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Line For Tesla Supercharger Stretches Beyond Belief

Imagine having to spend an hour waiting to gas up your vehicle. It takes 3 minutes to refuel a gasoline tank while it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to almost 12 hours to charge an EV or electric vehicle back up. Now imagine having to wait in a line for an electric vehicle that has a queue of 10 vehicles or more. From the line there was at least 50 vehicles. They would be waiting at least for 5 hours.

Some say they need more chargers, except.. supposedly they can charge at home. Well it’s a problem if you are not at home or worse yet there’s no way to charge at home. Most EV enthusiasts have a garage or somewhere to charge at home. However, most do not have the ability to charge at home. Mostly apartments or condos and even some homes dont have a spot where they can hook up to an outlet.

As it stands the infrastructure wont support EVs. They can put charging stations around but it still takes 30 minutes or longer to charge. You will still have lines unless a mass quantity of charging stations were to be built. That may not be cheap to do either. The charge time is just too long and besides the cold draining the battery EVs are just not practical for many.

However EV enthusiasts, politicians and environmentalists dont seem to care that the negatives outweighs the positive of EV use. They’re pushing EVs too early and it’s going to lead to an early failure. Not that I don’t mind it failing but the fact is EVs are not going to make it. Not when people are being forced into buying one.

To top it off the forced EV adoption is costing jobs to make regular gas vehicles. Then again the auto sales are slumping in general. I don’t know about you but EVs are not practical for the most part and I don’t even want one.

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