a psychologist isn’t working which i was mentioned 90% of these cases works out fine and the person goes home gender dysphoria free, but sometimes certain medication is required but that greatly depends on the individual.

Now i can’t divulge the information about my doctor or a general location because transgender activists will attempt to shut them down in an effort that transgender activists do not stand for any other treatment than transitioning. This is where most logical doctors would be treating schizophrenia for these individuals. That is well above psychosis and these people are very dangerous to themselves and possibly to others. Well with the activism, this is the most dangerous group of all which often destroys families, friends, and most of the time these people end up homeless. But these different diagnoses explain perfectly why a sane person would even go through all this effort only to be discriminated against. Now again, i’m not trying to be mean here or anything but in the times of trying to explain my points and that transgenders should seek alternatives, it’s usually the transgender activists who are getting all riled up and basically abusive about it.

In fact these transgender activists are the people that i really do hate and really need help because these people are more mentally ill than a person who simply has feelings of being born in the wrong body. These people are dangerous and manipulative. It’s the equivilant to selling your soul to the devil if you listen to them. And again this hate doesn’t have anything to do with the general transgender population. Some of them are completely open to alternatives while some just shun away from it but they don’t get upset over my opinions either. So i’m not singling out the entire group because some just want to get on with their lives without dealing with problems. Because after all most of what i really want to do is to actually help transgenders realize who they are listening to.

And there’s also medical professionals who already don’t agree with transitioning. http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/penny-starr/american-college-pediatricians-gender-ideology-harms-children

But look at most of the Disqus comments there, you can tell an activist when they are slamming on the article saying that these professionals are quacks. In fact the more they retaliate with this sort of nonsense, the further it sounds like an agenda. And however many professionals are really behind this, which is hard to believe considering a large number don’t even know how to treat transgenders, http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/19/transgender-a-doctor-won-t-see-you-now.html

And how could they be behind the ideals of transitioning if they don’t even know how to treat these people, obviously they are unaware and more than likely against it like 60-70% of the world’s population. In reality the only ones accepting transitioning are those who are more directly involved in advocating transitioning. But no, the line has to be drawn somewhere, http://www.reaxxion.com/10078/why-we-need-to-fight-against-transgender-acceptance

Now again, i’m not trying to be mean here, i’m not saying you should bully transgenders but at the same time we need to think more clearly and stop using our feelings as a direction. And in reality transgender activism is destroying our culture. Not necessary transgenders themselves, in fact some of them are just pushed into that kind of reality and not their fault really if they are not screaming about transitioning as the only course of action. Transgender activists has gotten control of medical professionals, the government and now they have control of our kids. http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/transgender-conditioning-is-child-abuse/

And this is the result, https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/gender-confused-suicide-rate-ten-times-national-average

In the hopes of trying to cut down the violence, they are trying to use children as early as 2 and then writing articles like how transgender children who has accepting parents are generally mentally happier. But as it stands there are 4 (if not more) transgender teen deaths. While it’s true, in general teens do sometimes consider suicide but i don’t remember the last time your average teen was suicidal. If anything there’s been some teens acting out due to dysfunctional families. On the other hand parents who have effective parenting do not have these issues. Transgender teens generally deal with rejection as most males who identify as girls are often rejected by boys. Nevermind the girls rejecting transgenders as well, http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/girls-take-defiant-action-over-transgender-in-locker-room/

And parents threatening to remove their children from these schools. If only there was an alternative treatment to gender dysphoria there wouldn’t be this many problems in life for these people. You can change the rules, but you can’t change the mindset people already have about gender. But you have to also wonder if their science is even validated. Professionals stumbled onto transitioning as the form of treatment and they worked it from there. They were not at all concerned about what sort of harm or problems it would come along with that. It was a very lazy, sloppy and terrible way of coming up with a solution to gender dysphoria. And in the beginning of this article, i have been shown that there are alternative treatments that are claimed to work and there’s no evidence that it doesn’t work either. But this is really up to the individual to decide. All i can say is the less people listen to transgender activists the better.


Convicted sex offender seeks access to women’s locker rooms through bathroom law


50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides

And with all these links in mind, i wouldn’t trust them period. And as always get several different opinions with avoiding transgender activists. They have only one goal and that is ensuring society is accepting of transgenders. If you don’t, your considered a bigot and uneducated. That’s all they really use and they will continue to refute any information that does not support the idea of transitioning.

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While these links don’t really give or show the entire picture and it may not work for everyone. The short answer is yes, there is a cure for those who are seeking it and willing to make a difficult choice and maybe it’s not really a cure for some.. because then they have to deal with their emotions on the matter. I think the main problem is some people think that being transgender means that you are really who you believe you are.

