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From the crime show, NCIS. Gibbs has a rule to never date a co-worker.

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Anyway, this blog is a personal one (no EVs this time). My previous job I happened to like a girl who turned up didn’t like me back. I said some things to her online that I shouldn’t have and being at work has made things incredibly awkward. Not to mention work itself had gotten worse and I wasn’t getting enough hours (well other employees didnt get enough it was difficult times). I didn’t even want to be there because work had gotten too stressful. I felt like I didn’t belong there.

While this was happening I really got into watching NCIS and Rule #12 came up. Never date a co-worker. Sound advice and for those wondering what the other ones are…


Some are missing, not mentioned or it’s an outdated photo im not sure which because I never kept up on every rule made. Some of them are good actually. So with my new job I kept the same mindset, Rule #12. It’s been working up until recently other co-workers have been trying to get me in a relationship with someone, no one in particular just generally asking me why I haven’t got a woman, wife or kids.

They also couldn’t have asked ata worse time. I have been focused on saving a new car (new 0-3 years, not an older vehicle) and I really want to get a Dodge Challenger, even if it’s a V6 version. But even with a bit of overtime it’s going to take some time to do. I can’t really afford to date right now and I really have no plans of a relationship.

Kids and possibly marriage is out of the question as they’re not cheap. Another thing is im not a romantic, sorry ladies. I feel like buying stuff like a card, flowers and chocolate, having candlelight dinners and long walks on beaches are a bit, outdated and cheesy. Going out to dinner at a greasy hamburger joint and seeing an action movie are my ideas of dating.


All jokes aside many women are looking for a romance, something im probably capable of but not something I’d like to do and I’ve already made my peace with being single. Bottom line is that relationships are too much guesswork. Sometimes you don’t really know what the other person really wants and I’m not even sure I want a relationship.

Now that I got that out of the way there is a woman i work with, not really though considering the fact we’re on opposite sides of a small plant with a wall as a barrier, but there are times where she is on side I’m on. Mostly I haven’t really thought much of it but I work around one of the many access points to the plant I’m in so a few times she had mentioned, “good morning” before I had lost overtime hours and she started before me. So eh whatever, time goes by and just this last several weeks I caught her looking at me which at first I brushed it off but the most recent 2 was on Thursday. It was almost like she was looking at me like “why won’t you talk to me” but it could also be 200 other things.

The most obvious sign would be is the gossiping of me still being single from the guys. I almost wished I had said, yes I do have a gf so they could leave me alone, but they’ll be asking for photos. And you know, every smartphone has a camera so even if I had to take a photo of my imaginary gf sleeping, that just wouldn’t get them to stop asking for one.

I found a great job with a bunch of employees who are nosy.


Oh well. Anyway since Thursday I just put up my blinders and focused on the job. All I can do is smile and move on. Not that this female co-worker isn’t attractive but well, I don’t really approach people i don’t know, unless it’s something I need I usually let others approach me. Makes it hard to make friends but as an introvert, it doesn’t really matter. I’m 39 years old and have never been on a date or relationship so at this point, in just used to the idea of being single that the idea of relationships just doesn’t interest me as much as it used to.

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….Having Pets Instead Of Kids Should Be Considered A Psychiatric Disorder

I don’t agree. My last post on this subject, Overpopulation crisis, is not having kids selfish? still holds true for me. Matt Walsh also did a blog on this, We couldn’t afford to have kids yet that still doesn’t change my thoughts on this subject. Life is too stressful to really have an urge to want children. I struggle with anxiety with the smallest of problems. Just the idea of me having children is too overwhelming. Everyone else that doesn’t want children probably go through the same thought process as me or thinking a similar thing for a different reason. Such as the finances. Having a child is by no means cheap, one child is more expensive then buying a $500,000 home. While more than likely you’ll be married with someone else so you will have additional support with family as well there is no telling what will occur. So i will list some reasons i don’t want to have children.

