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Coming across melodic death metal has been one of my favorite memories. It started out with At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. There are some great stuff in the genre and this is among one of the first songs i have been exposed to, sometime in 2002 or 2003,

Hours Passed In Exile Lyrics

As i got more involved in the metal subgenres the more i really enjoy the intense but melodic music, here’s a few youtube videos of that example (pretty rough/raw folk metal which has some symphonic, melodic black/death in it as well, pretty heavy insane stuff though so listen at your own risk there)
As I Die… – Lemuria (you could skip to 3:24 if you wish)
A Day of Reckoning by Lemuria (the amazing melodic solo comes around 4 minutes) though the rest of (both songs) it was pretty good at first, but gets pretty monotonous or tiring so those may not be the best examples, but every once in a while listening to those 2 songs are pretty epic in it’s own way but not meant to be overplayed unless of course you just go for the solos.

I actually find that listening to the more melodic, but intense stuff is better and still has some good solos in it as well…

And there are some pretty insane long songs too that are really good.

Folk music mixed with melodic death metal, and then there’s progressive melodic death metal,

(lyrics in video)

Other than some repeating lyrics throughout this song (which gets a little tedious at times) clocks around 16 minutes! If you hear it the first few times it’s amazing and even when writing this i’m playing back this song and it’s still epic. Yeah, so anyway along with my last post, My Introduction (as a Christian and metalhead) i decided to post something like this because, well i felt like it.

Or because i don’t want to be talking about controversial stuff all the time like i have been doing for the past 8 months, or a year…

Also, if you are interested, i have a last.fm profile, http://www.last.fm/user/spineshank155

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Cover of "He Who Shall Not Bleed"

A follow-up to He Who Shall Not Bleed?

Many Dimension Zero fans are wondering, is there a new album coming out? Many, including me is hoping for a follow-up to He Who Shall Not Bleed Well i started digging around, nothing on the site, So what is Dimension Zero doing? Well.. doing some more digging i found THE RESISTANCE: New Supergroup?

This is the line-up:

Marco Aro (FACE DOWN, ex-THE HAUNTED) – Vocals
Jesper Strömblad (ex-IN FLAMES, DIMENSION ZERO) – Guitar
Glenn Ljungström (ex-IN FLAMES, DIMENSION ZERO) – Guitar
Alex Losbäck Holstad (ex-DESPITE, DECAMERON, CARDINAL SIN) – Bass
Chris Barkensjö (CARNAL FORGE, GODSIC, ex-GRAVE) – Drums

Ok, so it’s possible that since two of the members of Dimension Zero are in this “project band” they have no time for other bands at this present moment. So, what are the band members doing? Well..

Joakim “Af Gravf” “Jocke” Göthberg(vocals) he is also in Marduk

Daniel Antonsson(guitar) is currently in Dark Tranquillity

Hans Nilsson (drums) isn’t really doing anything at the moment or there is no news about him (that and there are multiple names showing up in google)

So it seems there really is no new info on this band but! I left this for last.. a Dark Tranquillity interview

Source: swedenrockstage.com.ua (Translated by Google)

swedenrockstage.com.ua : Thank you. Daniel, you and Jesper is also playing in another band, Dimension Zero , whose music in the same direction. Do you have any plans for a new album, or other future plans?

Daniel : We have plans for a new album with Dimension Zero. I do not know when we all will have time for it, but it will happen – the new album will be released, but we’ll see when. The thing is, when we have time, and when Jasper will not be busy, but personally I have some time on it. So let us hope that maybe next year we will write and write it. If possible, I think we’ll be releasing it at the end of next year. I do not know … but I hope so.

So it’s really hard to tell when they’ll work on a new record, maybe in 2012?

If you find more info involving Dimension Zero please let me know in a comment! I will edit that info on here. Thanks! And stay \m/etal.

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