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Like a snowball effect the hatred against transgenders continue to rise among Americans. It’s really not that surprising considering the amount of backlash goes on during the daily basis such as what is going on with these kids, 4 convicted of kidnapping and torturing a special needs man which has received death threats already.

Scott Pruitt Leads Opposition Against Transgender People in America
Family Rejection Leaves Too Many Transgender Americans Homeless
Transgender people skip food and drink to avoid using public bathrooms
Transgender Rights Are Under Attack in These 11 States
In Mass., transgender patients decry hostility over medical care
Detroit man accused of shooting transgender woman in the face
former town councilor and father-of-two, 46, is found dead alongside 21-year-old transgender woman
Transgender girl, 11, ‘shot in the head with BB gun at school after five-month bullying campaign’
Transgender woman sentenced to prison for sex acts with teen boys in Torrance

And a couple of my favorites,

Transgender Killer Moved from Female Prison after Sex with Inmates
A Parent’s Guide To Not Transing The Kids

In those sea of links (yes i often get this in my newsfeeds) and it’s just a bit disconcerting to say the least. Mostly the fact that there is fight between whether or not it’s ok to let kids transition or not. Transgender visibility in the media is definitely increasing and it has not changed my perception. There’s a lot of hate against transgenders and a few links above including the trans killer having sex with female inmates and sure, if you read the article carefully and do the research they are not transgender at all. But the general public doesn’t care. All it takes is the fact the guy claimed he was transgender to take advantage of the situation and he was pretty successful at it too, to get people riled up.

Many people do not trust transgenders for these reasons and already there’s a lot of hate and violence against transgenders. If they are not driven to suicide someone will try to murder them. But like anything, transgender activists will put the blame on the media and the public for having such an irrational fear or hate for transgenders. Not only that transgender activism continues to lump intersex people as transgender. Parents know this and that should be the only medical intervention for children to decide, with adult supervision of course. More than likely this is where it all started and broadened to include children who exhibit gender dysphoria. Whatever the case is the other link, a parent’s guide to not transing the kids shows that people are growing impatient that someone like Kenneth Zucker will come around to help raise their kids so they do not have to fear their life. Such as the link where an 11 year old transgender kid got shot in the head with a BB gun. The insanity of allowing a child to transition and then is subjected to constant bullying which leads to destructive harm. It just won’t end either, even though that article may have a happy ending it just ends with a bunch of people supporting the kid through the grief which gives the kid a moment of relief. But it won’t stop. It will get worse for these people when they get involved in relationships and while you can do background checks on people, just because they are nice and not dangerous to be around doesn’t mean something bad will happen.

When i was a young Christian, i’ve seen other Christians do harmful things to others and couldn’t understand it. Later on in life i have noticed that like with anything else, Christianity is just a label. I have seen Christians listen to satanic music such as Deicide (though i know many that are too afraid to even touch that subject) and later on came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter who you are, what religion you have you still have to just watch out for everyone. Nowadays not much does surprise me, as a metalhead who happens to be a Christian, i see that others are similar. But that’s another subject altogether (which may end up in the next blog, metal music and Christianity).

Back to the subject at hand, in reality the transgender activism is self destructing, take a look at this article, (I am Jazz) Doll based on transgender teen to debut at New York Toy Fair and already the comments are flooding in on this topic (on Facebook mostly) ranging from transgenders are mentally ill to commenting on the doll, “is the private parts detachable?”. I have even seen a couple that mention if the doll commits suicide. This is how people see transgenders. And still the transgender activists insist that children be allowed to choose their gender (or live as the gender they feel that they are, because they are born that way). These people do not really have the best interest in our children’s future and continue to force feed American parents that transing your kids is the only way to prevent the suicide risk. Which has been proven time and again that is just false. Sure, parents who support their trans kids are more likely to have a lower suicide risk but in order to avoid the outside interference you have to find a location that largely supports transgenders and then move. That isn’t an option for many people and including parents with children, battling the finances and keeping the job they are happy with already.

