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From the crime show, NCIS. Gibbs has a rule to never date a co-worker.

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Anyway, this blog is a personal one (no EVs this time). My previous job I happened to like a girl who turned up didn’t like me back. I said some things to her online that I shouldn’t have and being at work has made things incredibly awkward. Not to mention work itself had gotten worse and I wasn’t getting enough hours (well other employees didnt get enough it was difficult times). I didn’t even want to be there because work had gotten too stressful. I felt like I didn’t belong there.

While this was happening I really got into watching NCIS and Rule #12 came up. Never date a co-worker. Sound advice and for those wondering what the other ones are…


Some are missing, not mentioned or it’s an outdated photo im not sure which because I never kept up on every rule made. Some of them are good actually. So with my new job I kept the same mindset, Rule #12. It’s been working up until recently other co-workers have been trying to get me in a relationship with someone, no one in particular just generally asking me why I haven’t got a woman, wife or kids.

They also couldn’t have asked ata worse time. I have been focused on saving a new car (new 0-3 years, not an older vehicle) and I really want to get a Dodge Challenger, even if it’s a V6 version. But even with a bit of overtime it’s going to take some time to do. I can’t really afford to date right now and I really have no plans of a relationship.

Kids and possibly marriage is out of the question as they’re not cheap. Another thing is im not a romantic, sorry ladies. I feel like buying stuff like a card, flowers and chocolate, having candlelight dinners and long walks on beaches are a bit, outdated and cheesy. Going out to dinner at a greasy hamburger joint and seeing an action movie are my ideas of dating.


All jokes aside many women are looking for a romance, something im probably capable of but not something I’d like to do and I’ve already made my peace with being single. Bottom line is that relationships are too much guesswork. Sometimes you don’t really know what the other person really wants and I’m not even sure I want a relationship.

Now that I got that out of the way there is a woman i work with, not really though considering the fact we’re on opposite sides of a small plant with a wall as a barrier, but there are times where she is on side I’m on. Mostly I haven’t really thought much of it but I work around one of the many access points to the plant I’m in so a few times she had mentioned, “good morning” before I had lost overtime hours and she started before me. So eh whatever, time goes by and just this last several weeks I caught her looking at me which at first I brushed it off but the most recent 2 was on Thursday. It was almost like she was looking at me like “why won’t you talk to me” but it could also be 200 other things.

The most obvious sign would be is the gossiping of me still being single from the guys. I almost wished I had said, yes I do have a gf so they could leave me alone, but they’ll be asking for photos. And you know, every smartphone has a camera so even if I had to take a photo of my imaginary gf sleeping, that just wouldn’t get them to stop asking for one.

I found a great job with a bunch of employees who are nosy.


Oh well. Anyway since Thursday I just put up my blinders and focused on the job. All I can do is smile and move on. Not that this female co-worker isn’t attractive but well, I don’t really approach people i don’t know, unless it’s something I need I usually let others approach me. Makes it hard to make friends but as an introvert, it doesn’t really matter. I’m 39 years old and have never been on a date or relationship so at this point, in just used to the idea of being single that the idea of relationships just doesn’t interest me as much as it used to.

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Not a day after the Las Vegas shooting we are already talking about gun control. Just like any other tragic shooting instead of mourning the loss of people, the major talk is gun control.

Not that gun control is a bad thing but the problem is that anytime we have a major shooting the topic of gun control takes over the media. Celebrities are not helping, instead of giving out condolences they are complaining about the 2nd amendment rights.

All the whole completely ignoring the mental health state in America. For anyone to obtain illegal weapons and to willingly harm and murder people for any reason is a mental illness. Even though murder may not be an actual mental illness according to experts the mental health in America needs major improvement. Mental health often goes unnoticed and it is partly due to the inefficiencies of our social structure.

When people are often only thinking of themselves and monetary interests are more important than the health of civilization the mental health of society is degraded. We could implement a much better health program, the best to our ability however that would also be costly, with our current social/monetary system implementing the best mental healthcare would raise taxes far more comfortable than what people are willing to do.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, even, $0.05 extra in taxes a year per taxpayer would help improve things. Certainly if we are on the same page celebrities would most likely donate money to our mental healthcare giving more people access to this necessary service. However were not even in the same book on the subject of gun violence. It’s easier to blame guns because it doesn’t cost anything to taxpayers to limit who can own a gun. At some point, gun control can only go so far and it doesn’t prevent some psychopath from finding some way of inflicting harm to others.

