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As the news has been saying, Best Buy will stop CD sales as digital music continues to take over Target might not be far behind.

At first I was thinking that who has bought a CD from Best Buy or Target lately? I myself primarily use Amazon as albums often times have many editions and Best Buy doesn’t always carry what you want, so it’s not a huge loss if Best Buy or Target stops carrying CDs.

However recently it seems that music CDs are becoming more difficult to find, at least the edition of album you are looking for. I prefer to buy albums in its entirety.  Most of the time the bonus tracks are worth to take the extra time to look for. However the special edition of Dark Tranquillity’s Fiction. Others are more difficult to find even though the artist is still around and you are forced to gamble on a used copy.

So CDs are quickly on its way to becoming shorthanded. It’s really a shame considering digital media is of lesser quality. Mp3s do not cut it. Sure it’s very close but for me very close does not work. Many audiophiles agree that Mp3s are inferior. Surely formats like Flac and Wav are lossless like CDs but it gets rough when you have more than 300 albums. You need around 300GB and last I checked mobile storage memory is expensive, more space means more $$$. It’s cheaper to buy audio CDs at this point. Even though Mp3s may be more conservative with taking up space, it averages around 150mb while Flac can take up more than 300mb. And like I said mp3s are almost CD quality. Like 90% or more. Wma or Windows media format, you can cram more audio in without the loss of sound. However with mp3 quality at around 90% converting mp3 to Wma won’t help the sound quality any and will drop under 80% and you’ll notice a change. I’m not picky on digital media sound much but if I hear a decline on sound quality it becomes irritating. So I’d prefer to use audio CDs and rip them to Wma and I can keep most albums under 40mb without any noticeable quality loss, at least for me. It doesn’t always work though and have to increase the bite rate conversion.

My guess though, I think most people will not take the time or energy to upload their CD collection onto the computer. I don’t even think they use or even seen an actual computer. A laptop PC maybe and this is very apparent to the younger generation. Don’t get me wrong it’s great that these people are willing to help save the planet of ridding ourselves of needless plastic, needless things that clutter up space. In fact if a lossless quality sound, digital memory wasn’t an issue and a 3D image of a CD album for the artwork was possible id be all for abandoning the plastic mess. But Mp3s are lossy and unfortunately record companies didn’t think ahead, however people sometimes move faster than technology and monetary income can keep up.

To be fair I had more music interest than money so I had downloaded music illegally without purchasing the album if I liked the album and this is now the result, music cds are at risk of becoming an artifact and only seen in a museum. But since I’ve gained income, I am now playing catch up.

For now CDs are still the superior music format. If you are a fan of music and care enough about music quality, it’s time to abandon mp3s and keep buying CDs. Vinyl made a comeback, which doesn’t really do good for CD sales. Vinyl are even bigger, thinner but I don’t need anything that big.

And I hate to say this but if CDs go away, maybe it’s time to hang it up and stop discovering new music, even if it’s a favorite bands new album. It wouldn’t be good.

Sadly DVD and Blu Ray may receive the same fate.

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The transgender war continues as both sides fail to come to a consensus. The war is everywhere, in locker rooms, restrooms, whether transgenders should play in sports, even whether people want to date transgender people or not,

which discrimination could mean that you just have dating preferences with a certain race or gender. But that’s besides the point, some people just want to date people of the opposite sex (biologically speaking). And this is a major reason why i prefer not to date period. One of the reasons anyway. If transgenders feel they are being discriminated against and especially when some people don’t understand there’s another meaning behind it, it’s going to be rough in the dating world as more people open up to being transgender. But the resistance against transgender people and dating them also opens up the transgenders to feel like they shouldn’t say anything which makes matters worse.

It’s quite ridiculous to say the least especially when some transgenders prefer people to be open and honest about their feelings on dating a transgender. Another problem is some of the comments (i don’t think it’s in that particular YouTube video) at least one or two people are claiming that transgenders can change sex. Basically they are trying to say that a person that is born a male who identifies as a woman is genetically female at birth but has a birth defect with male parts. It’s like some of these transgenders really are manipulative and deceiving others by saying these things as the truth. It’s one thing if they were intersex (or if they got a DNA test at birth and shown to be the wrong sex), which should not be associated with transgenders, those who feel they need to express their gender identity that doesn’t match their sex (what they were assigned at birth).

The argument here is that we, the 99% need to accommodate the 1% is faulty reasoning. There is no way of pleasing everyone on this planet, if that was the case we’d all be driving luxury or fast sports cars, living the real dream without having to work for it. And often times the 99% isn’t being met, it’s only a small fraction of those who are free to do what they wish and right now that tends to harm the majority in some way or another.

