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The above link describes a bit what this pastor bought for his wife.

The news has been flooded by a megachurch pastor who bought his wife a $200k Lamborghini and people are flipping out over it on social media, criticizing the pastor while others are defending the pastor. Usually some rich person buying a Lamborghini or other ridiculously overpriced vehicle doesn’t really stir much media attention but this one certainly did and it got me thinking, why would someone buy a $200k vehicle. To put this in perspective a new car such as a Honda Accord costs around $25,000.00 while the cost of the Lamborghini costs $200,000.00. That’s  $175,000.00 more for the Lamborghini.

Many people have a hard time coming up with the $25k for a new car so much of the time a loan is taken out. You can get a loan for $450 month on the Accord but for a Lamborghini that’s over $4,000 a month.

On one hand it’s no one’s business what people use their money for. On the other hand spending $200k on a car is pretty foolish and illogical. Reality is, if one had $200k to spend, wouldn’t it be a great idea to put that money to good use?

There are many people in the world that could benefit from $200k. $200k could pave the way to cleaner electricity. It could get 7 people a new car so they can get around. You get the picture. I can’t see myself buying an expensive vehicle that costs as much as 3 homes.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad thing to buy something you really want. I’m saving up for a Dodge Challenger. Sure I could get a used Honda just to get around and potentially save $10,000. It’s nothing though compared to buying a $200k vehicle.

If we are to change the rich into being more giving those who become rich should set a better example. It’s not anyone’s place to really say what rich people should or shouldn’t buy. If I made millions, I’d set some money aside for myself but not buy something that has a very high price tag compared to the average price of a similar item, such as a car. The rest would go towards building a better future for humanity.

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