On a side note, when we are talking about mental health it has to do more than a simple mental health evaluation. We need to simply talk. We need to record experiences and above all we need to stop being in our own world and start listening to others. A lot of our mental health issues is mainly due to a forced reality of forcing many people to do uncomfortable and even degrading acts. A hundred people are forced to do things one person decided to do. The Illinois, Cook county soda tax for an example is largely rejected but because of a select few, it was implemented. As a result, many Cook county residents are shopping in other counties, affecting businesses who was against the soda tax are losing money.

The mental health needs major improvement, but so long as we keep blaming guns for gun violence when we have a mental health crisis won’t solve the violence problems. When gun control reaches it’s limits, if gun violence won’t be an issue, there will still be violence so long as we continue to ignore the mental health issues in America and around the world.

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Illinois moves into the top 20 personal income tax states

If you are in Illinois and upset over the personal income tax hike, well now Illinois is the 16th worst state to be in.

Here’s a list of the states with highest average income tax rates:

California – 7.75
Oregon – 7.73
Minnesota – 7.53
Maine – 7.23
Vermont – 7.18
Hawaii – 7.01
New York – 6.05
Wisconsin – 5.94
North Carolina – 5.49
Connecticut – 5.4
Massachusetts – 5.1
Idaho – 5
New Hampshire – 5
Tennessee – 5*
Utah – 5
Illinois – 4.95
Iowa – 4.92
Rhode Island – 4.83
West Virginia – 4.8
Delaware – 4.71

“The tax increase isn’t a solution to (the state’s financial problems),” Labell said. “The impact of this hike would be felt much sooner than the budget impasse. There would be more economic stagnation and more people will leave the state, and the more people who leave the state, the worse it will be for those who stay.”

The economic downfall of Illinois is already bad. I have not closed on my new property as of yet and i am tempted to just cancel it and work on moving to a better state. Illinois is beyond fixing. The second quote is exactly what will happen. When businesses and residents flee the state the increased tax rate won’t do much with the lousy spending the state is doing. The only way Illinois gets out of the debt and avoid becoming a junk state is to cut 70% of it’s expenses. That means a ton of layoffs, something that no state wants to do but without a budget and without a way to pay off the debt there won’t be a state for people to live in. And that means the entire state will suffer.  For starters IL should shut down their emissions air quality control and cut all road construction and only focus on the roads that desperately need repairing.

When i had a budget crisis of my own i had to make some tough choices. I couldn’t buy any new clothes, couldn’t buy any cleaning supplies (only when i really needed it) and i only drove to work and home. I was still losing money but it wasn’t a whole lot and i got it back during tax time. I am already going to see if i could claim myself as a dependent on state income taxes but that means i won’t be able to spend that money.. and it’s a bit of a headache with that and usually it’s easier to just let them take the money they need out. But if they are not getting paid every week they may have to make more cuts. In the end it won’t matter as the extra money they are trying to get from people will be lost when people are moving out of Illinois. The only solution to fix this is something that the Illinois politicians are not willing to do, but it needs to be done if we are to get out of this budget crisis.

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Kathy Griffin has quickly found out how doing something very wrong has some pretty pricey consequences. Please note, this is not a post to harass anyone, including Kathy Griffin. So don’t come on my blog saying i’m being mean or whatever.

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin apologizes for photo shoot with bloodied Trump mask, says she ‘went too far’

After seeing that photo, it took me a bit to figure out what she has done reading some of the articles and needless to say what Kathy has done was unacceptable. To find this funny you have to be some kind of sick individual to begin with. Shortly after she posted these photos, a whole bunch of people were furious and she knew right away that what she did was wrong, immediately apologized and begged for forgiveness. However, if you are creating a life like head of someone, bloody it, then post it like a barbarian you already know what you are doing. And she thought this was a joke? It seems to me she was pretty serious about wanting Donald Trump dead. Using her comedy routine to vent frustration over Trump being president isn’t exactly the best thing.

Then this happened, Barron Trump Thought Kathy Griffin’s Beheaded Trump Image Was His Dad

Trump family sources tell us Barron was in front of the TV watching a show when the news came on and he saw the bloody, beheaded image. We’re told he panicked and screamed, “Mommy, Mommy!”