    1. I already deal with too much stress. I need to reduce the stress in my life, not add to it. You can see some of my previous posts on how stress overwhelms me and i get anxiety when it gets to a certain level. While i tend to only look at the negative, it’s just something that i have to deal with and the best way to deal with it is to avoid negative or stressful situations. If i get too much anxiety i can get a nervous breakdown and then i’ll be in trouble. I don’t deal with life situations the way everyone else does, if something is stressing me out i need to leave it!
    2. I’m not a people person. I do like talking and socializing to people from time to time, but as an introvert i need time to myself. Having kids, i would be around people all the time and i really can’t do that.
    3. I don’t want kids… because someone says i should have them or think i am more than capable of handling them. Such as the people in this article you don’t know my life situations, nor do you know what i can or can’t handle. I can’t handle a whole lot. It becomes too much. Sorry, just because you think i could handle having kids doesn’t mean i should have kids. At this point in time i won’t regret not having them and i don’t think i’ll regret having them in the future. I do not want the responsibility of caring for children.
    4. The world is in constant chaos. Think Chicago shootings, Google that and get back to me. That’s just a sliver of the problems in this world. The president of the United States, Donald Trump has sparked outrage and this seems like a clear indication of a 2nd Civil War if people do not calm themselves.
    5. Plenty of others have the urge… to reproduce. No seriously, there’s people who have more than 8 children. The world has plenty of people in this world. No, seriously it’s not a big deal if i don’t have kids. As much as some people may think we need to put more ethical, spiritual children on this planet there is always the opportunity to teach the ones that are already in this world for those willing to learn.

More people on this planet will not solve the worlds problems. We need to put the right people in charge to fix the problems. Anyone can become a doctor, a scientist, a lawyer or a politician but it takes a person of special skills in those areas to get things done properly, if said person uses their powers for good. And some will step up to the plate. There are people in this world who already are capable of fixing the worlds problems. It’s whether or not they know it yet. And if i ever do decide to have kids, i’ll adopt. Not that it will happen or that i will ever be ready for it, it’s just that would be the next logical step. I believe we need to help others already in this world, not bring more people into this world. And who knows, maybe i do have a mental disorder. It certainly isn’t because i don’t want children but because i get stressed out over little things.

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All throughout my life i have kept going through my mind that i don’t want kids. I grew up in a rough childhood that i would never impose on another soul. The endless cycle of tormented souls is not my idea of a good time and my recent drama experiences this past week clearly shows how much life is so much of a douchebag. Now this is not to say i would never want to have kids or even adopt one it’s just that i am nowhere near the level of being ready, let alone the world isn’t just ready to have another me running around. I came across this article and i’m mystified why someone would argue over someone not having kids, Why Your Top 10 Reasons For Not Having Kids Are Stupid

Why? Even if i were to be a good parent (which i really don’t think so, i struggle with basic things), as a logical person we have more than enough people in this world. 7 billion. If we tried to bunch them all up in one area on the planet it would be very chaotic. I get mentally drained just from a day’s work, one of the reasons i am introverted is because i can only take being around so many people for so long before i need to relax. In reality i am just not the best fit to have a family.

I do not believe overpopulation is an issue, however with the social system we hold onto so much we have already exceeded the amount of people this system can carry (especially in some areas). We have more people than we do jobs with livable wages and besides that it’s rare to find a job that is stress free. I’ve heard some people say work isn’t supposed to be fun, but if you are not enjoying your job it’s going to make it that much harder to want to work 40+ hours so you can pay for that roof over your head and the vehicle to get to work. Besides feeling overwhelmed by the amount of people and the cost of living, people tend to have more than 3 children. I’ve heard of people having over 7 children (as high as 15). I have relatives who had children as high as 8. That’s too much, i am not judging these people because it’s not my life or any of my business, but it does factor in my reasons not to have children. That tends to go with population control. I’m not an advocate for reducing the population and genocide is just pure evil. However, i don’t see anything wrong with not wanting to have kids.

It is unclear if Christians frown on not wanting to have children, let alone sometimes i feel like my dad is disappointed in me for not having any kids yet (well or at least being in a relationship with someone). I don’t even want to discuss the subject with him, besides all the other reasons, i am not mentally capable of carrying for a child, birth or adopted doesn’t matter let alone i don’t care if people think i am ready or am capable of having children, i’m 37 years old but i feel like 60. I struggle with relationships, let alone with work and daily life so kids are really not even an option anyway, even if i wanted kids it would not happen regardless. I’m just trying to survive the day to day life.

