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Yes, that’s right more music artists are banning shows in NC. It in fact doesn’t let up, the latest http://loudwire.com/pearl-jam-eddie-vedder-explains-north-carolina-boycott-transgender-legislation/

Yep that’s right, Pearl Jam. What little these companies and artists are doing is only hurting themselves. Yeah, PayPal has hundreds of people cancelling accounts.


“PayPal does business in 25 countries where homosexual behavior is illegal, including 5 countries where the penalty is death, yet they object to the North Carolina legislature overturning a misguided ordinance about letting men in to the women’s bathroom? Perhaps PayPal would like to try and clarify this seemingly very hypocritical position.” Just last month PayPal announced they would be expanding into Cuba, a country in which homosexuals and transgender people are imprisoned, tortured, and executed. PayPal only agreed to come to Charlotte in the first place after holding out for millions in corporate incentives. And under the current law that they are so strongly protesting, PayPal could have chosen their own corporate bathroom policies.

Hmm seeing how PayPal is so hypocritical, i’d say more people are banning the use of Paypal, https://www.afa.net/the-stand/press-releases/2016/04/time-to-hold-corporate-america-accountable-cancel-paypal-account/


This is only the tip of the iceberg, music artists are in the same boat. This law has everyone in a political stand and while corporations and artists are banning NC, people are banning these entities. NC isn’t really getting slammed, other than trying to be singled out but it’s nothing new, people who have spent money on tickets may spend that money on something else. Granted if they get a refund, if not fans are going to be upset, since they are anyway the only ones getting hurt are the ones doing the banning against NC. But, they are continuing to do otherwise and continuing to piss off fans. It’ll be interesting what happens afterwards to these artists and businesses, whether or not they’ll actually recover or even sink, some will.. especially the lesser known ones that don’t have that many fans to begin with.

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Despite making some headway in creating a more safer environment for women and children, the transgender mafia continues to make things more difficult.



for an example was going to bring new jobs to NC but backed out at the last minute because they didn’t like NC’s trans bill law, which by the way 100s of people have cancelled their Paypal accounts so it’s unlikely Paypal would be opening a new facility, so really it’s Paypal’s loss not North Carolina.

It’s funny considering there was this other big thing,


which is completely ignored as “oh so you found 1 convicted sex offender” and if you look up more info on transgender sex offenders you’ll find that it’s a huge mess. So NC wrote and signed in a law that prevents these sex offenders from waltzing into the ladies room because they ‘identify as transgender’. Furthermore, this law will allow people to kick out anyone who doesn’t belong in the ladies room and the heavy push against this law makes me wonder, the only people really affected by this law would be sex offenders. If you dress appropriately you can use the bathroom you identify as and there is no problem because who is going to post security guards at every bathroom entrance? Maybe some private company but at Walmart or Sears no one is going to care and the only people losing in this battle are the companies such as Paypal and Disney.




Some other links related to this topic and nothing really has changed, however businesses and artists are getting upset over this new law, yet did they bother to read and understand it and wonder is anyone actually going to enforce this law let alone know if someone is transgender? Transgenders are at risk no matter what bathroom they use. The fact is whether this law protects transgenders or singles them out it’s not going to matter either way. They are still targeted.

Vigil Held For Transgender Teen Critically Injured In Hit-And-Run


With the lack of common sense, it’s really quite amazing that these people have gotten this far in life but the average lifespan of a transgender is 30 years that sounds a bit more plausible.


But this activism completely ignores the results of their shallow lifestyle. Its really bothersome but this generally a symptom of a greater problem that has been seemingly ignored by professionals.


Transgender Characters May Win Emmys, But Transgender People Hurt Themselves


Only a select few have been speaking their minds, including Walt Heyer. Which is often ignored by the transgender community, either because they are unable to see or understand reality or that the transgender community really is being driven by sex offenders, which one was already found out in North Carolina. The truth will eventually come out and transitioning will be a thing of the past. This is peak transgender times right now and evidently they are having their prime time right now but eventually will fail, in a really major way. There isn’t a whole lot of success right now and the anti trans laws will continue to make its way onto governor desks, discrimination won’t change, while transgender activists may change a few hundred minds there’s another few hundred minds that are not convinced and won’t fall for any of it.  In fact with now transgender teen deaths, something that was unheard of a decade ago is suddenly becoming the norm.