But what the transgender activism wants is to change society. They most likely don’t think that parents should move. The parents should be ‘educating the neighbors and schools’. And well, trying to convince people of intersex people (which should be a different story) is difficult enough, people still consider intersex to be ‘freaks of nature’. The hate continues but again this damages the ability for intersex people to live normally because while the gender dysphoria gets all the attention, the intersex subject gets tucked away quietly but they too are being discriminated against due to the transgender label. Again as always, it’s recommended that parents learn the dangers of allowing their children to transition and to find another way. As parents are coming together to compare notes on how to help their kids, there is already another way and there may just be other people like Kenneth Zucker out there who actively helps children overcome their confusion about gender.

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Two men beat up transgender woman
Transgender attack caught on video

Transgender violence continues to be at an all time high, however, the men in the video was targeting (looking for) transgenders. This shows that transgenders are not safe and as i have said in other posts, that it will continue to get worse for transgenders and it definitely has. Despite the activism attempting to make strides it also is creating additional discrimination. This is especially dangerous for children who identify as transgender. I could only imagine that these people could have come across a kid who identified as transgender what they would do to that child. It is very important that parents are aware of these violent attacks against transgenders and as i said, it’ll get worse, it has and will continue to do so. People or transphobic people will not back down and they, like the men in the video are anything but tolerant.

It is especially important to ensure that children are not exposed to the lifestyles of transgenders that instead of advocating transitioning, that professionals find other methods instead.

Edit: There’s also another attack, Man in Center City strikes transgender woman, yells slurs

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Giving kids who believe they are transgender hormone blockers and other related drugs is very harmful. In fact it’s deadly,

If you heard that gender conversion therapy is dangerous, especially Christians that perform this therapy in their basements to try to convince children to be the gender they were assigned to at birth. Well, hormone blockers is worse. Some of the serious symptoms of one called Lupron, http://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/lupron

Severe depression, including suicidal thoughts
In men with prostate cancer, it may cause diabetes, urinary tract blockage, stroke, and sudden death
Heart rhythm changes
Liver damage
Decrease in bone mass and an increase in osteoporosis risk

Others symptoms include…

Depression and moodiness
Yeast infections in women
Weight loss or gain
Itching and peeling of the skin
Abnormal sensations in fingers and toes, weakness, and lack of muscle strength
Changes in sexual desire
Erectile dysfunction (ED)

And these drugs are being used on children, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leuprorelin

The only two on this list should be very disconcerting such as heart rhythm changes where you are altering the body’s ability to properly function and easily cause heart failure and severe depression leading to suicide. Transgenders already are at a very high risk for suicide and once this drug is put into a kids system that risk of suicide increases exponentially. And that’s the only stuff that they’ll tell you!

There’s more… https://www.drugs.com/spironolactone.html

  • signs of stomach bleeding–bloody or tarry stools, coughing up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds;
  • high potassium–slow heart rate, weak pulse, muscle weakness or limp feeling, tingly feeling;
  • low sodium–confusion, slurred speech, hallucinations, severe weakness, loss of coordination, feeling unsteady, seizure (convulsions), fainting, shallow breathing (breathing may stop); or
  • symptoms of any electrolyte imbalance–dry mouth, increased thirst, drowsiness, lack of energy, restless feeling, confusion, nausea, vomiting, increased urination, muscle cramps or weakness, fast heart rate, little or no urinating, or feeling like you might pass out.

And more… https://www.drugs.com/sfx/spironolactone-side-effects.html                            (list of symptoms is on the bottom)

Kids should not be exposed to this drug hormone therapy!

Parents of children who may believe they are doing the right thing is only seeing one side of the story and often times believe that their child is at risk if they don’t seek a professional. Ex transgenders such as the ones in the video above and Walt Heyer who is often disregarded as credible so they are explained away. The problem is that people like Walt Heyer was just like the kids are today who think they are a different gender/sex then what they were assigned to at birth. Just as 90% of all children who think they are born in the wrong body, outgrow it without intervention.

Giving these children these drugs is extremely harmful and parents need to understand what they are doing to thier children. Doctors may may that these side effects are rare and transgenders may try to bully you to get your kid hormone blockers telling you that your kid will have a higher chance of suicide if you don’t give them the harmful drugs, that the risk is minimal and people are overreacting. However it seems that more and more ex transgenders are speaking out despite being shunned by the transgender community.

