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A while back I wrote a little bit about electric vehicles, No, electric vehicles are not the future

And there’s a few reasons to not buy them. For starters there is a few articles floating around about children mining materials for EV batteries. Some automakers claim they don’t buy batteries from companies that use children but the fact is there are claims which I find a very good reason to not buy an EV regardless if the claims are true, if there’s a hint.. better to not invest in one with the slightest possibility the battery components was mined by children.

The second reason is we’re still using coal and nuclear for electricity. People think that a car that has zero emissions is “fighting global warming” while charging from a coal power plant. Nuclear isn’t much better due to the fact the radiation is deadly to life. Sure they got better over time and it’s pretty difficult for a meltdown to occur but it doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe. I don’t want to increase the loads of the grid when my power comes from a nuclear power plant.

The bottom line is EVs are not the best thing to replace gas vehicles, EVs may grow and find a niche market but that’s about it. People keep saying EVs are the future but the U.S. hasn’t really caught on the electric vehicle craze people are claiming.

Car manufactures continue to push EVs designing new ones. VW was rumored to produce EVs only. There may be a time where it’ll be difficult to get a gas running car, which is why buying a new gas car is going to be a good idea and every 5-8 years to replace it with a new one will keep the demand up at least and more used ones floating around in the market.

This may be needed, saving to keep that cycle up may only work with those with enough income if desperate enough to keep the gas car alive in case any car manufacture thinks of getting rid of their gas vehicle lineup.

I myself am planning to get a Dodge Challenger in the next 3 years and maybe a truck in the next 5 and keep them in good running condition. Next 10 maybe a Honda Accord or Toyota unless Chevy decides to bring back the Impala. Theres also the Dodge Charger as well. So I myself got plans to try to buy a new car when I can. It’ll be difficult though considering in 10-15 years I’ll have to think about retirement funds and need to upkeep my condo.

It won’t be easy but I like to try. So far America hasn’t really bought into the whole EV thing yet and considering where the electricity comes from and how the battery materials come from. At the most we may have 20-40 years before something like EVs may take over but depends on the future, what the automakers decide and be aware of when government tries to get people off of gas in favor for EVs.

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