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Cover of "Deliver Us"

Cover of Deliver Us

So, it’s May 25th 2011 now & i had the opportunity to listen to the “Sounds Of A Playground Fading” track as well as “A New Dawn”. My Opinion has changed, but not by much. The truth is, the new material does sound better then ‘A Sense Of Purpose’.  The lyrics are much better & while i do enjoy some tracks off of ASOP it didn’t really change the fact that the overall sound sounds bad & generic. But i found that it does have a certain melody to the material. You most likely will be able to find these tracks on Youtube. Deliver Us still deserves a 2.0 in ratings & will not change either in RYM. But.. i can listen to the song more often, it’s still not really recommended but i personally enjoy it.

I’m not going to repeat the same review i did on Rate Your Music, however it doesn’t change the fact i think the single is bad. Well it’s good & bad. The good part is the intro was pretty good, the bad part is the rest of the song sounds so watered down that it’s alternative rock. Back when Soundtrack To Your Escape came out i actually enjoyed listening to the newer style In Flames had. I even enjoyed Come Clarity as well. However.. A Sense Of Purpose took yet another direction, further away from the melodic death metal sound & from The Jester Race/Colony style. Now it’s 2011 & we got possibly another bad album coming our way. This track,

is shocking yet disappointing. Their upcoming album, Sounds Of A Playground Fading seems like In Flames is reaching a point where their style won’t resemble anything they once had. Should i remain optimistic? We’ll see. Honestly I’ll be looking around for melodic death metal. This band may not be as good as they once were. I already know they won’t continue on with melodic death metal but of course the fan-boys will just eat this band up & think that this is the best melodic death metal out there today.

“Who is At The Gates?”

“Who is Insomnium?”

“Who is Dark Tranquillity?”

“Who is Dimension Zero?”

These people may never know… I can only hope that people realize there are far better stuff out there then the stuff In Flames is was capable of.  I know where this is heading…

My rating: 2.0 stars (1 time listen, not recommended)

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