This is where fantasy starts trumping reality. And in the case of this story, http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/transgender-woman-sent-male-prison-7004825


Hudson revealed how she was labelled a “chick with a d***” and strip-searched by male guards.

This is when things stop making sense. So if there really is no cure in which there are transgenders who regret sex change and de-transition. For whatever reason, they outgrew it, or was finding out the hard way that being transgender isn’t really worth it. The argument is generally though is that transgenders wouldn’t be transgender if they didn’t think it was worth it. Doing a simple google search of woman, https://www.google.com/search?q=woman

an adult human female.

that is what pops up. In my mind that makes complete sense. And in fact it’s better than the other one, gender..

the state of being male or female

because loopholes are pretty much going on with that but at the same time even with the definition of gender it still doesn’t make much sense to reverse them. A male being a woman, really doesn’t make much sense according to the definition of woman. There are also other huge differences between males and females, http://drjamesdobson.org/Solid-Answers/Answers?a=ff773023-2693-410d-b9e1-662f6985be4e

But then here’s also the kicker, some transgenders are so immersed into their thinking.. a transgender man (who is biologically female) is pregnant. http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/news/a49428/pregnant-man-transgender/

Transgender Man Shocked to Find Out He’s Pregnant

“The results were conclusive but I still didn’t believe it.”

So in reality, transitioning is only just a gateway. It doesn’t really solve the problems and it does nothing for these people if they are even having trouble grasping fiction from reality. So if there is no cure, what does it mean for transgenders? Well unfortunately it’s all really unorganized. For starters with this other blog i had posted,


Which is sort of an angry post. As it stands though i much prefer the safety of women and children opposed to having a sex offender being waved right into public washrooms or locker rooms because they identify as transgender and the transgender activism is completely ignoring this as a problem and saying ‘it’s not our problem or it’s not a problem, cite some evidence’ when there’s already plenty of evidence. The point is, instead of kicking out anyone looking suspicious and most likely deterring sexual predators from using public restrooms or locker rooms to get their fix they have to do it with other means. And the talk about, most rapes are from people they know.. is that really even true? If it really is, most of the fear for this would be unfounded. Of course transgender activists claim that this fear of transgender bathroom laws are mostly from people who want to discriminate against transgenders that’s not the case.

The case of sex offenders already using ‘transgender’ to enter bathrooms just shows it’s a problem. In the case of a sex offender trying to side with transgender rights again, this is a real problem that is being ignored. Or at the very least, stop with all the transgender bathroom right laws and there shouldn’t be any for or against it. Most of this is to prevent transgender discrimination but instead of the discrimination being prevented it’s more than likely causing the discrimination to go up, especially with all the anti-transgender laws floating around. At this point i’d say a proper cure that doesn’t cause people with gender dysphoria so many problems is really in need of focus here. It’s nearly impossible to change the way people think about things. For instance, we should not have to work to gain money but work to build a better future. However, at this point in time.. there’s no choice but to work within the system. If you are working with the system instead of against it you can accomplish much more. This is just a major problem that people tend to not really understand, including businesses that think they can force people to buy a new product by making their older one obsolete somehow.

In the case of transgender, instead of figuring out what their issue is and resolving it they instead make their problems everyone elses problem, which doesn’t really solve anything. Especially if people are not even on board with the idea of transitioning. Transgenders are free to do what they wish but it’s not a problem i am willing to work with other than encouraging that they find some way other than transitioning so that way our bathrooms can be free from sex offenders and that males are men and females are women. Because any other combination is just messy and then it makes it my problem to have to deal with. And this goes back to saying, it’s really not my problem so don’t make it one. If someone is driving a car that is poorly maintained, creating smog and hazardous air to breathe in, well that’s their prerogative but i don’t like breathing it.  Which is why the state has emissions. The problem is, if the car is too old and unable to correct the emissions.. unfortunately that car can be on the road, which i think needs correcting. If it’s too expensive to repair then a new car is in need or get the money to fix it.

So what does this all mean? Just because there currently may not be a cure and there some methods in helping someone with gender dysphoria doesn’t mean or give an excuse for saying ‘transitioning is the only answer, deal with it’ when plenty of people are having an issue with it like the one guy that is driving a car producing hazardous waste in the air. Do what you will, i won’t hassle you for it but it certainly doesn’t mean i am ok with it because i am still making it pretty clear that there needs to be a different approach to this instead of making so many changes and causing more problems than it fixes. Just because transitioning may save your life doesn’t mean you are safe as the rest of society that is trying to live their lives without someone making changes that they are unable to deal with in a peaceful manner.

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Truthfully the answer is there really is no ‘good place’ to buy a car. Carmax is like any other used auto dealers. The main difference is there is no haggle price and you are not being watched like a hawk with some greedy salesmen.

