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It seems that the EV enthusiasts and environmentalists can’t stop with the electric car promotional while airplanes are flying without cargo or people in them which is just a waste. But these people are still entirely convinced its the cars that are polluting. Really just ignoring most of the grounded flights (yes some are actually not flown) and the reduced production going on. People are still driving however so it would seem that cars are not the primary source of pollution. Yes of course if you get them all together into one big traffic jam it’s just mostly they are not flowing to their destination fast enough.

So while there are claims that pollution is down, there’s still many trucks on the road. Completely ignoring that less planes and production are taking place.

This doesnt justify the push for electric cars and the banning of combustion engine vehicles. In fact it should only be as a last resort when everything else is cleaned up like air travel and production.

But the worst thing about an electric vehicle are the batteries. For starters they need Cobalt.
Ev batteries create critical cobalt situation

Even the Teslas require at least 10 lbs of Cobalt and the children in Congo are having to mine this stuff for an electric car battery. If that’s not enough the average lifespan of lithium ion batteries are 2-4 years. While Tesla claims they last longer (7 year old battery warranty) that doesnt actually mean they will last that long or they’ll last over a decade or two when you’ll have to shell out $17k for a new battery.

GM is attempting to build a $22k electric vehicle but there isn’t details on how long the batteries will last or the replacement costs for them is.

Average gasoline batteries last 3-5 years and most of them will die after 5 years and they are mostly used to start the car. Tesla claims their batteries will last 300-500k miles but there isnt actual real data pertaining to this and real world results are different.

Batteries replaced twice in 400k miles

Much of it was due to charging it at the supercharger so faster charging in this situation damages the batteries. Of course this shows that electric vehicles are not good for traveling even though these people do it and say it can work. Not without destroying the batteries. They didnt even last 3 years. Yes supercharging it to 100% instead of 80% may have caused the degradation but so did the constant usage. It would stand to reason that within the next few years we’ll hear of more electric vehicle batteries giving up, especially in California and Norway. Both heat and cold are bad for batteries, so we’ll most likely see a downfall of these batteries soon. Batteries do not last and unless you keep a set of Eneloops in the drawer and use them in lights and all that you wont see too many 10 year old batteries still usable. Best case scenario is you’ll get 10 years or 250k miles out of an electric car battery until it starts to give you problems. That could be up to par with gasoline vehicles as you’ll encounter similar issues but for the most part a gas vehicle just need a new belt, a battery and a new water pump. The fact is you can either pay maintenance throughout its use or pay for it down the road which is generally costly to replace an electric car battery. $10k or more. $5k or more for hybrids. I would stick with gasoline vehicles until a realistic alternative comes around. If you cant trust a gasoline powered vehicle battery to last why would going electric be any better? Buying an EV used would also be foolish. Especially since you dont even know whether the batteries are really any good.

Maybe another decade we’ll really see the numbers but in a few years we’ll see how those batteries are holding up after 6-8 years. The technology is still new and hasn’t been around for very long so real world results is needed and it seems that some are replacing their electric car batteries every other year already. Will also be interesting how long some companies that wildly splurged on EV company vehicles will last as well. My guess is they’ll be seeing battery replacements every year negating any savings whatsoever.

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So, I havent really been into videogames much lately but I always tried to get a hold of a few. When I was young I would be playing Megaman, Super Mario, Zelda all the classics on Nintendo and Super Nintendo. One of my other favorite game series was Final Fantasy.

The original which was released 32 years ago (1987 December) in Japan was the last game Squaresoft was probably going to be made because they had trouble selling games. Who would have thought that this one game saved the company from becoming bankrupt. In 1997 Squaresoft (now Square Enix) released Final Fantasy VII for the original Playstation.


FFiV (2)
(Final Fantasy IV Remake – Nintendo DS December 2007 / Originally on Super NES as Final Fantasy II 1991 )

Final Fantasy started becoming an epic story driven game with Final Fantasy IV.

(On Super Nes as Final Fantasy III 1994)

They later continued on with Final Fantasy VI, I dont recall Final Fantasy V having an epic story it was more of the same like the previous games and that game wasn’t released in the U.S. until after 2000.

So with the latest games its certainly not a surprise that Square has gone full on with a cinematic experience for the Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy VII already had an epic story (much like FFIV and VI is) so some of the scenes that are shown in these previews are already in the original but instead of the character sprites (or in FFVII’s case 3D models or CG cutscenes). They added new scenes while some others scenes are variations or an extension of the original.

Since Square Enix wanted to include much of everything from the original game so they split it up. They only finished with the first part which is only in Midgar. Playing this game into about 15 hours in and they do have a ton more material in it. Everything is completely voiced which potentially adds to the story.

In the original game you play as a Mercenary that the leader of a terrorist organization Avalanche. The original didnt focus a whole lot on the aftermath and what Avalanche being accused of a major explosion. Walking around passing by non playable characters or the civilians of Midgar you really get the scope of what your players ended up causing which is just as bad (if not worse) as our 9/11, Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima/Nagasaki attacks. It left scars for years to come. This game sort of displays that and shows how some of the civilians have anger and frustration over the Avalanche group.

Avalanche is considered an anti-terrorist group which believes that by disabling Mako reactors (similar to Nuclear reactors) will save the planet from being sucked dry as Mako reactors draw up energy that the planet provides. They’re not really so much as environmentalists as much as they know if Mako keeps getting sucked up, there will not be any life on the planet and itll just crumble to space debris.

As the group pushes on Shinra which is basically providers for the people on the planet they later find out about a Promised Land which is lead to believe to hold large amounts of Mako, Shinra wants to take advantage of that and in order to do that there is one living Ancient or Cetra that is potentially capable of finding this Promise Land, Aerith.


Shinra wants to use her to find it. Sephiroth which happens to be sighted after finding out that Jenova was found at the Shinra headquarters leads the Avalanche group around the world into searching for the Promised Land. I won’t go more into detail but needless to say this was a huge game that got a whole lot bigger. The first part, Midgar is a full length game (which is actually short for these strategy games due to graphic detail and a ton of voiceovers). So this is the reason Square went with the separate parts. Its hard to say how far the second part will progress along with how long will it take for it to get finished. Maybe we’ll get screenshots in a month or two but hopefully we’ll get a preview by Christmas.

Anyway this game is spectacular. Some critics will say it’s not progressing far enough and its padded like crazy with lousy side missions. I thought for sure it was going to be a drag but so far I’m having fun exploring in the game. It is pretty linear but it’s not overly done that way either. It’s a lot of fun and visually it’s amazing. I wouldn’t base my opinions on the negatives people really should check this game out and there is a ton of videos showing the gameplay. Even if you’re not a gamer or willing to spend the money on a gaming console (or waiting for the computer version) there is video walkthroughs and more than likely will have a cinematic cut of the game out on YouTube. Square might even come up with their own cinematic version of the game and release it on blu ray or whatever format and put it up on Netflix. They certainly could and potentially get more money that way. Until then here’s some more trailers for the game. Here is my rating score (10 being the best 1 the worst)

Gameplay: 9.3
Visuals: 9.7
Story: 9.8
Overall: 9.7

Here’s more trailers..

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