As it was put to us, “He’s 11. He doesn’t know who Kathy Griffin is and the head she was holding resembled his dad.”

Melania called out Kathy, saying what she did was disturbing, wrong and “makes you wonder about [her] mental health.”

Could you imagine a kid, having to go through the possibility of one of your parents being dead, murdered no less. Some people also believe Barron is autistic although i couldn’t find any concrete evidence of that.  Trump Family Has ‘Made It Very Clear’ What They Think of Kathy Griffin

If that’s not enough..  ‘He broke me’: A defiant, tearful Kathy Griffin slams attacks by Trump and his family

“I’m not good at being appropriate,” she said. “I’m only good at doing comedy one way. It’s in your face. I’m going to make fun of the president. And I’m going to do it more now.” 

Kathy Griffin Tiger woods

Kathy Griffin loses remainder of her tour gigs in wake of Donald Trump severed head scandal after dramatic press conference

Here is the full Kathy Griffin press conference,

After watching the video, she does seem sincere in her apology but at the same time she has some kind of mental illness. Many people won’t forgive her for her misdeeds and that is a big problem in this world today. Not to mention there is a whole lot of hate going around, Kathy and Trump are both catalysts for hate. The masses just follows, it’s basically “hate spreads like wildfire”.

As a Christian, we follow the mindset of forgiving people for their misdeeds, even if they do something really awful such as what Kathy Griffin did. At the same time, we must learn from our mistakes. Some people refuse to learn from their mistakes, such as the transgender activism. They often blame others for their own actions and instead of saying “ok, well people feel really strongly about being against transgender people so we need to talk to the doctor and find another form of treatment besides transitioning” they say and continue to say “your a bigot, you are uneducated, i hope people like you become extinct like the dinosaurs” which again fuels hate and rage. We can’t have some sort of common ground and with the Kathy Griffin scenario, there is a lot of hate being spewed around.

We live in a Godless society where people are doing what they want and ignore the consequences of their actions or their actions affecting other people in a negative way. With the media, slamming Kathy Griffin.. constantly berating Donald Trump there is no way to really see things other than intense hatred. This leads to violence and war. As a Christian we are taught there is a heaven and hell and when we die, we go to the one that we are judged with. What we do in this life will matter in the next. However, today we are living in between heaven and hell, to some it’s heaven, other’s it’s hell. Do we create a heaven here on earth or do we let it fall into the depths of hell? What we do matters!

(sorry for the potato video quality)

I like using the media for showing what i am talking about and what music or tv show can relate to. Shows like NCIS, The Walking Dead, Star Trek has a lot of different lessons.

But some haven’t learned them (i read recently about how people don’t need to respect robots)

The idea that Data is a sentient being is pretty complex. In reality we should be respecting all life, but to some it isn’t possible. They lack the spiritual guidance and chances are they think they are God. Star Trek Voyager revisits this with the Doctor, a hologram that clearly has shown he is a sentient being. Some people may have a saying “Ghost in the Machine”, well there’s a lot we don’t know about energy, about our souls. God created us in his image and i guess we are creating in his image as well.

Here are the songs (yes it’s death metal lol) that reflect the problems society has. If you don’t like the music, you can click on the lyrics. People will interpret the lyrics in different ways. I also added the lyrics to “Pitch Black Progress” by Scar Symmetry because it bears posting on the main page. So you can skip down if you’d like. On the surface the song is mostly towards consumerism, but at the same time it speaks to how our society functions. People don’t think for themselves, if one person sees another doing something, they’ll do the same thing no matter how crazy, stupid or insane it might be. It’s relevant to what this article is about, but at the same time, this article is only scratching the surface. “Pitch Black Progress” speaks to our very existence, what we are doing here with our time on earth. It is very limited and often times we’re on a one track mind. There is so much more to life than to work, watch tv, drink or to hang out, but we limit ourselves. We are caught up in this place called life rushing around to our next job that we don’t think about what we are doing.

(lyrics for After Life is at the bottom of the page)

(If you like this song, check out the rest of their album)

(Pure: DarkLyrics)

(Dead Harvest: DarkLyrics)

(Seven Are The Sins: DarkLyrics)

(Into Shadow: DarkLyrics)

(Pitch Black Progress: DarkLyrics)

Pitch Black Progress

This landscape mechanical
Well-oiled black machinery
Bio-driven computers
Programmed for slave labor

For slave labor!

