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Warning: The videos in these links are extremely violent, watch at your own risk!

Trans woman pleads for her life before being beaten to death
a transsexual woman is dragged from her home and beaten to death in the street in a sickening attack in Brazil

If there was ever a reason to avoid being transgender, now is the time. Well it has always been the time as throughout history transgender violence (also known as crossdressers/drag queens) has always been around, but as rare as it was back then because most people realize or know better to avoid transitioning. It was scarce even in the Biblical times as there wasn’t as many instances. Transgenders was barely a blip on the radar (less than most obscure diseases in the past) and whether or not they were a commonality back then it’s not the focus. The focus right now is that transgenders need therapy, not encouragement.

It’s so simple but somehow the transgender activism does a 180° and say that they need more protections. The most often quote they use is “the reason transgenders are suicidal and being murdered is because of discrimination”. It’s as if they are using that statement as a justification to continue pushing transgender ideology. But the bottom line is,

transgenders need therapy, not encouragement! This is the most effective way to stop the suicides and violence.

transgender florist, 27, is hacked to death, shot and mutilated
Transgender community hit hard by violence in U.S.

So yes, i put in bold, red letters that in another words, society needs to stop fighting over what protections transgenders need and demand that professionals stop encouraging these people to embrace “gender identity” and get to actually treating these people. It is sad, disturbing and pathetic that a group of individuals are deciding the fate of children when the violence against transgenders is extremely brutal.

When i say brutal, i don’t mean it’s nice like this,

(Warning don’t click on the videos if you can’t handle gory stuff!!!)

I mean brutal like this!
(Warning: If you want to keep your eardrums you’ll refrain from clicking this one!)

anyway, this is actually serious as the transgender activism continues to try to force people to accept transgenderism and the way people retaliate is murder, while most don’t resort to violence there’s still quite a few that are violent.

In my previous post, The insanity of transgender ideology; a two year old transgender this is a major problem that needs to be solved. While some people are saying ‘let live’ and the ‘lets not do anything but be nice’, that really isn’t curbing the violence.. spreading awareness is not helping any and neither is trying to make laws to protect transgenders (as shown with the U.S. that new anti-trans laws are being written on the regular basis), we as a society need to force professionals to rethink transitioning as treatment.

Because. It. Is. Not. Working!!

Talking to Your Kids About Transgenderism
Transgender student allegedly told ‘you’re not a girl’ by aide upset over bathroom use

Transitioning may solve the person’s gender confusion but it does not solve the risk of suicides, violence and murder. It only creates it. I was told, if something is not creating a result, meaning if you are not seeing a major impact, it means it’s not working. If it takes you 10 minutes to drill a hole, something is not right. Transgender activism has been trying to promote transgender children since the 90’s and it’s still not making a positive impact. Even much of what you see or hear on the news about transgender children living happy lives is not entirely true. Parents have to move, take their kids to a different school and try to hide the fact that their boy is really a girl.

This is when it’s a ‘more trouble than it’s worth’ situation and it’s not working. That’s when professionals have to rethink what treatments they are providing and come up with a much better solution that doesn’t involve transitioning, especially with children. That doesn’t mean reparative therapy is the only option, that only means there is another solution out there that doesn’t involve making others disgusted. Logically this shouldn’t be an issue, however this is an insane method from insane people.

In addition, here is more insanity if there was any more of a reason that transgenders need help, ‘I used to wish for cancer so I could get a mastectomy’: Transgender man reveals heartache ahead of surgery to have breasts removed

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You Should Watch the BBC’s Controversial Documentary on the Gender-Dysphoria Researcher Kenneth Zucker (Updated)

States Stand in Line to Enact Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bills

With Kenneth Zucker’s documentary it really should be easier for parents to understand the dangers of transgender ideology is, especially with anti-transgender bathroom bills popping up everywhere (even though that some in that list has already been shut down). However it doesn’t stop the states from trying and North Carolina shows that it can happen. In which besides in the previous post about transgender violence skyrocketing it’s especially dangerous for children. Already parents are standing up to, Time for parents to resist transgender activism all this is doing for transgenders is making it worse for them. As i have posted before, Men hunt transgender woman through streets of New Orleans.

