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It seems as if this topic does not have an end and already the transgender activism has been misinforming people causing a battle on both sides with no resolving the issue, is it ok for a male to become a woman? The answer, logically would be no and you would go in that particular direction. We have seen how much can happen for those who decide to live in a transgender lifestyle, Coroner: Transgender woman shot multiple times
Transgender Community Faces ‘Attacks on Humanity’ in Six More States and despite them thinking that this would cause Texas’s economy to dwindle, people can only ban so much before it messes with their lifestyle. If you take away too many jobs, especially if you are a business you start losing money. Case in point, say Target closes shop in NC, they would lose all that money that they could have been making had they didn’t close their stores. Musicians that refuse to play in a certain state will lose any money it could have made in that state. While certainly closing stores down or concerts, it would damage the economy in that area for a time being but at the sake of petty talk, this is what is happening when people support transgender ideology.

Already transgender activism has destroyed lives and now is bent on destroying our way of living. And people are giving them the ammo to do further damage. Before Caitlyn Jenner and the bathroom issue, there was no harm done other than destroyed families. Everything was ok for the most part. But now with the transgender limelight which has sparked transgender rights and also now anti-transgender laws it is now damaging the economy. Sure you “could” blame the conservatives for writing such inane laws, but the only ones destroying the economy are those who are ‘boycotting’ said states or cities writing such anti-transgender laws. And in some cases, it’s the entire LGBT community and it’s because there is too much “i’ll sue you for not respecting the LGBT and baking that cake or endorsing same sex laws”. Most gay people i know don’t care about marriage, it’s a pointless way of showing how much you love someone and i tend to agree with that. Marriage is a sacred oath and unless you can’t live without that person in which i never experienced so my views on marriage is, i don’t need to get married.

Recently a transgender is trying to sue a Catholic hospital, Trans Woman Sues To Force Catholic Hospital To Remove Her Healthy Uterus
Despite having a religious belief to not accommodate transgenders, the hospital is not equipped to deal with transgenders. Meaning they do not provide adequate services to effectively work on transgenders. It’s like going to an auto part store and asking for a computer mouse. You go to the correct place and nowadays there is Google. It’s pretty simple to find what you are looking for and it sounds like this transgender purposely went to a Catholic Hospital knowing well enough that they do not provide services for transgenders. But it doesn’t stop the woman from trying. By the way the man is really a woman, so the article’s headline is wrong it’s “transgender man”. The lawsuit won’t stick, and even if it does and the Hospital gets sued, it shows there is either an agenda at work or the lawsuit is staged to scare other hospitals to get ‘educated on transgenders’ so they can provide treatment for them. So keep an eye on this story, because logically and legally it can only go one way, there isn’t a chance that this lawsuit will go through to the courts. IF it does make its way to the courts, something isn’t right… but a slight chance it may happen but it’ll end with the Catholic Hospital wining, if not yes.. something is amiss and that’s not a good sign.

Here’s some more links about the transgender insanity.
The Tyranny Of Transgender Ideology
‘Damaging’ transgender curriculum is about to invade 7-year-olds’ classrooms in the UK
Govt Study Says Male And Female Toilet Signs ‘Discriminate’ Against Transgender People
Transgender woman dies in all-male prison despite new government ‘safeguards’
Young woman, 20, ‘was tortured, bound and stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend and female transgender….
Pediatricians SLAM Nat Geo For Transgender Child Cover – It’s SCATHING…

This one is particularly disturbing,

Chances are that the transgender community will deny this and maybe they will because if this doesn’t upset people, i don’t think anything will. Most who are already against the transgender movement will most likely be upset over this as it’ll just fuel more to the fire and additional anti-transgender laws will come up. Eventually it will be illegal for children to transition (i had probably mentioned this before) but just wait until this show will have everyone talking about more than The Walking Dead. It’s only going to work one way and it won’t be what the transgender activism thinks.

Oh and if you live in California, you probably had your tax dollars going to this, California murder convict becomes first U.S. inmate to have state-funded sex reassignment surgery

Waste of hard working American money.

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I have recently found that some doctors/psychologists have the answer in fixing gender dysphoria other than transitioning. Some of which is often treatments for other patients such as psychosis or depression. These doctors claim it works and no i don’t have any links. I only talked to my particular doctor who is involved in these alternative treatments. And these treatments are mainly for those when talking to a psychologist isn’t working which i was mentioned 90% of these cases works out fine and the person goes home gender dysphoria free, but sometimes certain medication is required but that greatly depends on the individual.