New report shows Target is feeling the devastating effects of their transgender bathroom policy

This article here, shows that Target has lost sales in the transgender bathroom policy announcement. Had they been quiet, they never would have had such a huge backlash that harmed the company. And already problems has arose from the bathroom announcement, Man Tries To Film Minor In Target Dressing Room along with others one had a Target bathroom damaged by a bomb. Sure these problems could happen anyway but when you happen to mention that men can go into the women’s restroom (or changing area) it’s going to invite perverts in. You can rationalize that all you want but Target should have been more careful, like any other business politics and defending a small group of people in your sales market does not help your end, especially with an unpopular topic such as transgender.

How Democrats sold out the transgender community in North Carolina

Even the N.C.A.A. backed down although their image has already been damaged. BOYCOTT NCAA

But if that wasn’t enough, we got, Transgender bullying is on the rise. How can we stop misinformation spreading? Misinformation breeding misinformation. Some people want to convince others transgenders are not mentally ill. It’s one thing to say that you are a transgender woman, but it’s another thing to say and try to convince others that they are simply a woman or female. Crossdressing is about the limit of the logic of this gender debate. Even in the article, transgenders (or crossdressers), males who identify as women know that they are not real women. The biggest problem here is that you can’t simply fight biology and disregard nature. By any means, transgenderism will fail. The reality is that the transgender acceptance by minorities is a symptom of social collapse. Just like Target losing sales over a bathroom policy, it’s a sign that society and humanity in general does not support gender identity or transgenders. At least 30% will always be against transgender ideology. As 90% will reject pedophilia we are quickly heading towards another Sodom and Gomorrah devastation.

If you are not familiar with the story behind Sodom and Gomorrah,

“They called to Lot, ‘Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.'” The angels then proceed to blind all the men of Sodom and Gomorrah and urge Lot and his family to flee from the cities to escape the wrath that God was about to deliver. Lot and his family flee the city, and then “the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah — from the LORD out of the heavens. Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities…”

In light of the passage, the most common response to the question “What was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?” is that it was homosexuality.”

What was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?

It probably won’t be the destruction of the world, but it does mean that the world will be in chaos. Possibly considering tensions between the US and other countries, Are We in a New Cold War With Russia? Again, may or may not happen soon and since homosexuality seems so acceptable in today’s society (somewhat anyway) it doesn’t mean once society crumbles once again that homosexuality may be crushed once again. But that’s not really the topic. Transgender ideology is more than likely the driving force heading towards collapse. Now this may not make much sense or is logical by any means but it has happened in the past. Anytime homosexuality or transgenderism was acceptable in past societies, they all have been destroyed. It stands to reason that if were to happen in the near future that this trend of social collapse and perversion acceptance is connected. One time it may ‘just happen’. A second time a coincidence, a third, forth (you get the idea) it starts to look like a connection. Whether or not it will really happen, well only time will tell. Guess it’s time to get a bomb shelter.

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Now that we got that cheesy title out of the way yet something else has been brought to my attention and i couldn’t wait to write this down in my wordpress blog! (not really…) Anyway i need another disclaimer trying to avoid the wrath of the transgender mafia experts that this blog is an opinion. If you feel like you are going to get threatened stop reading! I don’t need someone rushing to the deep end saying they are going to call up Obama to have my account removed because i am posting something logical, something that coherently makes sense. So again this is an opinion.

But here’s the thing, transgenders think that they are entitled to be who they believe that they are and they claim to have science to back up that fact, so any little hitch in the road is a no go. There’s a lot of various information going around and some of it has been said to been false. Target is facing backlash for announcing their policy that they do not discriminate against transgenders and that men can use the women’s restroom. Yes.. they can.


That petition is up to 1,121,000 signatures. Already we have people stating that oh AFA is a hate group and they manipulate their numbers. But then, Target has lost $1.5 billion in sales,



And there’s proof of this. Yet people are denying that boycotts don’t have any effect. And then they claim that other companies such as Google, Walmart, and Facebook are all pro transgender. Except they haven’t claimed that they endorsed men to visit the womens room. Target didn’t need to announce that they support transgender. In fact they could have been discreet about it. Transgenders say they have been using the bathroom of their choice for years and no one noticed. So why now? There may be some theories circling around such as with Planet Fitness where a transgender was using the women’s locker room and a lady complained then got banned from the place. Another one may be transgender children and the recent uproar on them being accommodated in schools.

