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Image (Upon trying to insert this image wordpress changed stuff around and i couldn’t figure out how to do this, pissing me off, had to copy the code from another post.. this is what Windows 8 is doing and i think changing things for the sake of changing things is stupid! I wanted to get this post done quickly, but it’s taking forever no thanks to people continuously changing crap! Aggravating!! STOP CHANGING THE INTERFACE!!)

Like having Alzheimer’s forgetting that i hated Windows 8 so much that i am moving to Linux i ended up checking out Windows 8.1 preview. No not on my computer of course and i wouldn’t waste a partition for that. Anyway what can i say, few improvements but more removed features. Mainly WEI (Windows Experience Index) and Windows backup. Now whether or not you use these functions, i only use the WEI for easily being able to tell what i need to upgrade. This is yet another reason i will not stick with Microsoft. Going to a different site for blogging isn’t such a bad idea either, can’t figure out how to easy insert images anymore, gotta do it the hard way. Reminds me of Windows 8.

Not only that, the photo i posted, Windows 8.1 only addresses boot to desktop mode. Quite a fail in my mind when most of the users just wanted the start menu back and it was only a start button.  Microsoft determination to get users to upgrade from XP to Windows 8 and try to deal with the changes is ridiculous. Hell, i was aggravated by the changes in WordPress. Probably won’t use it anymore after this but i just wanted to get my point across that Windows or Microsoft rather is going in a wrong direction.  By MS going in the wrong direction i don’t mean that they shouldn’t appeal to the iPad or smartphone users i mean that they want everyone to upgrade to Windows 8.

Now, Windows XP on one hand is due for retirement. Windows Vista and 7 was not successful in getting XP users to upgrade and now they have the option to get Windows 7 or 8.  Now, essentially what they are doing here is not just the increased popularity of iPads, phones and other smaller devices but they are also trying to encourage users that modern apps are the way to go. That essentially this is what computers are here for. But they are not for just that and i feel that many people just need a computer to get work done, they use it for media or whatever. They don’t care about whether it has the latest features and they don’t want to have to relearn how to use an OS. This has been the case with every OS, Microsoft has always moved things around, changed a few things, ect.. but they were minor. You can still access your drive, all your files, ect, It really wasn’t that hard to do. With Windows 8 that has changed. No longer we have the nice Aero Glass look to Windows 7 but instead we are forced to deal with a bipolar OS called WIndows 8.

Now i keep on getting some feedback on my distaste for Windows 8, how Microsoft is ruining Windows and how PC sales have gone down. And they have, PC sales were not doing well when Vista and Windows 7 was around and i think that’s mostly due to the fact that users are not upgrading as much as they used to back then. That’s why many users are still on XP. XP retires in less than a year and there are still over 20% of XP users out there (and that is a lot of users). So now you have the Windows 8 fanboys who continue to try to convince users they need to upgrade to Windows 8 and then you have the Windows XP users who won’t touch Windows 7 or 8.  So now the problem that Microsoft has is that those 20% of XP users may not upgrade, they will most likely stay with XP because it works for them. I’d say, let them keep XP, in fact i still have XP and i’d rather keep using XP for my printing needs rather than having to buy a new printer.


Now, should you upgrade from XP? I do highly recommend that you do upgrade to Windows 7 or Linux but if you are fine with using what you have or refuse to replace your OS then by all means, stick with XP because while you may not continue to receive updates or the latest features, if it does what you want it to do then that’s all that matters. I don’t agree with the ‘forcing to change’ in order for to keep with the current software. Older software works fine and the only concern is being able to still use the internet, browsers that still support XP even after Microsoft doesn’t and also anti viral software still needs to support XP. Even though Windows 98 was abandoned, i can’t imagine to ever going back to that OS. I thought it was ok but the stability was awful, doesn’t support some of the system tools i use to keep my PC running efficiently and overall the look and feel of Windows 7 is so much better. However, Windows 7 might be the last OS i’ll ever get from Microsoft.


So should you upgrade from XP? Well like i said, it’s recommended but at the same time i am hoping many users will want to stick with it enabling the possibility for a new market into keeping Windows XP alive and up to date the best we can. Most software, at least the ones i use still work just fine with XP so even if they are not updated there’s still a chance XP might have a longer lifespan than what many people think it has.  While most are lead to believe we need to stop using older OS’s due to limited or no support is pretty silly, especially when it’s mostly coming from Microsoft.  I still see software developers still writing software for XP, continuing to update their programs and they haven’t abandoned them yet. They could simply do this if they wanted to like Microsoft is about to do but i think there’s a high chance XP will continue to thrive for many years to come. Many users seem dead set on wanting to keep XP so that will give hardcore Windows 7 users (like me) hope that just because MS is abandoning it, doesn’t mean it can’t be updated. And who’s to say that developers can’t do a better job than Microsoft. I bet you that there are developers out there who are willing to add HD into Windows XP, release updates to make the OS more stable. By now they would have figured out the coding behind XP.

Linux is by far a good choice as well and every system i build for users, i’ll throw in a Linux distro that i’d think would work well and then that’ll give them a better choice.  Windows 8 marked the day that changed PCs and how we use computers. It also marked the day that Windows users will realize that it’s not necessary to upgrade as there will be developers out there who are willing to help keep your OS alive.  People who don’t want the new OS’s will have the freedom to keep their existing systems and if there is a good number of users left on it then they will continue to receive updates. That is the vision of the future right there. Windows 8 might change more than you realize. No start menu? Lack of features that you want that an earlier OS had? Well you don’t have to deal with a new OS, you can keep using the same one or move to a different one that is most popular.  While it’s uncertain what will happen in the near future, with XP and with future Windows, i’d like to think we can have as many options as possible.  You don’t need Windows 8 to access the internet, write music, edit movies or whatever. There are other options. Don’t like the selection of software or Operating Systems out there? If you’re good with coding or a software developer, now is the time to make it happen! Don’t be stuck in a paradigm that Windows 8 is the future or the only way.

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