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Yeah, you read that right, disabled transgender children. At least one exists, https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/aydin-olson-kennedy-msw-urges-gender-surgery-for-down-syndrome-child-in-intensive-care-unit/

Just when you think you have seen and heard it all there’s something new. It’s not ending for this transgender cult. Whether it’s the doctors or whether transgender activism is convincing these doctors to perform these insane treatments or whether they are doing it on their own, these doctors claim to be experts on the subject. These doctors are the transgender’s best allies and it’s the only reason this situation is completely out of control.

Transgender children are already at high risk for suicide.

With the increased media attention that number is climbing of suicide attempts. The overall 41% that attempt suicide, it seems much higher than that now. But, disabled transgenders? If doctors are to blame they are completely ignoring the high risk of suicide with their patients. Furthermore many doctors are not even aware or advocating this and so this furthers the discrimination against transgenders. It’s a conundrum of sorts and parents who are allowing their child to undergo hormone blockers and transitioning really need to see the entire problem. While transgenders claim to attempt suicide like Leelah/Josh Alcorn, http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/31/us/ohio-transgender-teen-suicide/ the problem is the group of people blindly supporting transgenders as if it was a completely acceptable thing. While respecting transgenders to the extent that people understand they do have a problem by avoiding discrimination and violence the reality of the matter is that human nature takes over. Violence and overall discrimination is unavoidable. Children including disabled children are not protected from the discrimination, more than 50% of transgender kids attempt suicide by 20 years of age, http://www.yspp.org/about_suicide/statistics.htm

In the case of Leelah/Josh Alcorn, this is the case of someone who has already been exposed to the transgender community. A person does not know or understand the difference between male and female puberty at least until taking sex ed class and even when they did unless they were overly obsessed about their gender or sex. Even a 3 year old being obssesed over their genitals and death, http://www.people.com/article/transgender-child-obsessed-with-death-before-transition is unheard of. Of course it is natural to be embarrassed by genitalia and that is exactly what this 3 year old boy may have actually gone through because at some point or another many people are embarrassed.  I didn’t feel comfortable bathing with my brothers when i was 9. Furthermore it’s more likely that the parents of this 3 year old wanted to have a  girl instead of a boy and this kid being transgender was forced with the parents. That is a far more likely scenario because what child is obsessive over this gender? When was the last time you heard that a boy was claiming to be a girl? The argument is that just because you haven’t heard of such a thing doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I haven’t heard of a single kid that had proper effective parenting that has turned transgender. And proper effective parenting these days are becoming a rarity. In every case that i have visually seen, every transgender child has not been in the hands of capable parenting. In the case of Alcorn, the parents should have been aware of what internet sites their child was using and they didn’t enforce restrictions. Often times the transgender community preys on these poor parenting and it seems to be working. Furthermore the more people are involved or have transgender children or family members the more likely transgenders will be accepted. Take a look at how schools are combating the problem with transgenders. They are trying to be accommodating, at least the few that don’t understand that even with dealing with the bullies, once those kids are off the bus there is no safety. Just take a look at the Chicago streets and see there is deadly shootings happening on the daily basis.

Above all kids do not understand any of this and it’s getting to the point where it’s harder and harder to protect kids from any of this. If a male child wishes to be a woman, it will be much harder to convince that child that thinking about being transgender when there’s already people out there allowing this to happen.

Walt Heyer was transgender whether or not the transgender community denies it. http://thefederalist.com/2016/09/21/pushing-kids-transgenderism-medical-malpractice/

The fact remains, Walt has outgrown his gender dysphoria and if he can do it so can everyone else. This is exactly why indoctrinating children that they should use hormone blockers and live as the gender they wish. Remember that 50% suicide rate with transgender children? Well that means your child has a potential 50% rate of suicide if they become transgender. The argument is that the rate would be much higher if they were not allowed to transition but 90% of all children who are transgender outgrow their gender confusion. http://thefederalist.com/2015/02/02/what-parents-should-know-about-giving-hormones-to-trans-kids/

The transgender community is in denial. Walt Heyer doesn’t fit into the aims of the transgender community. They will not admit that it’s possible to overcome gender dysphoria even if it’s even a real condition. Other transgenders who have claimed to overcome like Walt are often disregarded in the transgender community and often is disregarded as credible, or they were never transgender to begin with even though everything points to gender dysphoria. They were misdiagnosed, that is the consensus with the transgender community.