Structure made in urban design
Kills the evolution of the mind
Marching on a dead end path
With misplaced concentration

It’s a pitch-black progress
It’s a dead end process
It’s a pitch-black progress
No more, no less

Digital temples monitor the population
Supplying the masses with what they see fit
Programming digital dreams for the consumers
A zombie nation devoid of improvisation

[Solo: J. Kjellgren]

Electro-hypnotic messages
Downloaded directly to the brain
Endless chanting subliminal
Hammers down the-will to resist
Progressing into a pitch black future
Leaving behind an analogue past
Promoting all of their new ways
Whatever the cost may be

[Solo: P. Nilsson]

It’s a pitch-black progress
It’s a dead end process
It’s a pitch-black progress
No more, no less

Introducing a pitch-black approach
Taste the horns of the future
Swallow the sulphur of the new order
To resist is to non-exist

I could list more songs but i think this may overload someone’s phone or something lol.

Last but not least here is the lyrics to “Break The Silence” by After Life. The song is about animal abuse but look a little deeper…

Each and every life

On earth has as much right
To be here as you and me
There isn’t a right way
To kill someone who doesn’t want
To die!

People don’t
want to hear
The truth about themselves
Closed and ignorant
We are totally blind

Without compassion
And respect for innocents
Our souls end up in Hell

Time to live thinking about
The struggles of survivors
To make a world free of your lies

Break the silence
We can see our Paradise?
Break the silence
Can we name it a Paradise?
I am the Voice of Voiceless
And i’ll say loudly that isn’t said
I am the Voice of Voiceless
A Voice to scream that isn’t said
End of endless lies…
Blinded innocence

Freedom, justice for them
Too many murders on our hands
Broken inside, acts of violence
Prayer, for a future
Free of cruelty and cowardice

We must not forget that hopeful world
Mistakes of the past, to break the silence…

It’s really up to society to determine the path to take. Our world needs a ton of prayers.

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This is actually going to be two different topics in one to make it easier, but first off here’s an interesting topic. http://abcnews.go.com/US/transgender-crisis-suicide-prevention-hotline-receives-record-number/story?id=43444126


Well maybe mostly that the suicide hotline has been off the hook since Trump winning the election. The thing that really gets me is this,

Martela, who is trans herself, told ABC News today that “trans people already face blatant discrimination and harassment on a daily basis,” but many fear Trump’s “hateful campaign and rhetoric” could stir “more discrimination, more harassment and more violence than ever.”

Could it really get any worse? Maybe which is why it’s so necessary to stop pushing transgender equality onto everyone. Stop forcing parents to allowing their children to become transgender and schools should discourage the idea of transgender students. These parents made the decision to allow their kids to transition but yet the transgender community is so unstable right now and has been unstable since the beginning. Transgenders are 41% more likely to attempt suicide than the average person. Notice how transgenders are at the top of this list of the suicide hotline calls. The transgender community would like to have you believe that the suicide numbers is because they can’t transition but before or after it doesn’t really matter transgenders are high risk suicide victims. So ideally the only way is to avoid transitioning. This is why we have therapists, however as the professionals are pro transitioning and practically advocates of transgenders it’s hard to get some idealistic help from these people. It’s like trying to get help for a broken arm in an emergency room but the nurses and staff are just telling you to “get tough!” Just imagine that happening all the time. This is what is happening with transgenders, except that this is exactly what transgenders want, they want people to advocate their transitioning, their ideas that transgenders exist. So they are not exactly telling transgenders to get tough, just that there really isn’t a solution for these people. Transgenders are losing 6 against 1 but are still going against the grain.

I don’t think Trump will increase the violence and discrimination against transgenders but we’ll see. 2016 is apparently the worst year of transgenders. With Trump behind the wheel though we can only hope that professionals will put this transgender nonsense to an end and once and for all show that they were wrong in advocating transitioning.

Trump is president. Get over it, protesting and rioting will only show that America really needs Trump.

