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I”m going to say this clearly. When gas prices go up so does everything else. The question is why are gas prices going up? For awhile it was in the $3 range & i think even a little lower then that. Why? Perhaps we can blame President Obama Bin Laden. No.. seriously, i feel we are continuously letting idiots run the office. Companies are finding ways to save money, layoffs, cuts, flexing, and many don’t allow overtime. Prices go up in some places & more scams are taking place worse then it did before, like my post about file sharing.

I had to cut back on driving as well as not being able to buy certain things i used to like going out to eat or even eating that much. But like everyone else we have to have money to survive. I don’t really see many solutions here. Last several weeks i saw the gas prices dropped but that’s practically nothing. It’s still $4 a gallon & it’s not even the same pricing around the globe. The economy hasn’t always been good but i don’t think it’s been this bad, or at least i haven’t seen it this bad before. I can’t afford to buy new work clothes or clothes in general. I have been trying to make stuff last as possible but sometimes things just fail anyways. For awhile i had a roommate but she couldn’t hold down a job or even pay for her half of the bills. It got to the point where i just kicked her out & decided i can do better on my own. It’s not by much but i can’t even go out anymore. I don’t want to spend the gas & i feel like im just living my life just to survive. Most people get to go out, have parties or go to shows/concerts. With me i can’t even drive to a friends house. I basically just sit at home on my computer all day because i have nothing better to do with the amount of money i have.

I just find it amazing how i don’t really see that many others suffering or hurting from the lack of funds but maybe perhaps they don’t live on their own. But gas needs to be brought back to $1 again. Something that people can afford. I hear people say when gas drops down to like $3.. oh well at least it’s not that bad.. not bad? Um really.. are we that naive? With each generation it seems to go up & while people complain it’s not that bad.. This generation is the worst it’s ever been & has been proven to hurt the economy. Yeah lets use more credit cards to balance out & fix the economy while consumers are in debt from too much money spending.I feel like the entire industry is stealing our hard earned money. If we don’t make sales at our job they start cutting back. Well how much money do you need to make?

And what about gas prices? Is it because we’re running out? Is it because of radical environmentalists? If so lower the prices & work on a solution to the environment. You don’t need high gas prices for an incentive. That will just put less money in everyone’s pockets so they won’t have time to find a solution.

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READ FIRST: I do not condone file sharing, i have downloaded & even shared some stuff in the past & sometimes i do download. But for every album i download that i like, i purchase. So before you attempt to condemn me read the rest of this material first.

Ok we all know what happened to Napster when the big bad music corporation found out & even Metallica got involved. It got shut down & rebuilt so if you download something you’ll have to pay for it. Then came iTunes & more digital downloads so people can save money. However, labels still saw a decline in sales due to the fact people are only buying one or 2 tracks from an album. This also became worse as more file sharing programs & direct downloads came into place. P2P programs like Kazaa & limewire were found liable & instead of the labels trying to shut down these programs, they decided to attack individuals who are distributing the files. One lady got fined $1.2 million for sharing 24 music tracks. Only, 24 tracks.  The labels wanted to set an example for others to try to curb file sharing. But it didn’t stop there. Recently they went to the internet providers, like Comcast & put a cap on how much a person can dl & high bandwidth users would get flagged & would receive a phone call or email saying that they need to stop using so much bandwidth or their service will be terminated.

It didn’t start off too bad but then many users were getting flagged & it became a problem since this was kept behind the curtains but then Comcast announced the cap & everyone was given a monthly bandwidth meter on their comcast user profile. But even then they got rid of it because since users knew how much they were using they decided to use more, kinda defeating the whole process of eliminating file sharing users. So, labels decided, lets go to the firesharing programs like uTorrent & report people who are file sharing. Well technically, an IP address isn’t a person so it never held up in court & ended up as a closed case? It stopped right here. I haven’t heard of any news or anything so perhaps they have given up but i really don’t think so.

When you think about it, when someone is sharing a new movie it doesn’t just give people less incentive to go out & buy it but not only that the movie loses sales & then the company who sells the movie doesn’t get a good revenue. If you enjoyed it then BUY IT. Don’t sit there & say.. oh well i saw it already & i already have it on my computer so it doesn’t really matter does it? Some people are using downloading as an excuse, well i don’t have the money, the person is dead he won’t care. Regardless of the reason you downloaded something, companies won’t like it. Even if you download a band’s discography & go out to purchase them all companies will still most likely frown upon that.  If all your doing is weeding out the albums you don’t like so you don’t have to buy them companies still won’t like it. Basically they want you to buy an album regardless if you enjoy it or not.  They don’t care if you don’t like it. Well.. some of them do care to a certain extent. Either way when you download something it’s considered stealing.

The thing that bothers me the most is this.

If a record company wants to sell an album you want, but can’t afford it then you can’t buy it. But if the reason for not being able to afford it is gas prices, which everyone or almost everyone is suffering at the pump, then why don’t the labels go after the gas/oil companies? Possibly because there is nothing they can do about it but however you think it, if labels are really losing money they’re losing money because no one has any money left because of GAS PRICES!!

If oil companies are allowed to rip people off & steal their money just so they can fill their tank then so can people with music downloading or file sharing. Hey well if i’m spending $100 a week on gas then i’m going to download $50 worth of music then. Again, read the disclaimer at the top of this post. Rather then suing people, putting them in jail badmouthing them (example: CHRISTIANS!) then why can we just leave it alone. If i download a new movie who’s right is it to snoop on what i do with my computer?

Oh i shared a movie & now the companies are looking at me for it. So who’s looking at the oil companies robbing us at the pump? NO ONE! NO ONE IS DOING FUCKING SHIT ABOUT THIS! What happened to $1 a gallon? Oh well i guess oil companies wanted to buy Rolex watches for the workers.

In conclusion, if your going to dl something, BUY it or DELETE IT. Because downloading something you enjoy & you have the money for it is just stealing & wrong. And to the oil companies & to whoever allowed gas prices to raise up $3, FUCK YOU! I HOPE YOU DIE ON THAT HARDWORKING CASH. KARMA IS A BITCH & YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS ATROCITY! The economy is FAILING because of this! Either this economy needs to fail or recover i can’t stand it lingering from ok, to bad & back again. It needs to be fixed once & for all!

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