Gender is purely a cultural and learned social construct. The brain has no concept of gender and any studies regarding a male and female brain is inconclusive at best and often used to explain away what makes a person transgender. The transgender community does not truly understand what gender is. They twist the meaning of it. Children are the most susceptible to this indoctrination, because they are naturally curious. A male child may see girls and may be fascinated to the point where they actually may believe they are a girl too. Men and women are not the same. It’s like when you have a brother who gets a different toy than you. How often do kids who get different toys get into fights? It’s actually common and i even got jealous a few times my brother got certain toys i didn’t get. Didn’t get into many fights but at the same time i was thinking about it.

Just as some kids may fight over toys, some kids may wish to become the opposite gender. The more they think about it the more likely they become the opposite gender they believe that they are and it’s easily turned into an obsession. It really is a responsibility of a parent to correct their child, but again these days are tougher to teach children to understand to accept the gender they were assigned to at birth. The only reason children before 1990 were not trans or it was incredibly rare because it wasn’t discussed. Even more so further back when TV was not corrupted by immorality and yes, there was a time.

Parents were also stricter back then. Now there is a controversial topic of spanking your child. Parents are allowing children to make decisions, and there was no law in place that a child is too young to make a such a life altering decision such as deciding their gender. So this is why there is a big problem with kids becoming transgender and allowing to take life altering hormones. With suicide rates as high as they are it’s best to avoid the situation at any cost and teaching children to accept the gender they were assigned to at birth. It really is the only way to protect them. They do not necessarily need to know about transgenders early on or the dangers of it only that teaching them before it becomes a problem is generally the best approach. It would be ideal to have children books telling kids that being the gender they were assigned with will have benefits. It’s really hard to say considering there is so much controversy on the subject and a lot of the forced effort into allowing kids to transition.

Again respecting transgenders is ideal but this is not an ideal world for that and the discrimination and violence with transgenders will not get any better for a long time, if at all. The problem isn’t that people are transgender. The problem is that calling a male a woman is a problem, the problem is also they look exactly like women and that is not a good thing, especially with all the death threats that are going on. The other problem is the process is forced upon, there isn’t any other option for people who are dealing with kids who claim to be transgender, even though there are plenty options that hasn’t been tried yet.

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It has never gotten to this point where all common sense has gotten lost and pretty much everything has been turned upside down from this mental insanity! To see how much a certain group of people have totally lost it, think they are in the clear and nothing ever bad could happen to them it’s amazing how history shows that this is an uphill struggle. But being transgender is anything but a struggle, it is simply this a bad choice. No one is born transgender, sure some people might feel like they are born in the wrong body but that certainly doesn’t mean these people should go to great lengths to dress up as the opposite sex. With that, there should be no further discussion. That it’s simply crazy. I’m not even going to label this as an LGBT because really who lumped the T with the LGB? Science has proven and this is easily reproduced by anyone who is familiar with animal behavior that animals usually will hump anything. Even shoes!

But this isn’t about homosexual rights and i’m not particularly bothered by them because that sort of stuff should stay in the bedroom anyway and most of the time it’s not an issue, although i could say the same with a biological male and female being on screen with nonsensical dramatic sexual scenes. But here we have with transgenders, instead of trying to get to the bottom of the problem, there are people who go completely in the wrong direction. And there’s plenty of evidence showing that it is going in the wrong direction.

“Transgender” is a Mental Illness and Should be Treated as such: Former Johns Hopkins Chief Psychiatrist


Transgender Characters May Win Emmys, But Transgender People Hurt Themselves

Former Transgender Speaks Out About Transgender Kids. Wow.