America is in trouble right now as protests around the world take place, rioting in some places as well, http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37946231 and people are already getting beat up on the streets for voting Trump. While i’m not going to link everything on here mainly because there’s just so many articles on this election that it’s not even funny. Trump has already won alliances with Russia and strengthens ties with Israel and the stock market is higher than when Obama was in office. Seems investors think Trump will restore our economy and considering Trump is a businessman all bets are with Trump that our shambling, failing economy will be restored once Trump is inaugurated in office. Voters have faith that Trump will lower our national debt, http://www.usdebtclock.org/ which is continuing to increase. This is what Americans should be concerned with but so far i have seen “He’s not my president”, “Who would vote for a xenophobic, homophobic racist pig?”. This clearly shows how terrible America’s priorities are. I mean who cares if we get a president such as Hillary that won’t do anything for America’s economy but she’s pro LGBT!

Since Obama has been in office, religion in America has been under attack by the LGBT community, http://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/john-stonestreet/lgbt-rights-dispense-middle-ground-war-against-religious-freedom but Trump will help protect religious rights. Businesses will most likely be protected as well as the LGBT community has been going on a rampage ensuring everyone is pro LGBT. The LGBT community is also worried that Trump will reinstate the “Don’t ask don’t tell”. But does it really matter at this point? Not to mention people have had enough of the transgender acceptance “or you are a bigot” in which the transgender community is often regarding transphobic people as religious.

Obama’s biggest mistake was Obamacare, increasing the premiums 5 times the amount it was originally at forcing many Americans to pay the penalty tax for not having health insurance because they can’t afford it. Most people that get a nice tax return usually spends it or saves it for the stuff they needed that they couldn’t get because living by paycheck to paycheck trying to keep a roof and food on the table, in fact trying to keep a dinner table under the roof! In which is yet goes back to Trump is a businessman and will restore our economy.

Back to Obamacare, Trump isn’t going to completely remove it but it’s crazy that people would sign up for it knowing it’ll be altered, possibly made worse. http://fox6now.com/2016/11/10/americans-sign-up-for-obamacare-in-droves-after-trump-elected-president/ It’s really a strange phenomenon seeing as these people should have already been signed up instead of franctically signing up for it. After Trump meeting Obama instead of Trump attempting to completely dismantle Obamacare, Trump will make profound changes to make both sides happy. Already Trump will remove the healthcare tax penalty,

So what’s more likely to happen are changes including elimination of the mandate that everyone have insurance

Long as Trump can continue to improve the healthcare system that is all people really want. Healthcare was already a joke in America before Obama but his program didn’t really help much better especially for the Americans who had lost good healthcare premiums due to the Affordable Care Act.

The people protesting has not even given Trump a chance, they are too busy clinging onto the rhetoric hate Trump spouted during the election all the while is doing the very thing they claim to be fighting against, by saying “NeverTrump” and vandalising property. Trump didn’t destroy property, the protestors are. There is now hate in schools and on the streets but it’s not Trumps doing.

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Target continues to miss the target, if the CEO was given a gun he’d completely miss and somehow manage to shoot the broadside of a barn. So now the CEO admits they are losing money but are somehow blaming climate change for it. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/05/20/target-ceo-blames-climate-change-not-bathroom-policy-hurting-sales/

Last time i checked people will stand in the cold for 20 hours to get the best deals on black Friday. In fact they’ll skip Thanksgiving to get the best deals. How in the world will rain and 30F weather keep people from shopping at Target? We all know that other retail stores are not doing so well, yet Amazon is slightly going up. You can google that. Whether or not transgenders should be able to use the bathroom they identify as, people are not taking that lightly as shown here. http://wgntv.com/2016/05/17/woman-with-bible-protests-against-targets-new-bathroom-policy/

Except the video with the 12 children was deleted. Here’s another, http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2016/05/16/video-woman-marches-through-target-saying-the-devil-will-rape-your-children-because-of-its-bathroom-policy/ which is actually pretty hilarious it could have been a Mad TV episode on crazy Christians. But in reality Target has opened up the doors to perverted men. http://www.glennbeck.com/2016/05/16/target-refuses-to-remove-creepy-guy-from-womens-bathroom/

And people are freaking out about it, http://www.oregonlive.com/window-shop/index.ssf/2016/04/target_transgender_bathroom_policy.html

There were other videos posted about men asking if they could use the women’s bathroom at Target if they feel more comfortable and Target employees has said yes, it’s ok. This is exactly what the liberals want, for men to use the women’s bathroom as this isn’t even about transgenders anymore. Transgender is a smoke screen and in fact this is how the topic of transgenders started, with the school issue of transgenders being able to use the bathrooms and part of it has to do with Planet Fitness kicking out a paying consumer because she reported there was a man in the women’s restroom.

