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Star Trek: Discovery Premiere Date Is At Long Last Announced



When i first heard about a new Trek series i was interested, at first… but since CBS stated they will be airing this on All Access only, with only the first episode being broadcasted on thier network i was bummed.

Now before someone says, ‘well you can’t pay 8 bucks to see the show?’, it’s the logic that is flawed. First, another prequel series is not particular appetizing. I would have preferred to see a continuation of ST TNG, Voyager and DS9. I would have liked to see more adventures with the Enterprise E. Doesn’t need to be with the original crews from that era but i get so tired of reboots. JJ Abrams Star Trek wasn’t exactly good, while i enjoyed it, at the same time.. it left a bad taste in my mouth, especially with Into Darkness. Starfleet’s mission is to explore space and seek out life, not destroy it. Well at least the third one, Beyond was pretty decent.

The look and feel of Discovery isn’t exactly welcoming but that is among one of the reasons i’m not going to pay money just to watch it. With the PC nonsense surrounding Hollywood these days, some rumors about Discovery isn’t exactly welcoming either. I have already removed cable tv from my home and i plan to do the same with the cable internet service. The reason is to conserve money. I need to use it for other things and paying $40-60 for internet is just not going to work out for me. I can use Wi-Fi from my parents place or maybe a neighbor. But if anything it’ll only be once a week for an hour. I still have my smartphone but i’m limited at around 2GB, but for the price i’m paying for the phone service it’s reasonable. Besides, i think it would be for the better so i can start focusing on other things i have been neglecting for too long. So i may still be around just not as much.

I just won’t be seeing this new series, unless CBS decides that making it All Access only was a foolish idea and puts the show on their network. Just after i typed all this up i happened to come across this article, Star Trek: Discovery to ditch a long frustrating Trek rule this doesn’t sound too good, considering Star Trek is a Utopian universe. Regardless of whether it actually is going to damage the theme of Star Trek i won’t be able to watch it, not worth the money.

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