Matt Walsh responds to this as well, If your lifestyle is none of my business, stop demanding that I celebrate it in which, if you look at Matt Walsh’s FaceBook page you may run into a transgender activist somewhere on the road. It would be that easy to tell transgender activists, if your private parts are none of my business then why are you making it my business by continuing to call males, women and demanding people call them women? It’s really a conundrum of sorts, basically much of what transgender activists do to try to push their agenda affects others. Transgender activists do not want anyone with gender dysphoria cured so naturally they would disregard Kenneth Zucker’s treatment of curing kids who presumably have gender dysphoria. Now if most of these people who genuinely have gender dysphoria has a genetic anomaly, like if males are XX and females are XY. Any other deviation would be considered an anomaly. Intersex is considered a genetic anomaly. So if people with gender dysphoria has a genetic anomaly, wouldn’t they be considered as intersex? Not as transgender. Anyone with genetic anomalies should be treated with respect of course like anyone else who identifies as transgender, even though you never have to support the lifestyle surrounding it, which includes calling males, women. And that shouldn’t be considered mean or hateful, but with transgender activism with their one tracked mind, “males can be women too” is confusion and continue to be shown that transgenders are being shown as mentally ill.

Most people are brought up to understand that males are men and females are women. This is where transgender violence and suicide rates skyrockets. Besides discrimination, rejection and constant hatred against transgenders, the often response from transgender activism is, “well if you were not so hateful, transgenders would not be as suicidal, but you continue to mock and murder our brothers and sisters” which is the often response. As if it was easy as turning on a lightswitch we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Some people are against transgender ideology because, well of the violence and suicide risks. Another is, misgendering males and females. You wouldn’t look at a cat and say, that’s a dog, nor the cat would be a dog although animals have been known to mimic other animals. It doesn’t mean they really are that animal they are mimicking in which is the reason some people have gender dysphoria is because they are closely mimicking the opposite gender and then, think they are that gender. That is what is so dangerous about transgender ideology is that if one thinks they are the opposite gender, therefore they are one. Transgender activism not only tries to shut down Kenneth Zucker’s ideas on how gender dysphoria should be addressed, but totally disregard and even disrespect detransitioners. They claim that 0.4% of transgenders detransition (that percentage may be lower, according to the transgender activists) although i do not believe that it’s only 0.4% as there are plenty of people with gender dysphoria who choose to not transition, Desperate for help. Transgender looking for alternatives. yet you can see in this quote,

I’ve been desperate for help with the transgender thing but the places I’ve been to aren’t helping.

I tried asking /r/asktransgender for help but I feel like they’re trying to keep me in transition like this is going to solve everything.

The transgender activism is forcing anyone with gender dysphoria to go through transitioning. They do not care whether these people are suicidal, it’s like they want them to transition and if they attempt suicide, get beaten or killed it’s their fuel to try to gain more transgender rights. This is a constant struggle when the transgender activism won’t even listen to the wishes of people. I have even seen a transgender activist mention that children are not the parents property. The parents are legal guardians that wants what is best for the child so if they do not want their child to grow up as a transgender, they will do what they can to avoid that. It would be far more simple if professionals offer a treatment, similar to Kenneth Zucker that works with the children in order to cure them or alleviate their gender dysphoria. Another transgender activist mentioned that Kenneth Zucker is a fraud, all the children he cured never had gender dysphoria. Typical, with the detransitoners in the same, they were never transgender. Or they once had gender dysphoria or misdiagnosed as gender dysphoric. It’s really any excuse that these activists can dish out in order to validate their cause. Bottom line, if it’s anyone with gender dysphoria that is mentally ill, it’s the activists and professionals that blindly think that transitioning is the answer (and THE ONLY ANSWER) for gender dysphoria. Transgender activism does not know right from wrong, most likely because they either lived in a dysfunctional family, orphans or rejected from family, in whatever case.. they did not get effective parental guidance.

It’s really not right to force a lifestyle onto people who do not agree with it. Transgenders may be born with gender dysphoria, but it is not an excuse or justifies being forced into a mindset that transitioning is the only answer and people need to stop looking for them and accept that people are ‘born in the wrong body’ and that ‘males are women too’. It’s coercion and manipulation. Oh, and more transgender ideology forced on children, Damaging Trangender Curriculum it never ends.

Here are more links, https://www.change.org/p/bbc-air-transgender-kids-who-knows-best-in-america






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I have recently found that some doctors/psychologists have the answer in fixing gender dysphoria other than transitioning. Some of which is often treatments for other patients such as psychosis or depression. These doctors claim it works and no i don’t have any links. I only talked to my particular doctor who is involved in these alternative treatments. And these treatments are mainly for those when talking to a psychologist isn’t working which i was mentioned 90% of these cases works out fine and the person goes home gender dysphoria free, but sometimes certain medication is required but that greatly depends on the individual.