But, Target has gone full liberal, first they deny they were losing sales then had a huge drop in sales so they blame climate change on the lost sales. This is exactly like talking to a liberal who literally makes things up and doesn’t have anything to back it up with. Liberals admit that 41% (which is actually higher now) of transgenders attempt suicide but does a 180 and blames it on society. What they do not understand is that society and the infrastructure of our social system does not conform to the transgender ideology. It’s trying to fit a square into the circle peg hole, it won’t work and i already know this extreme push towards transgender acceptance is exactly that. While they compare African American rights to Transgender which is completely 2 different things the only common thing is that we’re back to the time where slavery was abolished but African Americans received continuous death threats and bullying. In fact i believe that transgenders are still being used by men for their sick agendas. It’s a smoke screen in which the liberals want. This may not be the last transgender topic i have but i want to talk about other things because already it looks like more people are talking about the dangers of becoming transgender and Target is under fire so pretty much i don’t think i need to contribute much. 2016 is definitely the worst year for transgenders. While it may have been worse back then, often times it was brushed under the carpet so most of society has not been aware of transgenders. 2014 this wasn’t even that much of a subject but 2016 has been an everyday topic and i bet the violence of transgenders has increased plenty.

In some of my other posts i have already explained how dangerous it is to live a transgender lifestyle, especially in children. So many transgender teens have committed suicide already or have at least attempted to do so.

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Now that we got that cheesy title out of the way yet something else has been brought to my attention and i couldn’t wait to write this down in my wordpress blog! (not really…) Anyway i need another disclaimer trying to avoid the wrath of the transgender mafia experts that this blog is an opinion. If you feel like you are going to get threatened stop reading! I don’t need someone rushing to the deep end saying they are going to call up Obama to have my account removed because i am posting something logical, something that coherently makes sense. So again this is an opinion.

But here’s the thing, transgenders think that they are entitled to be who they believe that they are and they claim to have science to back up that fact, so any little hitch in the road is a no go. There’s a lot of various information going around and some of it has been said to been false. Target is facing backlash for announcing their policy that they do not discriminate against transgenders and that men can use the women’s restroom. Yes.. they can.


That petition is up to 1,121,000 signatures. Already we have people stating that oh AFA is a hate group and they manipulate their numbers. But then, Target has lost $1.5 billion in sales,



And there’s proof of this. Yet people are denying that boycotts don’t have any effect. And then they claim that other companies such as Google, Walmart, and Facebook are all pro transgender. Except they haven’t claimed that they endorsed men to visit the womens room. Target didn’t need to announce that they support transgender. In fact they could have been discreet about it. Transgenders say they have been using the bathroom of their choice for years and no one noticed. So why now? There may be some theories circling around such as with Planet Fitness where a transgender was using the women’s locker room and a lady complained then got banned from the place. Another one may be transgender children and the recent uproar on them being accommodated in schools.

Target was foolish enough to even consider publically announcing their views on transgenders (or non gender conforming people). Transgenders have been discriminated against since the dawn of time. It’s only been recent that they have been demanding equal rights. I have been saying for years though that being transgender is not smart or recommended. Now i could debate whether or not transgenders have a mental illness but the main reason that i think they do is because no matter what you say to the transgender community they always have some excuse, like “i was born transgender” or “transitioning is the only cure we have”. These are all excuses. Right now i am battling trying to get the effort to organize all my stuff so when i move it’s really easy. Remove what i don’t need and make it so i only need to make fewer trips. I can’t do it. I’ll do it for an hour and then i’ll stop and never do it again for months! My excuse? That i’m tired. While i don’t need to move until next February i’d like to be prepared in case i need to do it at an earlier time. Maybe i could bring some of the stuff to my parents place so it would make the moving day far easier.

