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Stop Sharing News That Trans Teen Suicides Spiked Post-Election—It’s Not Just Wrong, But Dangerous to LGBT Youth
I recently posted about transgender suicides have spiked since the election and that apparently hasn’t stopped the suicides. For one thing the transgender community now wants to cover this up by not wanting people to share news that transgenders and LGBT in general is dangerous. Maybe perhaps the anti-transgender (or transphobic) people were right.

“This false epidemic going viral could drive real suicide attempts among struggling teens.”

It’s amazing that the transgender supporters still have not gotten the memo that transgenders are far more likely to commit suicide. And how is posting (even if it was fake) stories about the transgender suicide epidemic due to the election going to change anything? If someone is going to attempt suicide it’s because they are depressed. Not because some (potentially fake) story is floating around about how transgenders and trans teens are attempting suicide. They don’t want people to know because these transgenders attempting suicide are not being harassed, although people in general were upset over Trump winning the election but that still should not drive these people to suicide but it does. Trump hasn’t done anything other then say some racist, homophobic and dumb things throughout the election. If anything the teen suicides are increasing due to the increasing backlash on transgender rights, http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/the-fight-over-transgender-rights-in-school-restrooms-intensifies/
That is the purpose of people against the transgender ideology is the suicide risk involved. The mental health of transgenders are completely being ignored while they are being pushed into the reality that they think they are transgender in the first place.

The ever increase of transgender children is not that they are transgender but the transgender community and professionals are pushing this onto children. Transgenders commit suicide every 29 minutes but these people don’t really want you to know that. And if anything they continue to believe that by transgenders being suicidal due to discrimination that they will be able to get more rights this way. Transgenders are suicidal and are mentally unstable people. If they attempted and succeeded suicide due to an election, these people should not be in society but in a facility with a proper cure, not a transition. Transitioning is not a treatment or a cure.

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This is actually going to be two different topics in one to make it easier, but first off here’s an interesting topic. http://abcnews.go.com/US/transgender-crisis-suicide-prevention-hotline-receives-record-number/story?id=43444126


Well maybe mostly that the suicide hotline has been off the hook since Trump winning the election. The thing that really gets me is this,

Martela, who is trans herself, told ABC News today that “trans people already face blatant discrimination and harassment on a daily basis,” but many fear Trump’s “hateful campaign and rhetoric” could stir “more discrimination, more harassment and more violence than ever.”

Could it really get any worse? Maybe which is why it’s so necessary to stop pushing transgender equality onto everyone. Stop forcing parents to allowing their children to become transgender and schools should discourage the idea of transgender students. These parents made the decision to allow their kids to transition but yet the transgender community is so unstable right now and has been unstable since the beginning. Transgenders are 41% more likely to attempt suicide than the average person. Notice how transgenders are at the top of this list of the suicide hotline calls. The transgender community would like to have you believe that the suicide numbers is because they can’t transition but before or after it doesn’t really matter transgenders are high risk suicide victims. So ideally the only way is to avoid transitioning. This is why we have therapists, however as the professionals are pro transitioning and practically advocates of transgenders it’s hard to get some idealistic help from these people. It’s like trying to get help for a broken arm in an emergency room but the nurses and staff are just telling you to “get tough!” Just imagine that happening all the time. This is what is happening with transgenders, except that this is exactly what transgenders want, they want people to advocate their transitioning, their ideas that transgenders exist. So they are not exactly telling transgenders to get tough, just that there really isn’t a solution for these people. Transgenders are losing 6 against 1 but are still going against the grain.

I don’t think Trump will increase the violence and discrimination against transgenders but we’ll see. 2016 is apparently the worst year of transgenders. With Trump behind the wheel though we can only hope that professionals will put this transgender nonsense to an end and once and for all show that they were wrong in advocating transitioning.

Trump is president. Get over it, protesting and rioting will only show that America really needs Trump.

America is in trouble right now as protests around the world take place, rioting in some places as well, http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37946231 and people are already getting beat up on the streets for voting Trump. While i’m not going to link everything on here mainly because there’s just so many articles on this election that it’s not even funny. Trump has already won alliances with Russia and strengthens ties with Israel and the stock market is higher than when Obama was in office. Seems investors think Trump will restore our economy and considering Trump is a businessman all bets are with Trump that our shambling, failing economy will be restored once Trump is inaugurated in office. Voters have faith that Trump will lower our national debt, http://www.usdebtclock.org/ which is continuing to increase. This is what Americans should be concerned with but so far i have seen “He’s not my president”, “Who would vote for a xenophobic, homophobic racist pig?”. This clearly shows how terrible America’s priorities are. I mean who cares if we get a president such as Hillary that won’t do anything for America’s economy but she’s pro LGBT!