I however do question whether or not they actually do perform that 125 inspection before selling the car.

If they were at all really concerned they’d give you how much pad on the brakes are left on the car, whether the tires need to be replaced and instead of focusing so much on the look of the car, we’d have to check the engine ourselves to make sure it’s in good condition. The biggest problem is so many of these cars come and go and it’s hard to keep track of whether or not something happened to the car like flooding or some other accident. But, as someone who hates buying new cars with the potential of it being a lemon and haggling pricing is just ridiculous, especially when the value of the car depreciates once you sign it and drive it off the lot. But if the very low rating on consumeraffairs is anything.. it’s really mostly a wonder if it’s just a site where people vent their frustrations at but a few of them were not properly informed. A cracked windshield review for an example in the consumeraffairs site, you do generally go through your insurance company. Not the dealer. If the crack was there when you bought the car, well maybe you should have looked a bit harder. Car buying is rough as it is, but you are still buying a used vehicle that has been driven and more than likely it has all original parts on it besides the oil changes. Which i do hope Carmax does prior to selling the car.

I also know that many used car dealerships often time sell cars with issues but it’s basically ‘as is’. If there was a transmission leak when the car was sold to a dealer, chances are it’s going to be sold that way. I’d like to think that Carmax is better than any other used dealer and if they are not fixing these obvious problems, then why would consumers trust a dealer that simply wipes away any leaks and put tape on it hoping that it’ll fall off once it’s being driven and the consumer happens to notice transmission fluid on the garage floor. This was never the case with the cars i bought there.

I had what any car owner dealt with, minor repairs. The biggest 2 was a head gasket leak (which was under warranty) and a new BCM module because certain things was not working in the car. The BCM module set me back $1000 but the car wasn’t exactly aging either. This certainly wasn’t Carmax’s fault nor the previous owners. It’s really just something that went wrong with the car. My tires also had bad belts on them which wasn’t really apparent until 5 years after i had the car. The tires did look fine but the tread was looking a bit shallow when the tires were going bad. But again this is normal for any used car. There are times when there are lemon cars and Carmax ends up with them. Hopefully they catch them and get rid of them but unfortunately with all the cars that come and go there it’s not really easy to find the bad ones. I do think Carmax should be more accommodating because it’s really easy to lose reputation when things go wrong and especially when ratings are not very good on consumer websites.

With any car buying, having mechanical experience is always a plus and while buying a newer used car, such as a 2015 can have some pretty new problems. It’s not always the case but at the same time Carmax should really understand that if someone is selling their car that is only a year old, there better not be anything wrong with it. People do get bored with their cars or the cars were just rentals that the rentals generally get booted after a year or two. With that being said, a car that is 1-4 years old is far more reliable than one that is 6+ years. Unless Carmax doesn’t even bother to check the condition of the engine, transmission and the rest of the car i don’t really see any reason to go somewhere else because more than likely any other place won’t even bother to check, they buy the car from someone and then resell it a day after it was cleaned and waxed. This then generally causes a fear of buying from a used dealership and people will only buy brand new and deal with the haggle price.

So is Carmax really worth it? I’d say if their extended warranty covers whatever engine or transmission problems i’d say yes, long as you follow their maintenance schedule you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever. And tires, brakes or sparkplugs, well these things will go out when they go out. Brakes and spark plugs are easy to fix. Tires, well just check them before you buy the car, chances are they are not all season tires and you will want something with a little more grip anyway. I don’t think many dealers really put on good tires on new cars so it’s really still a good deal in my book and it’s probably around that time the tires on your new used car needs replacing depending on the condition of them. I got 5 years out of mine and the car handled decent in snow. Like with any other place, take your time to check everything over and Carmax generally has friendly, no pressure sales associates. Also you will be responsible for any defects/recalls. I don’t see the need why Carmax needs to do something extra when the car hasn’t been sold yet. If there is a recall, Carmax usually will do it after the fact or you can bring it into the dealer. It’s also a good idea if you are looking at a car at Carmax, find a couple you like and can afford. If something is wrong with the car you like and no other vehicles are in your price range, i might suggest holding off for now until you can afford a few different vehicles. Even the app is pretty good and you can ask your local dealer to ship the car you are interested. You may be out $200 though, so it’s only really worth it if you can’t drive to another dealer.

And unfortunately they don’t hold cars, it’s whoever has the money first. So it’s generally a good idea to keep an eye out. Once you have the money, the more often you visit the greater the chance you’ll find one that you like and maybe the salesperson can help you out with that.