Target was foolish enough to even consider publically announcing their views on transgenders (or non gender conforming people). Transgenders have been discriminated against since the dawn of time. It’s only been recent that they have been demanding equal rights. I have been saying for years though that being transgender is not smart or recommended. Now i could debate whether or not transgenders have a mental illness but the main reason that i think they do is because no matter what you say to the transgender community they always have some excuse, like “i was born transgender” or “transitioning is the only cure we have”. These are all excuses. Right now i am battling trying to get the effort to organize all my stuff so when i move it’s really easy. Remove what i don’t need and make it so i only need to make fewer trips. I can’t do it. I’ll do it for an hour and then i’ll stop and never do it again for months! My excuse? That i’m tired. While i don’t need to move until next February i’d like to be prepared in case i need to do it at an earlier time. Maybe i could bring some of the stuff to my parents place so it would make the moving day far easier.

But again, i generally tell myself, i don’t want to do it.. too tired, i’ll do it tomorrow. But whatever. It’s a process. I have to tell myself that i can do it and i should. There are some people who don’t want to become trans so they avoid it. Walt Heyer for an example grew out of it. But then that’s another excuse transgender say, Walt Heyer isn’t trans, he was a confused individual who thought he was transgender. And basically whatever they come across they don’t like, they discriminate, hate on and deny that even ever happened. Like this story for an example,

CRIME TEXAS: Transgender Caught Taking Pictures of 13-yr-old girls at Target – LGBT’s Leader: She was born…

Ok, i’ll bite.. perhaps it is fake.. i mean so many people are saying it is so it must be right? Chances are it is fake but it’s pretty convenient to say the least that it’s a hoax. But to say that transgenders are incapable of committing these sorts of crimes is really plain ridiculousness, it’s like believing hoax stories such as the one posted above. Another problem i’d like to bring up is the transgender community often times feel they need to drag children into this problem. It’s like ‘oh think of the children’, where they are using transgender kids as a way to promote their lifestyle and to try to gain acceptance.

Like this article for an example,


But then you have to think about who are you protecting? Yourself or your kid? People would say, ‘I can’t believe you’d let your kid do that. That’s abuse.’ I’ll tell you what’s abuse: suicide. Do you want a live daughter or a dead son?”

I have not met one person who recently transitioned who was a child. In fact i have not met any child who felt suicidal because of their gender conflicts. Zero, zip, not one documented case of a child. Today i see children who transitioned who were perfectly fine otherwise up until they transitioned and then bullied to suicide. The fact is transitioning makes it worse! Yet the transgender community says it’s the other way around, they are more likely to commit suicide if they don’t transition. I did a little research awhile back on which doctors actually advocate transitioning and i came up with only 2 out of 13 doctors actually advocate transitioning (but none advocate transitioning for children). So i guess it’s ok for transgenders to fake stories but when someone fakes a story against transgenders people lose their minds over it.

Children do not identify as transgender and this whole idea of transgender is pretty much psychological. Adults can identify how they want but with children it is extremely not recommended and if you happen to find a doctor that advocates treatment for your child, get a second opinion. Transitioning isn’t recommended in any cases, otherwise this bathroom issue would not be an issue at all and it’s quite disturbing that the transgender community may in fact be using children to manufacture transgenders. In fact transgender children in itself is a hoax, because it is not a problem but a manufactured one.

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I got some links here that you need to check out.

Video: Target Security Tells Man He Can Use Women’s Restroom And To Direct Complaints To Him

Tennessee Pastor Shares Reaction After Confronting Target Staff About New Transgender Policy


So did you read them all, watched the video?

How is this even sane? This is not even about transgenders now, it’s about Target allowing MEN to enter the WOMENS restroom if they so desire. You don’t need to be transgender. This ridiculous new guideline at Target has me baffled to no end. So if you are wondering why so many people are boycotting Target,


this would be why! Even transgenders would be at risk. I was not going to shop at Target because of this transgender acceptance bandwagon train Target is on but now i really encourage that no one goes to Target because they allow MEN, MEN who are sexually attracted to women and would be in the women’s restroom in a heartbeat. Yeah you know what.. why even bother taking this to Target, let them deal with all the stupid lawsuits from MEN recording/photographing women in the Target washrooms. They really deserve to get driven to bankruptcy from this idiotic new stand. So in each link (not sure if it’s the same guy/case or not) managers all say that MEN can go into the women’s bathroom if they want to. Or women go into the mens which i think is pretty unlikely. In either case pedophiles and sex offenders are going to have a field day with this. Not that they would do it anyway, but lets put it this way, sex offenders are more likely to go to Target now, because of this obtuse policy.

Yeah i’m done with Target, anyone brings this company up for whatever reason i’m going to say, nope.. stay the **** away from Target. Go to Kmart, Amazon, Sears, Best Buy, Walmart (yes Walmart in case you haven’t noticed i’m not too fond of that company either, but still better than Target now). Target was one of my favorite department stores and other than this stupid insane policy it still would be if Target’s management wasn’t all douchebaggery. Bye Target.

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