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Yes, it needs to be said but people are not prepared for when the shit hits the fan and if we’re at near zombie apocalypse “The Walking Dead” levels no amount of hoarding supplies will do anyone any good when or if the government falls, including police and the army. What would you do if the system collapses? How would we survive and if stocking up toilet paper is the best society can come up with most people wouldn’t survive. If whatever virus or war doesnt kill us it’s the lack of knowledge of what to do if we had no access to food or water. One of the biggest problems in the world today is how we access our necessities. We have to go to the store in order to buy food and water (unless your like me and use filtered tap water) this is actually a very poor way to get what we need when the system collapses. Collecting rain water and growing/making food from scratch isnt an easy task but the next step is to prepare for the worst.

Prepping basics

(This link has what you need to prepare and try to think outside the box, be creative and if you can make it easier then do it.)

Now I don’t have everything for a world doomsday event but at the most i think a couple weeks worth of food and water is good enough. At the most you’ll need enough supplies to last a month. Families need to have additional supplies (the more the better) but the whole idea is to have these things on hand when things are not at zombie apocalypse levels.

We do not need to empty the shelves of toilet paper because there will always be people who are just unable to prepare whether by funds or they just dont have access to it. Really this is about educating people that they dont need to wait until an epidemic happens. If you rush out to buy stuff when you could have had supplies ready to go it just creates mayhem all over.

If you cant because its not in the budget then it needs to be somehow. If you’re poor I understand. Most of the panic shoppers already had the money and really I hope that people learn a lesson in this that it’s best to have essential supplies at all times.

The Coronavirus quarantine is supposed to keep people at home, not in stores. With everything closing instead of rushing out and buying toilet paper or hand sanitizer you should already have these supplies on hand. Enough for the entire month. If more people focused on having essential supplies for the entire month they wouldn’t need to go out to buy canned food because they needed tuna for dinner but forgot it in their shopping list or a store was out or something. You already got 20 cans of tuna sitting in a pantry. No need to waste time and gas to get it. Of course that may not always work, if you forgot milk because milk for an example has a limited shelf life.

Our essential needs has to change in order to be able to survive indefinitely if we’re to weather the worst of an apocalypse. Because eventually the only ones that will survive is the tin foil hat doomsday preppers..


Because in the end, the smart ones who prepare will survive. Not so crazy now.

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