Now i can’t divulge the information about my doctor or a general location because transgender activists will attempt to shut them down in an effort that transgender activists do not stand for any other treatment than transitioning. This is where most logical doctors would be treating schizophrenia for these individuals. That is well above psychosis and these people are very dangerous to themselves and possibly to others. Well with the activism, this is the most dangerous group of all which often destroys families, friends, and most of the time these people end up homeless. But these different diagnoses explain perfectly why a sane person would even go through all this effort only to be discriminated against. Now again, i’m not trying to be mean here or anything but in the times of trying to explain my points and that transgenders should seek alternatives, it’s usually the transgender activists who are getting all riled up and basically abusive about it.

In fact these transgender activists are the people that i really do hate and really need help because these people are more mentally ill than a person who simply has feelings of being born in the wrong body. These people are dangerous and manipulative. It’s the equivilant to selling your soul to the devil if you listen to them. And again this hate doesn’t have anything to do with the general transgender population. Some of them are completely open to alternatives while some just shun away from it but they don’t get upset over my opinions either. So i’m not singling out the entire group because some just want to get on with their lives without dealing with problems. Because after all most of what i really want to do is to actually help transgenders realize who they are listening to.

And there’s also medical professionals who already don’t agree with transitioning. http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/penny-starr/american-college-pediatricians-gender-ideology-harms-children

But look at most of the Disqus comments there, you can tell an activist when they are slamming on the article saying that these professionals are quacks. In fact the more they retaliate with this sort of nonsense, the further it sounds like an agenda. And however many professionals are really behind this, which is hard to believe considering a large number don’t even know how to treat transgenders, http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/19/transgender-a-doctor-won-t-see-you-now.html

And how could they be behind the ideals of transitioning if they don’t even know how to treat these people, obviously they are unaware and more than likely against it like 60-70% of the world’s population. In reality the only ones accepting transitioning are those who are more directly involved in advocating transitioning. But no, the line has to be drawn somewhere, http://www.reaxxion.com/10078/why-we-need-to-fight-against-transgender-acceptance

Now again, i’m not trying to be mean here, i’m not saying you should bully transgenders but at the same time we need to think more clearly and stop using our feelings as a direction. And in reality transgender activism is destroying our culture. Not necessary transgenders themselves, in fact some of them are just pushed into that kind of reality and not their fault really if they are not screaming about transitioning as the only course of action. Transgender activists has gotten control of medical professionals, the government and now they have control of our kids. http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/transgender-conditioning-is-child-abuse/

And this is the result, https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/gender-confused-suicide-rate-ten-times-national-average

In the hopes of trying to cut down the violence, they are trying to use children as early as 2 and then writing articles like how transgender children who has accepting parents are generally mentally happier. But as it stands there are 4 (if not more) transgender teen deaths. While it’s true, in general teens do sometimes consider suicide but i don’t remember the last time your average teen was suicidal. If anything there’s been some teens acting out due to dysfunctional families. On the other hand parents who have effective parenting do not have these issues. Transgender teens generally deal with rejection as most males who identify as girls are often rejected by boys. Nevermind the girls rejecting transgenders as well, http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/girls-take-defiant-action-over-transgender-in-locker-room/

And parents threatening to remove their children from these schools. If only there was an alternative treatment to gender dysphoria there wouldn’t be this many problems in life for these people. You can change the rules, but you can’t change the mindset people already have about gender. But you have to also wonder if their science is even validated. Professionals stumbled onto transitioning as the form of treatment and they worked it from there. They were not at all concerned about what sort of harm or problems it would come along with that. It was a very lazy, sloppy and terrible way of coming up with a solution to gender dysphoria. And in the beginning of this article, i have been shown that there are alternative treatments that are claimed to work and there’s no evidence that it doesn’t work either. But this is really up to the individual to decide. All i can say is the less people listen to transgender activists the better.


Convicted sex offender seeks access to women’s locker rooms through bathroom law


50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides

And with all these links in mind, i wouldn’t trust them period. And as always get several different opinions with avoiding transgender activists. They have only one goal and that is ensuring society is accepting of transgenders. If you don’t, your considered a bigot and uneducated. That’s all they really use and they will continue to refute any information that does not support the idea of transitioning.

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