But again, i generally tell myself, i don’t want to do it.. too tired, i’ll do it tomorrow. But whatever. It’s a process. I have to tell myself that i can do it and i should. There are some people who don’t want to become trans so they avoid it. Walt Heyer for an example grew out of it. But then that’s another excuse transgender say, Walt Heyer isn’t trans, he was a confused individual who thought he was transgender. And basically whatever they come across they don’t like, they discriminate, hate on and deny that even ever happened. Like this story for an example,

CRIME TEXAS: Transgender Caught Taking Pictures of 13-yr-old girls at Target – LGBT’s Leader: She was born…

Ok, i’ll bite.. perhaps it is fake.. i mean so many people are saying it is so it must be right? Chances are it is fake but it’s pretty convenient to say the least that it’s a hoax. But to say that transgenders are incapable of committing these sorts of crimes is really plain ridiculousness, it’s like believing hoax stories such as the one posted above. Another problem i’d like to bring up is the transgender community often times feel they need to drag children into this problem. It’s like ‘oh think of the children’, where they are using transgender kids as a way to promote their lifestyle and to try to gain acceptance.

Like this article for an example,


But then you have to think about who are you protecting? Yourself or your kid? People would say, ‘I can’t believe you’d let your kid do that. That’s abuse.’ I’ll tell you what’s abuse: suicide. Do you want a live daughter or a dead son?”

I have not met one person who recently transitioned who was a child. In fact i have not met any child who felt suicidal because of their gender conflicts. Zero, zip, not one documented case of a child. Today i see children who transitioned who were perfectly fine otherwise up until they transitioned and then bullied to suicide. The fact is transitioning makes it worse! Yet the transgender community says it’s the other way around, they are more likely to commit suicide if they don’t transition. I did a little research awhile back on which doctors actually advocate transitioning and i came up with only 2 out of 13 doctors actually advocate transitioning (but none advocate transitioning for children). So i guess it’s ok for transgenders to fake stories but when someone fakes a story against transgenders people lose their minds over it.

Children do not identify as transgender and this whole idea of transgender is pretty much psychological. Adults can identify how they want but with children it is extremely not recommended and if you happen to find a doctor that advocates treatment for your child, get a second opinion. Transitioning isn’t recommended in any cases, otherwise this bathroom issue would not be an issue at all and it’s quite disturbing that the transgender community may in fact be using children to manufacture transgenders. In fact transgender children in itself is a hoax, because it is not a problem but a manufactured one.

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I got some links here that you need to check out.

Video: Target Security Tells Man He Can Use Women’s Restroom And To Direct Complaints To Him

Tennessee Pastor Shares Reaction After Confronting Target Staff About New Transgender Policy


So did you read them all, watched the video?

How is this even sane? This is not even about transgenders now, it’s about Target allowing MEN to enter the WOMENS restroom if they so desire. You don’t need to be transgender. This ridiculous new guideline at Target has me baffled to no end. So if you are wondering why so many people are boycotting Target,


this would be why! Even transgenders would be at risk. I was not going to shop at Target because of this transgender acceptance bandwagon train Target is on but now i really encourage that no one goes to Target because they allow MEN, MEN who are sexually attracted to women and would be in the women’s restroom in a heartbeat. Yeah you know what.. why even bother taking this to Target, let them deal with all the stupid lawsuits from MEN recording/photographing women in the Target washrooms. They really deserve to get driven to bankruptcy from this idiotic new stand. So in each link (not sure if it’s the same guy/case or not) managers all say that MEN can go into the women’s bathroom if they want to. Or women go into the mens which i think is pretty unlikely. In either case pedophiles and sex offenders are going to have a field day with this. Not that they would do it anyway, but lets put it this way, sex offenders are more likely to go to Target now, because of this obtuse policy.

Yeah i’m done with Target, anyone brings this company up for whatever reason i’m going to say, nope.. stay the **** away from Target. Go to Kmart, Amazon, Sears, Best Buy, Walmart (yes Walmart in case you haven’t noticed i’m not too fond of that company either, but still better than Target now). Target was one of my favorite department stores and other than this stupid insane policy it still would be if Target’s management wasn’t all douchebaggery. Bye Target.

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Target recently announced that they allow transgenders in their restrooms and even work for them. That wasn’t very bright considering Target has been doing well but AFA wrote a petition and as of right now it’s over 300,000 people who are boycotting Target


and signed AFA’s pledge to boycott. That’s pretty bad especially since this started on Friday  and i worked at Target, the average consumer spends about $60-80 there. Add up the numbers with how many people are boycotting and Target is going to get hit a lot harder than the recession or the credit card hacks. And the numbers keep rising. Just from overnight an additional 100,000 signatures on the AFA site. This was a very poor business move from Target. They could have added the gender equality quietly and no one would have known either way but now that they announced it, it’s getting the media attention, quicker than the credit card and people still shopped there, but paid in cash. So even with the credit card fiasco Target didn’t do too bad and they even came out with new card readers and credit card chips. But this is will definitely kill Target. Even if they were to back out, i’d say that less people are going to want to shop at Target and i don’t doubt that by the end of this month AFA will get over a million signatures which will really damage Target’s credibility.