While they keep spewing false lies such as this, http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/04/talking-people-about-gay-and-transgender-issues-can-change-their-prejudices


It’s going to actually make things worse,

With NC’s success in writing a comprehensive safe law for women and children and this law for the most part, well again dress appropriately and you won’t have any problems that more states are working on a law like NC, http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/with-north-carolina-seven-other-states-are-considering-restricting-bathrooms-for-transgender-people/

If they do it right it will work. It is not our responsibility to accommodate those who were not properly treated. As Matt Walsh has said, it’s not the people who are the bullies, it’s the transgender activism. Most people were unaware of transgenders so how could they get bullied? 2015, transgender murders skyrocketed. Now we have transgender teens getting run over, bullied to suicide,


and constant death threats it’s a wonder why this is continually being sanctioned. It should be outlawed and adults shouldn’t be making transition a choice for children. Allowing or saying it’s ok to let your boy be a girl is child abuse! People should be more upset that there are doctors who allow this sort of thing than trying to single out the parents for making such a poor choice for their child. The problem is, the transgender activism is not helping, bullying parents into believing that transitioning for their child is the only option. Really, this is what the kind of laws politicians should be making is banning transitioning treatments for children, because then there wouldn’t be such a huge backlash on anti-trans laws if there is more common sense employed instead of ‘oh my child think he or she is trans’. No they are confused and these parents are helping the confusion. And these anti-trans laws are definitive proof that these parents are not understanding what is really going on in the world with transgenders. Society is discriminative towards transgenders, it’s a fact of reality and lawmakers are reacting to a situation they know nothing about. And it’s really disturbing that this is still continuing, http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/girl-put-transgender-house-hate-church-article-1.2591708

This 8 year old kid is going to have quite a lot of death threats if it’s not happening already. It is unacceptable and the parents should be ashamed of themselves for even allowing this to be on the news. Pretty soon this sort of thing will be as common as parents leaving thier children in hot cars.

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How can i put this oh so delicately? Windows 8 sucks! It sucks so much that i can’t even see any good in this OS. You lose the start menu, have to download Windows Media Center (to even get dvd playback) you lose some of Aero features and it’s all for the sake of the new UI. It’s crap! Total crap! I don’t care about modern apps, even on my cellphone i don’t mess around with too many apps on there and i wouldn’t pay a penny for one! So why in God’s name did Microsoft unleash this hellish catastrophe? It doesn’t make me wanna go out and buy a touch screen for my desktop and i have little need for portable devices like a tablet. Even then i have a laptop that i use when i go out somewhere, it still doesn’t encourage me to buy anything new. The hybrid laptop/tablets look interesting but it’s mostly Windows 8. I just hate the UI that much, my Android phone looks better than 8. I wouldn’t touch WIndows 8 with a stick or a bullet proof vest. I don’t know whether Microsoft will rectify this with Windows 9 but i’ll be most likely primarily use Linux by then. I don’t ever plan on getting any new MS OS’s long as the metro stupid interface stays in Windows.


But that’s not even the worst part in Windows 8. There’s a good chunk of others who hate Windows 8 as much as i do and there are some who like it enough to get the start menu back and lock the OS to the desktop. I wasn’t sure how i felt about that because it’s still supporting a crap OS. Can’t look at the good in 8 because it’s so awful. The worst part in Windows 8 are those who lurk around on Amazon and those who think users should stop whining about the OS and deal with it “because it’s the future”. This ridiculous idea that Windows 8 is the future is laughable. Let alone that tablets and cellphones will replace desktops and possibly laptops. Not to mention some Windows 8 users don’t understand all the hate it’s getting. Either these users were living under a rock or that they are too busy using tablets and other touch screens to really care about something like the start menu or that they don’t really use the desktop for heavy lifting software. Sales might be high for Windows 8 but hardly anyone is using it or those that are using it has it locked down to the desktop. You’re in the minority if you actually think touch works on a desktop. However i am not taking the chance that MS will rectify all the mistakes they made with Windows 8 (for starters removing 7’s features) on WIndows 9. I already knew 8.1 wouldn’t be much better other then the bugs. They are too stubborn to give users a choice.


Overall i think that Windows 8 is just here because users are bored of the same old 20 year old desktop that they think needed to be improved. I don’t see anything wrong with Windows 7 it works great and it’s fast enough depending on your hardware and settings. I think some users are trying to make a point that Windows 7 doesn’t work as great as 8 just to see it flourish. However besides the sales, it’s doing worse than Vista and 8.1 won’t be any better. Either stick with Windows changes or move to Linux. MS will eventually have to create a proper Windows 7 kind of desktop (or an improved version of Windows 7) in order to stay on top otherwise they will lose the throne, which imo they already have lost it. It’s just taking users time to switch to Apple or Linux.

Also, if you’re interested in Linux try out Linux mint. It’s great and you won’t be disappointed. Windows 8 and it’s user base can keep their new UI change, those who don’t like it will be moving elsewhere.

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