Now i can’t divulge the information about my doctor or a general location because transgender activists will attempt to shut them down in an effort that transgender activists do not stand for any other treatment than transitioning. This is where most logical doctors would be treating schizophrenia for these individuals. That is well above psychosis and these people are very dangerous to themselves and possibly to others. Well with the activism, this is the most dangerous group of all which often destroys families, friends, and most of the time these people end up homeless. But these different diagnoses explain perfectly why a sane person would even go through all this effort only to be discriminated against. Now again, i’m not trying to be mean here or anything but in the times of trying to explain my points and that transgenders should seek alternatives, it’s usually the transgender activists who are getting all riled up and basically abusive about it.

In fact these transgender activists are the people that i really do hate and really need help because these people are more mentally ill than a person who simply has feelings of being born in the wrong body. These people are dangerous and manipulative. It’s the equivilant to selling your soul to the devil if you listen to them. And again this hate doesn’t have anything to do with the general transgender population. Some of them are completely open to alternatives while some just shun away from it but they don’t get upset over my opinions either. So i’m not singling out the entire group because some just want to get on with their lives without dealing with problems. Because after all most of what i really want to do is to actually help transgenders realize who they are listening to.

And there’s also medical professionals who already don’t agree with transitioning. http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/penny-starr/american-college-pediatricians-gender-ideology-harms-children

But look at most of the Disqus comments there, you can tell an activist when they are slamming on the article saying that these professionals are quacks. In fact the more they retaliate with this sort of nonsense, the further it sounds like an agenda. And however many professionals are really behind this, which is hard to believe considering a large number don’t even know how to treat transgenders, http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/19/transgender-a-doctor-won-t-see-you-now.html

And how could they be behind the ideals of transitioning if they don’t even know how to treat these people, obviously they are unaware and more than likely against it like 60-70% of the world’s population. In reality the only ones accepting transitioning are those who are more directly involved in advocating transitioning. But no, the line has to be drawn somewhere, http://www.reaxxion.com/10078/why-we-need-to-fight-against-transgender-acceptance

Now again, i’m not trying to be mean here, i’m not saying you should bully transgenders but at the same time we need to think more clearly and stop using our feelings as a direction. And in reality transgender activism is destroying our culture. Not necessary transgenders themselves, in fact some of them are just pushed into that kind of reality and not their fault really if they are not screaming about transitioning as the only course of action. Transgender activists has gotten control of medical professionals, the government and now they have control of our kids. http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/transgender-conditioning-is-child-abuse/

And this is the result, https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/gender-confused-suicide-rate-ten-times-national-average

In the hopes of trying to cut down the violence, they are trying to use children as early as 2 and then writing articles like how transgender children who has accepting parents are generally mentally happier. But as it stands there are 4 (if not more) transgender teen deaths. While it’s true, in general teens do sometimes consider suicide but i don’t remember the last time your average teen was suicidal. If anything there’s been some teens acting out due to dysfunctional families. On the other hand parents who have effective parenting do not have these issues. Transgender teens generally deal with rejection as most males who identify as girls are often rejected by boys. Nevermind the girls rejecting transgenders as well, http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/girls-take-defiant-action-over-transgender-in-locker-room/

And parents threatening to remove their children from these schools. If only there was an alternative treatment to gender dysphoria there wouldn’t be this many problems in life for these people. You can change the rules, but you can’t change the mindset people already have about gender. But you have to also wonder if their science is even validated. Professionals stumbled onto transitioning as the form of treatment and they worked it from there. They were not at all concerned about what sort of harm or problems it would come along with that. It was a very lazy, sloppy and terrible way of coming up with a solution to gender dysphoria. And in the beginning of this article, i have been shown that there are alternative treatments that are claimed to work and there’s no evidence that it doesn’t work either. But this is really up to the individual to decide. All i can say is the less people listen to transgender activists the better.


Convicted sex offender seeks access to women’s locker rooms through bathroom law


50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides

And with all these links in mind, i wouldn’t trust them period. And as always get several different opinions with avoiding transgender activists. They have only one goal and that is ensuring society is accepting of transgenders. If you don’t, your considered a bigot and uneducated. That’s all they really use and they will continue to refute any information that does not support the idea of transitioning.

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