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Survey shows transgender people face high rates of violence, economic instability

That’s really high! And more than the 41% suicide risk of the previous survey, http://jezebel.com/5752081/nearly-half-of-transgender-people-have-attempted-suicide

Even supportive families made a little difference, only a 4% drop from the previous survey and went up 13% overall.  Furthermore..

46 percent of respondents said they were verbally harassed; 9 percent were physically attacked; 10 percent were sexually assaulted. Nearly half said they were sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetimes.

Despite making some headway with Jazz Jennings and transgender characters in the media this survey shows that the suicide risk has increased for transgenders. The bathroom situation most likely has increased transgender violence and more of them feel suicidal. This is a big reason why it’s very dangerous to live as transgender. One of the fundamental problems with being transgender is that it’s shown as deceptive or an incorrect use of gender. Most people believe or automatically think that women are biologically females, which is true. Females are women and women are female (and males are men, ect..). Most people wouldn’t blink without an eye that a woman they like is really male underneath their clothing. So it’s futile to think or believes that those that live as transgender could ever live among society without having an adverse affect.

There’s articles on transgender murders, particularly women of color (which is black), and seeing how there are many black players out there looking for a good time with ladies (no i’m not being racist, i notice black people are often players more often than white people but it is mostly a stereotype) so they have a greater chance at coming across someone who is transgender. Just saying of course.. but anyway this is why people need to understand these facts and avoid living as transgender as best as possible. Meditate, find a hobby. There are many excuses why a person might be transgender and the more often one is “because professionals say i am” is still an excuse. If i have the willpower to avoid doing stupid things or making bad decisions in life such as smoking or drinking then other people can have a similar willpower avoiding the transgender lifestyle. Oftentimes getting caught up in believing you have gender dysphoria and people telling this will obviously encourage this behavior. If people encouraged me to participate in satanic rituals, at first i wouldn’t say yes but if say Christians were leading me towards this (which is unlikely to happen, it’s a “what if?”) then i would then try it out. It’s the power of suggestion. If doctors didn’t indulge and offer sex change operations or hormone blockers transgenders wouldn’t be fighting this hard to make this a civil rights issue.

Once i had a conversation with a transgender who said if they made a magic pill that cures their dysphoria, they wouldn’t take it. A pill that would stop all their symptoms and discrimination would be far better. To not take one is, definitive suicide.

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