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All throughout my life i have kept going through my mind that i don’t want kids. I grew up in a rough childhood that i would never impose on another soul. The endless cycle of tormented souls is not my idea of a good time and my recent drama experiences this past week clearly shows how much life is so much of a douchebag. Now this is not to say i would never want to have kids or even adopt one it’s just that i am nowhere near the level of being ready, let alone the world isn’t just ready to have another me running around. I came across this article and i’m mystified why someone would argue over someone not having kids, Why Your Top 10 Reasons For Not Having Kids Are Stupid

Why? Even if i were to be a good parent (which i really don’t think so, i struggle with basic things), as a logical person we have more than enough people in this world. 7 billion. If we tried to bunch them all up in one area on the planet it would be very chaotic. I get mentally drained just from a day’s work, one of the reasons i am introverted is because i can only take being around so many people for so long before i need to relax. In reality i am just not the best fit to have a family.

I do not believe overpopulation is an issue, however with the social system we hold onto so much we have already exceeded the amount of people this system can carry (especially in some areas). We have more people than we do jobs with livable wages and besides that it’s rare to find a job that is stress free. I’ve heard some people say work isn’t supposed to be fun, but if you are not enjoying your job it’s going to make it that much harder to want to work 40+ hours so you can pay for that roof over your head and the vehicle to get to work. Besides feeling overwhelmed by the amount of people and the cost of living, people tend to have more than 3 children. I’ve heard of people having over 7 children (as high as 15). I have relatives who had children as high as 8. That’s too much, i am not judging these people because it’s not my life or any of my business, but it does factor in my reasons not to have children. That tends to go with population control. I’m not an advocate for reducing the population and genocide is just pure evil. However, i don’t see anything wrong with not wanting to have kids.

It is unclear if Christians frown on not wanting to have children, let alone sometimes i feel like my dad is disappointed in me for not having any kids yet (well or at least being in a relationship with someone). I don’t even want to discuss the subject with him, besides all the other reasons, i am not mentally capable of carrying for a child, birth or adopted doesn’t matter let alone i don’t care if people think i am ready or am capable of having children, i’m 37 years old but i feel like 60. I struggle with relationships, let alone with work and daily life so kids are really not even an option anyway, even if i wanted kids it would not happen regardless. I’m just trying to survive the day to day life.


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My wordpress page was generally around technology and music. However the past couple of years, social media has been fired up over this transgender topic. Transgender children, transgender bathroom rights, transgender this and that and i’m thinking.. what happened? 10, 20 years ago this would have been seen as the devil incarnation and these people would have been forced into a mental facility or somewhere else. Whatever the case is, if you know me i am sick and tired of stupidity and lack of logical reasoning. The problem is, nothing about transgender is logical and it’s about as stupid and ridiculous as it sounds!

The fact is, not everything in life can be obtained or wished on a whim so i do all i can to help myself and others into making rational decisions. So with all my ranting over transgenders in other places and even being rude and hateful that is just simply just not the way as it normally is. Though the idea of transitioning just makes my blood boil that this is even a discussion. Take this for instance, http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/parents-threaten-remove-children-primary-7567192

The idea that some schools or teachers feel they need to teach people about transgenders because it’s not enough for these people to be discriminated against and being led to the slaughterhouse it’s the fact that they continue to ignore all that and try to push against all sense of logic. The fact that the parents are threatening.. heck i wouldn’t threaten i would just do it. Take your kids out of school period! Don’t even give them an option. Just force them to make a better decision. I wouldn’t even give them any other reason. Schools are to teach people, not to give kids an idea that they can become a different gender. And the reason for this is because trans activists are trying to get more people to accept this insanity! I’m not even going to get into why they are doing this but some of them have already been found out as sex offenders. This is a question of right and wrong and it is wrong to even think about transitioning or being transgender is normal or even acceptable. It’s even worse when hate groups rise out like the KKK and instead of it being discriminative towards blacks it’s going to be far worse for transgenders. I can guarantee you that within the next 5-10 years (if even that) there will be a transgender hate group and it’s not going to be pretty. It’s going to make the dark ages look like a children’s love story.

So what does this mean for my website? Well you’re probably going to hear a lot more on the transgender subject and i’m not going to sit idly by and watch this world fall apart and innocent children get hurt because some adults are mentally disturbed. Nope, and this is not hate speech. This is an opinion that the transgender community are trying to bully their way into existence when there should be a more logical and ethical form of treatment for these people, whether or not gender dysphoria exists it does not mean people need to radically change their way of thinking to meet the needs of these people. There is another solution but it’s only going to be present for those who seek it. Transitioning is an unacceptable form of treatment for these people and it makes me sick to my stomach that this was even considered let alone advocated. If we can’t make even one little proper decision such as this, how are we even supposed to survive for much longer? The world will eventually fall apart by this way of thinking.

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