Except that the ex transgenders have been through it all. They will tell you that it’s not worth being transgender. That if they can get through their ‘gender dysphoria’ then so can these children.

People are not born transgender, Transgender Identities Are Not Always Permanent
It’s a mental condition, a social disorder.

Furthermore, There is No Proof That People Are Born Gay or Transgender

And unfortunately we now have, Child, 4, world’s youngest-ever ‘sex change’ patient   This agenda is becoming worse.

Spiro side effects:

fever with or without chills
general feeling of tiredness or weakness
hives, itching, or skin rash
increased thirst
inverted nipple
loss of appetite
lower back or side pain
lump in the breast or under the arm
muscle pain or cramps
muscle spasms or twitching
nausea and vomiting
painful or difficult urination
persistent crusting or scaling of the nipple
pinpoint red spots on the skin
puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue
redness or swelling of the breast
severe stomach pain
shakiness and unsteady walk
sore on the skin of the breast that does not heal
sore throat
sores, ulcers, or white spots on the lips or in the mouth
swelling of the face, fingers, feet, ankles, or lower legs
swollen, painful, or tender lymph glands in the neck, armpit, or groin
tightness in the chest
troubled breathing
unpleasant breath odor
unsteadiness, trembling, or other problems with muscle control or coordination
unusual bleeding or bruising
unusual tiredness or weakness
vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds
weight gain
yellow eyes or skin

Symptoms of overdose:
Irregular heartbeat
numbness or tingling in the hands, feet, or lips
rash with flat lesions or small raised lesions on the skin
reddened skin
weakness or heaviness of the legs

hair loss or thinning of the hair
leg cramps

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My wordpress page was generally around technology and music. However the past couple of years, social media has been fired up over this transgender topic. Transgender children, transgender bathroom rights, transgender this and that and i’m thinking.. what happened? 10, 20 years ago this would have been seen as the devil incarnation and these people would have been forced into a mental facility or somewhere else. Whatever the case is, if you know me i am sick and tired of stupidity and lack of logical reasoning. The problem is, nothing about transgender is logical and it’s about as stupid and ridiculous as it sounds!

The fact is, not everything in life can be obtained or wished on a whim so i do all i can to help myself and others into making rational decisions. So with all my ranting over transgenders in other places and even being rude and hateful that is just simply just not the way as it normally is. Though the idea of transitioning just makes my blood boil that this is even a discussion. Take this for instance, http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/parents-threaten-remove-children-primary-7567192

The idea that some schools or teachers feel they need to teach people about transgenders because it’s not enough for these people to be discriminated against and being led to the slaughterhouse it’s the fact that they continue to ignore all that and try to push against all sense of logic. The fact that the parents are threatening.. heck i wouldn’t threaten i would just do it. Take your kids out of school period! Don’t even give them an option. Just force them to make a better decision. I wouldn’t even give them any other reason. Schools are to teach people, not to give kids an idea that they can become a different gender. And the reason for this is because trans activists are trying to get more people to accept this insanity! I’m not even going to get into why they are doing this but some of them have already been found out as sex offenders. This is a question of right and wrong and it is wrong to even think about transitioning or being transgender is normal or even acceptable. It’s even worse when hate groups rise out like the KKK and instead of it being discriminative towards blacks it’s going to be far worse for transgenders. I can guarantee you that within the next 5-10 years (if even that) there will be a transgender hate group and it’s not going to be pretty. It’s going to make the dark ages look like a children’s love story.

So what does this mean for my website? Well you’re probably going to hear a lot more on the transgender subject and i’m not going to sit idly by and watch this world fall apart and innocent children get hurt because some adults are mentally disturbed. Nope, and this is not hate speech. This is an opinion that the transgender community are trying to bully their way into existence when there should be a more logical and ethical form of treatment for these people, whether or not gender dysphoria exists it does not mean people need to radically change their way of thinking to meet the needs of these people. There is another solution but it’s only going to be present for those who seek it. Transitioning is an unacceptable form of treatment for these people and it makes me sick to my stomach that this was even considered let alone advocated. If we can’t make even one little proper decision such as this, how are we even supposed to survive for much longer? The world will eventually fall apart by this way of thinking.

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