Since Obama has been in office, religion in America has been under attack by the LGBT community, http://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/john-stonestreet/lgbt-rights-dispense-middle-ground-war-against-religious-freedom but Trump will help protect religious rights. Businesses will most likely be protected as well as the LGBT community has been going on a rampage ensuring everyone is pro LGBT. The LGBT community is also worried that Trump will reinstate the “Don’t ask don’t tell”. But does it really matter at this point? Not to mention people have had enough of the transgender acceptance “or you are a bigot” in which the transgender community is often regarding transphobic people as religious.

Obama’s biggest mistake was Obamacare, increasing the premiums 5 times the amount it was originally at forcing many Americans to pay the penalty tax for not having health insurance because they can’t afford it. Most people that get a nice tax return usually spends it or saves it for the stuff they needed that they couldn’t get because living by paycheck to paycheck trying to keep a roof and food on the table, in fact trying to keep a dinner table under the roof! In which is yet goes back to Trump is a businessman and will restore our economy.

Back to Obamacare, Trump isn’t going to completely remove it but it’s crazy that people would sign up for it knowing it’ll be altered, possibly made worse. http://fox6now.com/2016/11/10/americans-sign-up-for-obamacare-in-droves-after-trump-elected-president/ It’s really a strange phenomenon seeing as these people should have already been signed up instead of franctically signing up for it. After Trump meeting Obama instead of Trump attempting to completely dismantle Obamacare, Trump will make profound changes to make both sides happy. Already Trump will remove the healthcare tax penalty,

So what’s more likely to happen are changes including elimination of the mandate that everyone have insurance

Long as Trump can continue to improve the healthcare system that is all people really want. Healthcare was already a joke in America before Obama but his program didn’t really help much better especially for the Americans who had lost good healthcare premiums due to the Affordable Care Act.

The people protesting has not even given Trump a chance, they are too busy clinging onto the rhetoric hate Trump spouted during the election all the while is doing the very thing they claim to be fighting against, by saying “NeverTrump” and vandalising property. Trump didn’t destroy property, the protestors are. There is now hate in schools and on the streets but it’s not Trumps doing.

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The links above is basically what is going on. Companies like Bank of America, Disney, American Airlines, ect.. are all against the anti-trans laws and i have to wonder, what brought us to the point where businesses are getting into state affairs that don’t really affect them. Well upon noticing Bank of America’s, FaceBook page,

If you look at the visitors comments it shows people threatening to leave BoA if they do not trash NC’s anti-trans law. Now whether or not they actually bank there is another mystery but this is where the transgender activists are getting desperate in trying to cut this new anti trans bill in half. First off it seems pretty crazy to cut ties with businesses that would normally just stay out of state politics. Businesses are just that, if they stay out of it, usually it won’t affect them but transgender activists are making it a bit more difficult and then the business feels like they have no choice but to try to force the state to void the bill or as Disney has put it, threatened to pull out.

Now it’s pretty clear this anti-trans law came around due to the..


sex offender incident and many people then were behind this bill. Am i behind this anti-trans bill.. well yes and no. Yes because first and foremost bathrooms shouldn’t be open to sex offenders and especially since one of them was leading bathroom rights in North Carolina it would seem to work out in the end. Also yes i support it because hopefully some more common sense would be employed and other avenues for gender dysphoria will be discovered quickly. But the reason i also said no is because i do understand this may put more strain on transgenders, especially children which has been caught up in this transgender conditioning done by the transgender activism, as said here..



The main problem here is that transgender conditioning in children has increased and this is really dangerous considering all these anti-trans laws. I did keep saying it would get worse.. and well…

Kansas Bill Would Award $2500 To Anyone Who ‘Witnesses’ Transgender Person In ‘Incorrect’ Bathroom

this just takes the cake! Basically it’s going to incur that this Kansas law would cause people to be peeping toms, videotaping under women’s stalls in order to look for transgenders. Well that’s probably illegal but again it’s going to happen because there are some crazy people who would something as stupid as that. Whatever the case is, the situation with transgender activism is that it’s worsening things for transgenders instead of helping them. I predicted that it would get worse, i kept telling that people are not going to go for this transitioning thing and that society is not ready for this and clearly it’s becoming the truth, it’s also going to get worse up until something breaks and some are going to snap. Whether it’s transgenders or the transphobia it’s an ongoing war zone.

I keep saying it, transitioning is not really ideal and professionals need to work on something else for these people. At least the ACP is attempting to, but transgender activists are so against that organization that it seems they will try and continue to fight for rights all the while society keeps pushing back. It’s just a fight between the two.

Edit: Also, the NC anti-trans law is really not as bad as people made it out to be and here is an explanation of it which i will just leave it as a link,


So maybe this silliness over this NC anti-trans law which is more or less just a privacy law that benefits both sides fairly.. which transgenders need to understand that this may cause issues for them as well and they just need to change some things to accommodate the law. Freaking out all over this just makes things worse, but maybe i need to amend a few things in this article, but now that i had a chance to look at what the state is saying, it’s not bad, but the transgender activists were not happy either way and it made it sound worse than it really is, which i could say the same thing when people like me are writing blogs or comments that are really just normal comments that no one else seems to have an issue other than the transgender activists. That’s really a problem here.

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