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Within the past couple of years i have been writing angry and hateful comments on articles, youtube posts.. some of them were flat out mean. Yes i am against the idea of transitioning and the overall transgender activism rights. That doesn’t mean i hate transgenders, i hate the idea of it and the message that they are trying to convey. Of course in the beginning it was rage and hateful and even then any time i talk to a transgender activist, it’s like i’m talking to an unknown entity because nothing what they say makes any sense. Nor can i ever say anything that would make sense to them. It’s because their reality or their perception of reality doesn’t match the actual reality of the real world. In fact in order to understand them you basically have to detach yourself from reality itself.

Basically some trans activists have said that they wish religion and all the old people set in their old ways would die off. In essence they are rejecting anything that doesn’t fit in their perception of the way the world should be. The problem is, they are being rejected for their ideas and often times complain that people are not being accepting of it. Tolerate is more of a realistic goal than acceptance, because by any means we’re already being forced to tolerate it or our lives will become problems. Like NYC for an example, fining a hefty price for anyone who discriminates a transgender which sort of forces people to tolerate them. But it doesn’t mean they are accepting it either. And to be honest, most transgenders that i have spoken to, are crazy. Whatever that case may be it’s really not an excuse for making transitioning valid. Nor is it a validation that they are being discriminated against and still saying ‘people need to be more accepting of transgenders’. History shows you can’t really control people, not really. Even then laws are basically as good as posting a sign that says ‘don’t walk on the lawn’. That sign or message won’t keep people, let alone animals from trampling on the lawn. There’s laws that say don’t steal, yet people steal anyway. Murder is yet another law that simply states, ‘do not murder’ that people do anyway and it certainly seems like it’s pretty apparent that these laws don’t really prevent these things from happening.

Telling people they have to accept transgenders is like those laws. Even if they were put in place it still won’t stop the discrimination. So even if in 5 or 10 years more laws for transgender rights isn’t going to stop the negativity surrounding it. It’s going to continue and if anything it’s going to get worse (since it already has gotten worse). This would be the exact reason why i am against transitioning and why i don’t recommend doing it. I however recommend finding a much better solution and treatment. It’s the only way to prevent discrimination, what’s there to discriminate if there isn’t anything to discriminate against. Racial discrimination is still apparent in this world, even with gay rights and the over abundance of acceptance there’s still hate groups out there and gay people are still getting hurt. It certainly seems that we’re not at all looking at this from a logical standpoint. Racial discrimination, can’t be changed. Homosexuality, well need to know works pretty well and if you don’t know if your neighbor is gay then there’s no discrimination there. The problem with transgenders is if you don’t tell people you are, it still causes problems and even deception. Some are still easily identifiable and real easy to avoid but even then people will seek those people out and often times leads to violence.

The best and most effective way to deal with transgender discrimination is don’t be transgender. Don’t transition. It may sound easier than it is but when transgender activists are spending more of their time getting rights and trying to gain acceptance instead of actually looking for a much more reliable and effective, safe treatment the discrimination will continue. And that’s not leading anywhere fast. The problem is, that while they may think they are right and fighting for a cause it’s causing innocent people to get caught up in it and the bigger problem is that parents or even the kids who disown their family often times ends up getting no where anyway. You offer one treatment, one that is highly debatable and often rejected, of course you’re going to have a big problem on your hands. Especially when society isn’t designed to handle these problems which leads to violence. The transgender community isn’t approaching this from a logical and ethical standpoint and this is where they run into problems. And just because there isn’t another treatment doesn’t mean a proper cure or treatment doesn’t exist! I bet before smartphones came around people were saying, ‘there needs to be a phone built like a computer’ and others are saying ‘that doesn’t exist, it’s fiction’. Some if not many transgenders don’t even want a treatment, because then it would mean they are really living in a fantasy world. But the bottom line is this is a problem that needs fixing and the most effective way of dealing with it isn’t trying to convince people that they need to be accepted but finding a more realistic treatment that doesn’t involve making radical changes.

I don’t think the transgender community understands this but they really need to understand this if they want to stop the violence. If they were people like me and the other person down the street or whatever they’d be thinking with a bit more logic instead of a one way tracked mind that transitioning is the only answer and people must accept this, even though they don’t. I don’t understand why it’s necessary for a male to identify as a woman when it doesn’t even make any sense and the arguments for it is completely fictional. And yes it will get worse for transgenders. People have started hate groups such as the KKK for far less. I can almost guarantee that a hate group against transgenders will eventually form, if it’s not already formed already. Just because it’s not receiving the media attention or you haven’t heard of this doesn’t mean it’s not there. I guess i could say the same for transgender children but then again it wasn’t a part of history to begin with. Must not have been a major problem but suddenly in this day and age it is and we’re told to deal with it. With all the years of this being hidden in the dark, this is going to be a huge mess. Best to find that cure for gender dysphoria while your still alive!

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