What Parents Should Know About Giving Hormones To Trans Kids

South Dakota Stands Up To The Transgender Mafia







I got plenty of more links to go around but you kind of get the idea. There is no excuse why this needs to continue and the form of treatment, transitioning is not working, nor will it ever. America is known for their hate groups and it’s only a matter of time before something such as a transgender hate group comes out, but some say they are already here. http://www.kctv5.com/story/29806858/transgender-woman-killed-after-being-run-over-multiple-times

Take that article for an example, the transgender victim was repeatedly ran over by a vehicle. It pretty much shows that society is not even capable of handling the idea of transgender. There’s a link with South Dakota trying to pass an anti-transgender law. It would have worked, but the problem is.. common sense is dwindling down. I couldn’t even begin to understand the logic of these people. But it is really easy to convince some individuals and that is what the transgender community has done.  If that’s not enough, more than 2 transgender activists have been found out as sex offenders, http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/03/07/convicted-sex-offender-leads-transgender-rights-effort-north-carolina/

Convicted sex offender seeks access to women’s locker rooms through bathroom law

And it’s just appalling that this locker room or restroom law is even taking place. Had the governor of South Dakota known of these sex offenders he would have just passed the anti-trans law. It’s funny how the transgender activists are still trying to defend this as either an isolated incident or that anyone can be a sex offender. The problem is, that these sex offenders can put on a wig and a dress and identify as the opposite sex. And the other argument is that, they can do this anyway but then this is where we go from being able to kick anyone suspicious out of the bathroom to, well we can’t kick this guy out for identifying as the opposite sex. Certain states we can and most likely the reason for transgenders wanting to get the rights to use the restroom. Many transgenders are generally too afraid to leave the home, can’t get jobs and what not. Any person with the sense of logic would bite the bullet and stop identifying as transgender.

There’s one more problem that transgenders face that they are totally not understanding. Men who identify as women are not women, http://www.chicksonright.com/transgender-girl-gets-mad-at-straight-guys-because-they-dont-want-to-date-someone-with-male-parts/

But yet they feel so strongly and ignore their biological parts that it ends up becoming a deception. When the guys in that video realize that these girls are really males, they back off and are no longer interested. Even after or if they get a sex change operation, people are not happy finding out, http://firsttoknow.com/man-realizes-wife-is-transgender-after-2-decades-of-marriage-hes-not-happy/

The argument is that they are not women and can’t produce children. The counterargument is that not all women can produce children. That doesn’t really make any sense. Just because a biological female has a few reproductive defects doesn’t mean anything. It just means that men are going to start asking women to do DNA testings to ensure they are really female because at this point in time, it’s becoming easier to unknowingly date a woman who was born a male. That’s where the confusion continues which leads to hate.

And while articles such as this, http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/sep/12/transgender-children-have-to-respect-who-he-is

keeps getting written, acting like we’re supposed to deal with it instead of sending our kids to a place where they can get help and they are not leading themselves into a downward spiral to suicide or a victim of a hate crime, http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2016/02/16376/

There won’t be any resolution. The only option is to stop listening to these transgender activists in which some are sex offenders and shouldn’t be trusted anyway and to find a doctor or a real expert such as Walt Heyer who has more experience in this phenomenon then a sex offender trying to get into the female locker rooms. Because with anyone with experience knows that living as a transgender, living as the gender you believe you identify as isn’t a good thing. There are restrictions and there is a lot of discrimination towards it. And it’s not going to stop, with all the anti-trans laws trying to pass it’s going to get a whole lot worse and far more dangerous for anyone becoming transgender. It won’t get any better and society is and will not be ready for men wearing women’s clothing.

 “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this” (Deuteronomy 22:5).

I also need to approve any comments before they become public so if i don’t like your comment, mostly from transgender activists who want to either downtalk my article or won’t listen to reason, posting ‘your a bigot, uneducated and don’t know what it means to be transgender’ well that is automatically going to be rejected.

Oh and i forgot, this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzwMJAFWLtQ

Already some activist was trying to defend themselves. Sex offender much? With the lack of transgender articles within the past couple of weeks.. it’s pretty clear that the transgender community is losing it’s power. But even if they really are not.. if they are shutting up to see if people will forget.. i don’t think so. I’m not one of those who will be silenced by this insanity and will continue to show more reasons why their mentality is faulty and ineffective. They will have no choice but to find something else, hopefully they will soon see that transitioning is the leading cause of their misfortune and discrimination.

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