I’m unsure if i am going to keep shopping at Target myself, i’ll simply wait and see.. i mostly buy from Amazon.com and whatever i normally get at Target, which is mostly food i’ll most likely get at Aldi’s for the time being, not because i am against Target’s policy or that i want Target to suffer but they were not very bright and chances are Target may be in big trouble to the point where they may end up having to start closing stores down so i’m going to have to find a different place to go (not Walmart). I am against the idea of transitioning and this is the end result, with all the businesses and music artists banning NC for writing what otherwise is a proper competent law, it’s really a bad idea to transition and Target is simply getting into something that they shouldn’t be doing or they could have very well done it quietly. This transgender epidemic has caused a modern day civil war against one another. It has divided this country and people are forced to make sacrifices. It’s really just foolish.

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The links above is basically what is going on. Companies like Bank of America, Disney, American Airlines, ect.. are all against the anti-trans laws and i have to wonder, what brought us to the point where businesses are getting into state affairs that don’t really affect them. Well upon noticing Bank of America’s, FaceBook page,

If you look at the visitors comments it shows people threatening to leave BoA if they do not trash NC’s anti-trans law. Now whether or not they actually bank there is another mystery but this is where the transgender activists are getting desperate in trying to cut this new anti trans bill in half. First off it seems pretty crazy to cut ties with businesses that would normally just stay out of state politics. Businesses are just that, if they stay out of it, usually it won’t affect them but transgender activists are making it a bit more difficult and then the business feels like they have no choice but to try to force the state to void the bill or as Disney has put it, threatened to pull out.

Now it’s pretty clear this anti-trans law came around due to the..


sex offender incident and many people then were behind this bill. Am i behind this anti-trans bill.. well yes and no. Yes because first and foremost bathrooms shouldn’t be open to sex offenders and especially since one of them was leading bathroom rights in North Carolina it would seem to work out in the end. Also yes i support it because hopefully some more common sense would be employed and other avenues for gender dysphoria will be discovered quickly. But the reason i also said no is because i do understand this may put more strain on transgenders, especially children which has been caught up in this transgender conditioning done by the transgender activism, as said here..



The main problem here is that transgender conditioning in children has increased and this is really dangerous considering all these anti-trans laws. I did keep saying it would get worse.. and well…

Kansas Bill Would Award $2500 To Anyone Who ‘Witnesses’ Transgender Person In ‘Incorrect’ Bathroom

this just takes the cake! Basically it’s going to incur that this Kansas law would cause people to be peeping toms, videotaping under women’s stalls in order to look for transgenders. Well that’s probably illegal but again it’s going to happen because there are some crazy people who would something as stupid as that. Whatever the case is, the situation with transgender activism is that it’s worsening things for transgenders instead of helping them. I predicted that it would get worse, i kept telling that people are not going to go for this transitioning thing and that society is not ready for this and clearly it’s becoming the truth, it’s also going to get worse up until something breaks and some are going to snap. Whether it’s transgenders or the transphobia it’s an ongoing war zone.

I keep saying it, transitioning is not really ideal and professionals need to work on something else for these people. At least the ACP is attempting to, but transgender activists are so against that organization that it seems they will try and continue to fight for rights all the while society keeps pushing back. It’s just a fight between the two.

Edit: Also, the NC anti-trans law is really not as bad as people made it out to be and here is an explanation of it which i will just leave it as a link,


So maybe this silliness over this NC anti-trans law which is more or less just a privacy law that benefits both sides fairly.. which transgenders need to understand that this may cause issues for them as well and they just need to change some things to accommodate the law. Freaking out all over this just makes things worse, but maybe i need to amend a few things in this article, but now that i had a chance to look at what the state is saying, it’s not bad, but the transgender activists were not happy either way and it made it sound worse than it really is, which i could say the same thing when people like me are writing blogs or comments that are really just normal comments that no one else seems to have an issue other than the transgender activists. That’s really a problem here.

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